Mastering the Great Sacred Mystery of Life

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Mastering the Great Sacred Mystery of Life

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match that frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” ~Albert Einstein

The Universe we live in is more intelligent than the mind can comprehend. There are many hidden dimensions to everything and everyone within it.  We truly exist in the most fascinating, multi-dimensional, and infinitely mysterious field of conscious intelligent energy. This divine harmonic matrix is vibrating with life all around us. It is inside us and is constantly connecting with our every breath, thought, emotion and heart beat.

Just look all around you. Everything is constantly exploding in an orgasm of wild unabandoned creativity. Right now, millions of flowers are blossoming giving birth to the most amazing sights and scents. Amazing sacred geometric crystals are forming perfect patterns beneath the earth’s crust, while millions of animals, birds, insects and humans are having intercourse in the most interesting positions. This is just the tiny tip of the iceberg as to all the wild, mysterious and beautiful things happening on this planet right now. 

If you observe nature long enough, you’ll see everything is always changing, including you. They say that we cannot step into the same river twice, and by the time we’ve stepped in it once, everything (including ourselves) is already completely different. This means you cannot have the exact same sequence of thought patterns and feelings that you had last month or last year. Our mind and emotional intelligence is continuously growing, evolving and changing. We were born highly intelligent beings who were meant outgrow the small trousers we once wore in 2nd grade, and truly we wouldn’t really want to try putting them on again.

If you take a microscope and look into the DNA inside every cell in your body, you see that they all contain a sacred imprint that is unique to you.  In each quantum particle of your DNA is this wild and uncharted magnificent intelligent mystery within it. This mysterious intelligence is embedded within the foundation of your blood, bones and brain.  You cannot escape from it, no matter how hard you try.

What’s interesting I find is that the mind tends to take for granted this sacred mystery everyday. The mind has this tendency to create habits, fall into these little comfort zones of thought safe emotional thought patterns. It finds ideas which label life, placing ourselves and others into tiny compartmentalized little thought boxes so we can feel more secure, self-assured, somewhat organized standing the face of this wild uncharted infinite mystery that’s surrounding us in all directions.

The moment we put anything in this divine existence into a thought box, we forget all about enjoying a state of devotion and worship to the divine mystery. The instant we forget about the great mystery of life, we initiate the suffering process. Every experience of life there after becomes a challenge, as we live from the head and not from the heart. The mind is a master at continuously getting lost in believing all it’s inner thought structures are real. When our intellect holds tight onto fixed beliefs, it thinks life will feel more manageable, giving the illusion of control, and the sensation that we are becoming wiser.  Yet this hard coded know-it-all mindset demolishes our childlike curiosity and abolishes any form of reverence for this deeply sacred divine mystery.

“Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.” ~Albert Einstein

One of the greatest mysteries I’ve ever discovered in life is the human psyche. The human psyche is the accumulation of other people’s thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions that we’ve adopted and inherited as our own.  All these beliefs form the entire experience of ourselves, other people, this world, and our entire reality. The way we think, how we think, why we think this way and not that way is the core network of our psyche, and makes us behave more like predictable machines than alive cosmic organisms.

The human psyche however has a magical side to it, in that whatever we accept as the truth becomes what we actually manifest physically into our lives. This may be one of the most awesome mysteries mankind has to explore. Our foundational belief structure is so powerful, pervasive and penetrating, that it always manifests itself in every single possible outcome and experience we have.

The Universe always supports whatever you believe. If deep down you believe you are not a lovable person, the Universe will constantly manifest for you the most challenging people, negative situations and experiences that support this belief inside. If you truly believe you are lovable, the Universe will slather your life with sweet loving beings, devoted to caring about you, honoring you and caring for your needs in the most intimate vulnerable ways. The intelligent Universal energy simply follows thought. Whatever you believe about you, is where the energy flows and manifests into the entire show all around you.

In this highly technological age, people these days tend to believe science easier than religion. If you can prove God is real in a lab, then it must be true. What’s fascinating about this time frame in our lives is that the quantum physicists of this world have ventured so deep into particles, that they have had to merge their scientific understanding within a spiritual context. Their practical Newtonian vocabulary doesn’t have the words to explain the outrageous results they are finding. They are having to use more spiritual words and concepts to bridge the understanding of these hard coded scientific results.

For example, they have taken a two quantum particles that were spinning around each other and found a way to separate them by many a few kilometers in distance. Later, they spun one of the particles counter-clockwise, and noticed that instantly the other particle that was kilometers away would also change spinning in this new direction.  This study has been done many times with the same results, so they’ve concluded there exists some form of spiritual intelligence that is communicating between all quantum particles in this Universe, no matter what physical distance is between them.

Years ago quantum physicists also proved in their labs that thoughts are actual physical measurable things. Scientists would observe a vacuum of space which had no particles in it, and they found that wherever the observers would place their attention, that was the place the particles would show up.  They concluded through other more advanced studies that when the mind cultivates the ability to direct thought in one specific direction for an extended period of time, the person can physically attract, magnetize, and soon manifest an actual physical thing into their field of existence. 

