Manifesting Life’s Golden Nuggets

Manifesting Life’s Golden NuggetsBy Jafree Ozwald

In the grand river of life, we are all panning for some type of gold.  Whether it is perfect health, financial freedom, amazing relationships, inner peace, a spiritual experience, or a month long vacation in Hawaii, we are all searching to strike it "rich" in some way.  We invite you to take a look at your life and notice how you are sifting through the rocks and pebbles in your daily river looking for the gold nuggets that represent everything good, sacred and what you want to manifest.  When you look at your pan of goodies, how fruitful is your search for the "gold"?  Are you coming up empty handed, or finding a few gold nuggets hidden in the sand?  What do you have to show for your prospecting efforts?

No matter what you find, the good news is that you can quickly learn how to manifest more gold goodies!  The first thing is to understand that these nuggets are simply high vibrational thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Thoughts are things and through feeling rich, free, in love, high energy, motivated, enthusiastic and full of inner peace you are magnetizing these directly to you.  By learning how to follow your inner guidance, trusting your imagination and intuition you’ll find more and more of these precious gold nuggets along the riverside.

"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge." ~ Albert Einstein

The first step to finding your gold nuggets is to STOP your old way of searching and take 3 deep breaths.  When you are clearly present to the now, imagine that you are watching a movie about this past month of your life.  Sit in the back row of the theater and watch the scenes from each week displayed in front of you.  What are you seeing?  Are you watching something you’d like to rewind and view again and again?  Notice if there gold nuggets of joy, laughter, freedom or wisdom already present in this movie.  I guarantee that there are some nuggets here, they are simply hidden or perhaps you have overlooked them.  We often take the goldmine we are sitting on for granted because our egos tend to focus only on what it wants to manifest next.  By just recognizing the gold nuggets that are already present, you will shift your consciousness and realize that you are already more abundant than you previously believed.  This shift in consciousness will instantly help you start attracting even more riches to you.

After you have watched the movie of your past, now watch the movie of your future!  Take 15 minutes right now to visualize yourself on the BIG screen and see yourself as a manifesting magnet for what you want!  Visualize your heart is radiating with gold light and there is an aura of gold light all around you.  See how easy and fun it is to be super magnetic and that you have the power to attract anything your heart desires.  Now watch this golden magnetic energy around you grow stronger and bigger.  See it covering the entire city, country and planet!  As this golden vibration radiates out into the world see yourself relaxing and enjoying the greatest life you can imagine.

Let the Universe fulfill every wish you have and know that whatever you want next will instantly be magnetized to you.  Feel it coming right to you easily and effortlessly.  Notice how good this feels.  Practice this meditation daily and you will see your ability to manifest becomes stronger every day.  In time you will see many more "gold nuggets" manifesting miraculously into your life!

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Many magical days are headed your way,

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