Make Bliss Your Priority

Make Bliss Your Priority
By Jafree Ozwald

Whatever we focus our attention on is what grows and expands into our lives. The mind is like a magnifying glass that intensifies and brings closer whatever the object is under it’s gaze. You’ll notice that when you focus your mind on the feeling of bliss (a pure lightness of being that is free from all worries and concerns) you magnify and magnetize that higher experience into your life. You instantly become a “bliss magnet” and start attracting all sorts of positive easy flowing situations. If you remain connected with this feeling for several hours, then out of the bliss arises an exquisite inner calm, which spontaneously ignites the recognition and experience of a fully awakened manifesting being who is vibrantly alive within you.

When you are 100% committed to one specific thing in your life, no matter what it is, all the energy of the Universe flows in that direction. There is a tremendous goldmine of power found in prioritization. You cannot feel powerless, weak or a victim to anything in your life when you discover this secret.  You can simply change the priority of your mind’s attention and those new manifestations will form for you. The day that bliss becomes the #1 priority, all your problems, illnesses, fears and limitations will miraculously drop away! Yes, miraculous changes can occur overnight when you prioritize the feeling of bliss over everything else. This doesn’t mean you give up feeding your children or going to work, you just do it all from a place of joy, freedom and bliss.

The benefits of making a close relationship with bliss are incalculable. For starters, you become a bright ball of happiness for everyone to enjoy! People will wake up from just walking beside you along your path.  You may notice that others are unconsciously attracted to you, and love your company simply because you’re vibrating at this higher frequency. A new world of opportunities will open its doors for you, and success will come bowing down caressing your feet.  In bliss vibration, you can never manifest a health problem, a financial issue nor a relationship challenge because your frequency just won’t allow for it. When bliss is the priority you’ll be having too much fun creating Heaven on Earth, playing the role of an enlightened joy-filled bridge.

The more often your body is resonating at this bliss frequency, the more connected you feel to an unlimited source of energy.  With infinite energy its super easy to manifest anything you want into your world. Just by touching the surface of bliss, the world begins begging you to give even a little of your attention over.  Bliss is one of the most desired and coveted experiences one can have, and the best news of all is that it’s always free. You cannot purchase bliss or trade anything in this world for this enlightened state. It is your natural birthright, and to access it you simply become open, available and willing to experience something from the beyond.

Perhaps you’re someone who thinks you’ve never experienced bliss or has forgotten what bliss used to feel like, or are unsure that you’ve truly experienced it in the past.  It’s good to know that as babies we each came into this world as a bubbling ball of bliss.  Heck, 9 months prior to your birth your first cells were forming out of an orgasm, so what else should you expect?  Bliss is your very nature, and always was the basic structure for being human.  It wasn’t until you were conditioned to believe otherwise that it became hidden. So if you aren’t feeling your daily bliss, just know that this jubilant experience is buried underneath the busyness, within the stillness, and is always ready for you to experience it at your core.

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Enjoy this enlightening day today!
Jafree Ozwald

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