Miraculous Manifesting Stories for You!

Miraculous Manifesting Stories for You!  By Jafree Ozwald  www.Enlightenedbeings.com “If you can believe it, you can achieve it.” ~Napoleon Hill  Do you have a life dream or desire that you feel is out of reach?  Most of us have at least one big desire or life dream we think is too big to achieve and probably will never manifest.  The most interesting thing we have found about desire is that if you truly HAVE a deep desire in your heart for something, you also contain the mechanics for manifesting it.

Often the one thing that people are missing in their manifesting toolbox is a strong, confident and positive belief that they can manifest exactly what they desire. For many centuries in the world of running, no human being could run one mile in less than four minutes.  It was known as “humanly impossible” at the time, and a feat that was out of our reach.  Everyone believed this except for a man named Roger Bannister who believed and KNEW that it was possible.  He trained his mind to move past the limitations of the negative beliefs of those around him and repeatedly told himself he could do it.  Then it happened one blustery afternoon in May of 1954 he broke the four-minute mile.  The amazing part of this story is that the same year many other runners ran it faster than 4 minutes too!  It was as if others were waiting to know that it was possible first before they could achieve it as well.

“Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you ready or not, to put this plan into action.” ~Napoleon Hill

So the big question right now is what do you think is impossible for you to achieve in your life?  There is something magical about the power of believing that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  It’s as if the entire Universe is right behind you, supporting your every belief.  If you believe you can do it, you eventually will…and if you believe it will never happen, it won’t.  The energy and power behind a belief is what creates a miraculous life or a life that is simply ordinary.  The choice is always yours.  However, if you truly want to see miracles happen today in your life, you need to step out of your limited box of thinking now.  To open your mind to the possibility that anything is possible is the first step in manifesting whatever it is you desire.  The second step is to surround yourself with the knowledge of other human beings who were once exactly like you, yet have achieved what you wanted and more.

The following true stories are emails we have received from the people who have been actively using our 90 Day Manifesting Program.  May their experiences help you break out of any limiting belief-shell you may feel stuck beneath and inspire you to actively step into being the powerful manifestor you already are.  Enjoy!  “Since January 2010, I had only one real estate deal. This is quite shocking for being one of the top producers. Where were the buyers for the 12 listings I am marketing? Why were the buyers so indecisive? Well, time for Jafree and all my emails that I did not delete as Spam from enlightened beings. I purchased the Super Manifesting Package and within a week of listening to money manifestation meditations I received a new construction listing at $3,995,000 in Bedford, NY! Believe it or not, after only 6 days, we have received an offer very close to the list price. In addition, I obtained a listing for $1,850,000 in Greenwich CT and presented an offer of $950,000 on another Greenwich property. I also closed on two properties one for $837,500 in Norwalk CT and another for $420,000 in Stamford, CT. It seems I am manifesting money all over the Counties! I think the $139.00 investment was definitely worth the price based on my 10,000% return!” 

Thanks. D.P. Greenwich , CT ***************************************** “Through reading the Manifesting materials, meditating, and application, I am living all the time in expectation of my heart’s desires being fulfilled and this really blows my mind. I am a novice but look what is happening!  1. I am losing inches off of my waist and my stomach is flattening without exercising.2. My personal relationship is rekindling in a more authentic way.3. My business is thriving at a faster pace than before.4. My emotional, psychological, and mental factors are improving day by day.5. My spiritual path is active and strong as I am loving God more and more.6. My energy level is up, up, and up.7. I AM LIVING IN THE NOW!!!  Out of all of my miracles number 7 is the best.  I am no longer a victim and for that I say thank you Jafree for blessing us all!”   Much love.   ~Muriel Walker, Gainesville, Florida ***************************************** “When I wrote a few days ago, I was going through a wave experience where I had applied for a management job which will be fun, and bring in quantumly more income than I’ve made ever in my life!!  I waited a whole week to find out what was going on, and during that week all my little insecurities and doubts about myself rose to the surface.  I had made a commitment to start the 90 day program again on August 1st.  Today is August 22, and I begin my new job tomorrow!!  If I had let myself worry and fret, it would have all been for naught.  What I did was read the materials a little bit everyday, and it kept me buoyant throughout the experience. Thanks again!  The course has truly changed my life!  I can’t wait to see what other great things I manifest in the next two and a half months!

Much love, Melinda


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