Manifesting Secret #1

 Slow Down, Relax and Fully Be Here Now.

Being ever-present to this eternal moment is one of the most essential and basic key to manifesting.  The mind will jump from past to the future and back again to the past, distracting you from the Infinite Source of power that is only here now.  The entire Universe is happening only in this moment.  If you are thinking about anything but this moment you are missing out on the Source that is connected to everyone and everything in it.  The mind/ego is an extraordinary tool and is what we use to manifest our desires with.  If the mind is free from the distracting thoughts about the past and future, then the amazing core of your magical manifesting power has room to come through!  By slowing down you are able to shut off the mind chatter and tap directly into the infinite Source of manifesting power that is available ONLY in the Now.  The breath is closely associated with the mind, so if you’re breathing from a lower and slower pace and space in your body you can hear your thoughts better and can control your mind easier.  When we are relaxed we are more receptive and open to receiving what we desire.  So practice being conscious of your breath and breathing slower and deeper throughout the day.  As you learn how to slow down your thoughts, your breathing and the movement of your body, eventually the mind comes to a halt and creates space of timelessness.  Here we tap into the Infinite Source and you make contact with a super-natural power inside.  When we live throughout our day at an enjoyable relaxed and peace filled pace, we can truly resource the intelligence and power in this eternal moment.   For this week experiment with walking slower, eating slower, talking slower (actually slow down to annunciate your words) and start driving under the speed limit (it is a speed limit, not a minimum).  This practice will create more depth, relaxation and awareness in your being and allow you to manifest your desires more easily and effortlessly!To experience the ancient secrets to manifesting, download the Manifesting E-book Program instantly at: www.manifestingmagnet.comBlessings are everywhere,

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