It has been the 21st century for a while now, and the understanding that we are the manifesting magicians of the quantum soup of highly intelligent energy all around us has become an actual science in the quantum physics and the spiritually enlightened communities. The relationship between the mystic and the scientist were separated 500 years ago, and now the pendulum is swinging back towards their reunification again.

It is our inherent curious nature to want to put labels on things, people, ourselves and create a Universal law of attraction that will solve this great manifesting mystery of life. We think that if we have a more concrete global understanding of life, then we can relax and rest even deeper into our spiritual nature. Perhaps only a fool would believe that we need something external to let go and relax internally. Why would we need to feel inferior to being one with Mother Nature just so as to push away our insecurity and strive towards a need to feel superior? The human psyche as I mentioned, is the greatest mystery of them all.

“All that we have to do is to give up identifying with the body, with forms and limits, and then we shall know ourselves as the Infinite Self that we always are.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Maybe when science creates a machine to find the source of consciousness, then mankind will feel like a God. Yet, why take the long road? Why not just look inside your source of consciousness itself and discover real evidence of where consciousness comes from? Realize what consciousness is made of, and why it exists, and relax into the greatest innermost mystery of them all.  I have the feeling that in order for our world to solve these deep outrageous questions in the future, quantum physicists must merge completely with the metaphysical mindset, if modern science is to make any real progress.

I’m guessing by now you’re more interested in how your life can personally benefit from applying this enlightening path of understanding the great mystery. You want to know how understanding the metaphysical manifesting mystery can make your life easier, more abundant, healthy, loving, happy and financially free? In order for you to have access to manifesting anything and everything you desire in your life, you must first start with believing in one basic foundational understanding. Whatever we continuously focus our attention on grows, multiplies and manifests automatically in our lives with the help of this natural powerful magnetic manifesting intelligence that’s inside everything.

With all this amazing manifesting power already inside us, it’s quite ironic that more people are not accessing it. Many of us are stuck in jobs we don’t like, relationships that we lose energy battling with everyday, and we are either having some sort of food, drug, alcohol, or sex addiction that is taking priority over any real deep spiritual devotion and exploration. The basic reason for all human suffering here is simple. The mind keeps focusing on what we don’t want, and thus keeps manifesting more of the same.  New thoughts rarely have space to form, and after 70-80 years the human being has wasted all its precious energy on magnetizing on what it doesn’t want, and doesn’t have.

The only reason we are not always manifesting everything that we want, is because we cannot keep our mind focused long enough on feeling that they are receiving that one thing they truly desire to have. It’s that simple.  Once we retrain the brain to stay focused, fiercely, deeply and resolutely focused, we will become the manifesting master of our world. When we practice meditation, we will one day attain mastery over our mind, and actually reach a state of physical mastery over our physical world.

“Right now the master is fast asleep. And the mind, the servant, is playing the role of master. And the servant is created by the outside world, it follows the outside world and its laws. Once your awareness becomes a flame, it burns up the whole slavery that the mind has created. There is no blissfulness more precious than freedom, than being a master of your own destiny.” ~Osho

When it comes down to life/mind mastery within the great mystery, it is all about discovering the the source of pure awareness inside. This is that simple obvious awareness that is always watching, listening and experiencing everything in your life all the time.  It is the light behind the movie screen of your mind, responsible for projecting the entire picture onto everything that you feel, sense and see. It is responsible for shining the light on every single thought and feeling that you have about anything.  It’s always the source of what you’re experience is in every moment of your existence.

We don’t give awareness enough credit.  We rarely recognize that it’s there, and hardly ever take the time to sit down with it and relax into the source of it. The reason we take awareness for granted is because it is ever present, always here now just like the air you’re breathing.  Yet think about it, what if awareness wasn’t present anymore?  What would happen to your life?  Who would you be without awareness? Who would exist if there were nobody to be aware of your existence anymore?

Sure these are some deep thoughts to contemplate, yet when we do take the time to explore them, something magical happens.  We start becoming more in touch with this divine state of awareness! Whatever we focus on, is what we experience more of, and eventually manifests into physical action and form. Whatever we meditate on results in who we are going to become tonight and tomorrow morning. As we become more aware of the infinite spiritual source of awareness inside, we become more connected with what’s totally in charge of what we’re magnetizing. We can see each thought fly by, and see exactly how each one is attracting, creating, and designing how our entire lives unfold and manifest.  

It is only when we become conscious of this perfect divine play manifesting inside us and all around us, that we stop fighting ourselves, each other, and beating our heads against our inner emotional prison walls. When we stop pushing up against life, and start appreciating that everything is an aspect of the great sacred mystery, we start resonating at a higher level of consciousness. We begin feeling more expansive when we wake up in the morning, and greet the day with a child-like curiosity, creativity and wonder. We do this because at the source of pure awareness its easy to realize there truly are no actual prisons in this infinite quantum field of intelligent energy. Prisons are are only limiting aspects of our highly creative imagination. 

“If you name me, you negate me.” ~Kirkegard

I find that on a karmic level, every person has a unique inner emotional prison, and this is part of their unique soul’s destiny. Every human came here to release the lie their soul was fed. They came to re-experience the feelings of being confused, rejected, abandoned, hated, suppressed, depressed and stuck in order to transcend them all. We needed to step harder on thorn hiding in our shoe, in order to stop hiking up this great mountain and remove it with love.

At some point everyday, we each run into some feeling of being stuck, blocked, or challenged by something or someone.  We feel limited, small, powerless or suppressed from our full expression. Every human mind already has the program installed to throw it self into some emotional dumpster repeatedly. There are many little thorns hiding in our shoes that we are unaware of. Thus, something terrible happens in the outer world, we get dumped by a lover and we end up trashing our self-esteem, our love for life, our feeling of being empowered, and falling into some treacherous feeling of being locked up in an emotional prison we cannot escape from. 

All of this thorny karma we carry may sound terribly depressing, yet it’s good to remember that the Universe is more loving, mysterious and intelligent than we could ever imagine. There is a very beautiful yet unobvious reason why this divinely intelligent unconditionally loving Universe has set life up to throw each and every one of us through experiences of emotional pain, agony and suffering. The reason is so that we stop everything we are doing and become deeply inspired to evolve in a spiritual dimension. The spiritual path is the only way we can remove all our thorns and break out of our thick mental and emotional prisons.

The only problem is that the mind tends to get lazy and wrapped up in old habit, and would never search for the keys to our spiritual freedom unless we felt deeply trapped, imprisoned or stuck. The mind loves to create these emotional “prison cells” in the brain, as each one provides new fuel to blast off into a new experience of creativity, growth, evolution, movement and eventually reach total liberation.  So we all have these wonderfully perfect prickly prisons constructed inside us. Each one is destined to create a deep yearning and desire to be free.  You can reject this idea, ignore it or accept it. Just notice what happens inside your body either way.

This search for freedom is as much our destiny as the prisons we’ve placed ourselves in. There are no real enemies in the world. There are only imaginary shadows.  The thorns in our shoes can be removed, once we realize that they are also created by our own imagination.  We must move beyond the mind, through the unconscious righteous mind that believes it is aware, yet is truly ignorant and not worshiping the great mystery 24 hours a day. It is this ignorance that is our only real enemy. The mind that is deeply stuck in thought, in ego, and will only strive to create something new when some form of horrific pain, fear or slavery begins bubbling up inside.

Yes, the mind is imagining everything that you’re experiencing right now. It is believing that your thoughts, beliefs and all your limitations are real. It is entertaining the feeling that being financially stuck is real, or that your relationships are never going to improve, or you’ll always live in same house forever.  It has this idea that whatever challenging life experience you’re having right now, just may be that way forever. The sensations of emotional imprisonment sure do feel real, yet when we step back from them, we see they are just a conglomeration of negative thoughts. When we step back from the mind with awareness, we can understand that we are the ones who have thrown ourselves into jail with our imagination. From this awareness then we can step out of jail just with using our sweet simple yet all powerful imagination.

“One who knows the Self has nothing more to do, nor has he any more thoughts. From then on, the infinite power will carry out all further actions that may be necessary for him. ~ Ramana Maharshi

To acquire an out of jail pass, we must gift it to ourselves. We must accept that everything and everyone in life is a part of this deep sweet holographic infinite mystery. In this acceptance we stop feeling limited. We see how our imagination is co-creating everything, designing this entire thing we deem as reality. Then and only then can we understand what it takes to be free. 

By knowing what is creating thought, we stop believing in all of its fantasies. We realize that any potential feeling of slavery is a choice from here on out. We understand that we always have the free will and choice in how we wish to interact and engage with any thought that enters the mind, and can keep it like a winning lottery ticket, or toss it away like a used banana peel.

My invitation right now for you is to not hold on to any beliefs that show up about yourself, others and this life. Choose the mystery over certainty, just because it is more exciting!  It’s simply more interesting to not know, than to know. When you’re living within the mystery 24 hours a day, you suddenly find yourself becoming spontaneous, free from hesitation, doubt and barely have any fear. It requires all the courage you have to keep choosing the mystery over the normal way of being human. Yet, you’re much more likely experience your fears as some weird bubbling state of excitement than something you run from. You might even see your life as this wild passionate birthing of random desires to engage and disengage from. Ultimately, it is a mystery how long or short your life is going to last, so why not start embracing it now? 

When we embrace the mystery as a way of living life, the mysterious way keeps us truly alive. We start abiding in a state of wonder and deep curiosity about everything. We stop defining who we are, and start realizing that truly we are actually indefinable.  We start seeing amazing intelligent energy is here now, directly in front of your eyes. From this awareness we can enjoy the grand sacred of mystery that is always all around us, and this real enjoyment is mastery. By loving the mystery as it always is and will be, we awaken from our long slumber and become every amazing thing we were born to be!

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Jafree Ozwald


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