Notes from the Worldwide Manifesting TeleSeminar

How to Work, Live and Manifest from Inspired Action   "When you are constantly in inspired action, you can ONLY increase your manifesting vibration and see massive positive results in your life."  ~Jafree

1. What is “inspired” action? Responding to life from love, from that excited place in your heart/gut instead of what you should do, need to do, or ought to do from the voices in your head.

 In-Spiration = In Spirit    The heart calling you into a spiritual action.

Be childlike…play!!  Children are naturally in inspired action.  When you were a child, how much of your time was spent in inspired action versus now?  Get in touch with that playful child within and LIVE  from a place of freedom, spontaneity, and excitement.  (Read page 179 in the book to learn more about inspired action).

Create an Inspired Action “reminder”:  This helps to have a physical reminder to keep you on track when they are adopting a new habit.  What can help you remember that you are now operating from inspired action instead of shoulds?   Some ideas for reminders include, wearing a rubber band on your wrist, writing inspired action as your screen saver, post a picture of a child or animal in front of you, wear a bell, write the words inspired action on a post-it and stick it on your computer, etc…

The 4 Secrets to Living from Inspired Action?

1. Always do what makes your heart sing. 2. Say good-bye to the authoritative shoulds that run your life. 3. Release all heavy feelings/judgment for what you’re doing, how you’re doing it. 4. Know that you are not the "doer".  It is the bodymind that does these things, you are the everpresent conscious being behind it all.

What are some inspired actions you would like to do this week?

How to Drop the “Shoulds” about yourself and others.

A “should” is something that you believe you must do because that is what is expected of you.  Most people take on “shoulds” due to deep feelings of responsibility that are drilled into them at a young age. In fact, society often tries to control us with “shoulds”.  You don’t have to play that game any longer. Are your “shoulds” in charge of your life, or are you in charge? 

What are the "shoulds" you have on others?  These also falls under the category of holding "should energy" in your bodymind.

Some common shoulds are: – “I should be working harder”, – “I should have X number of clients”,  – “I should make X number of dollars”, and – “I should have a husband that does X. – He should be more loving. – She should make more money. – He should spend more time with me. – She should work harder around the house.

QUESTION:. What are the 3 biggest “shoulds”  that are running your life?

5 Steps to Dropping the “Shoulds” about yourself and others     1. Determine who you borrowed this “should” from. All of us have borrowed “shoulds” that don’t belong to us.  Do we really want to hang on to “shoulds” that belong to someone else?  Who do you know that believes in this “should”, and has passed this “should” onto you.  Is it your Mom, your Dad, society, your boss, etc?

2.  Give the “should” back to its rightful owner.  Now visualize the owner of the “should”.  See them in your mind. Notice what they are wearing. Notice the expression on their face.  Now give them back the “should”.  Just say, here is your “should” about X.  I am giving this back to you now.  And then visualize you handing them the “should”.   

3. Discover the “want” that is hidden behind your “should”. When you find a “should” there is always a deeper personal desire that is lurking beneath the “should”.  Get in touch with what is it that you really want to manifest and the should will weaken.  Every “should” contains the seed of something you want.  Learn to ask yourself what you really want, and then dream dialogue around this want.  For instance, if you think you “should” be more responsible, you can ask yourself what you want out of being more responsible.  You may then discover that you want something like a sense of peace or security.  This enables you to take back your power, and begin acting from a place of “want” which leads to inspiration.

4.  Focus on what you LIKE, LOVE or APPRECIATE about yourself or this other person.  Instead of trying to change them, love them. Instead of trying to think how YOU would be better, love yourself as you are. The most vital aspect to manifesting is vibration.  When your vibraiton is focusing on what it appreciates your energy grows stronger!  Whatever you put your attention on expands and grows, so why not look for what is sweet rather than sour?  Anytime you focus on the negative, there is another part of you at work desperately trying to change them, and is secretly judging them for not being what they “should” be.  The Universe is always exactly the way it should be in every moment; realize this and you’ve just become more enlightened.

5.  Make a list of what qualities you love about the person you’ve been "shoulding on". Everybody has some great qualities no matter what they may be.  Give thanks for these qualities every day. Do some dream dialoging around this.  Imagine you are seeing this person doing what you’d hope they’d be doing, how does that make you FEEL?  Focus on that feeling now.  Imagine what you’d want them to say to you and let in that FEELING that they already said it.  Assume that they have already shifted their behavior.  Act and speak as if they are this new person. 

For instance, “I know you are great at making money.” I believe you really have what it takes”. “Yes, I know that you are someone I can count on.”  “Thanks for being so awesome at doing XYZ.”     HOMEWORK:

1.  Isolate the “shoulds” that are running your life, and give them back to their rightful owner. What “shoulds” are in your life and/or relationships?   If you cannot find one, every time you feel angry or upset at somebody, a "should" is running the show.    Have a conversation with this person that FREES you and them from this "should".  Ask for support.  Become aware of your “shoulds”, and say good bye to them this week!

2.  Live an “Inspired Action” day.  Focus on being UNSTOPPABLE in INSPIRED ACTION for one day this week, and notice how you feel.

3. Extra Credit:  Make time to slow down, and meditate daily.   

EXTRA CREDIT:  Meditation Practice

To see a significant increase in your manifesting potentiality, I recommend sitting in complete silence (free from all mind chatter & dreaming) for a 10 to 20 minutes, 6 days a week.  Chances are high that your mind will wander to an intense degree unless you are already a profound meditation expert. It may seem to be very busy inside your mind.  This is not to be of any concern.  The key is to release all concerns.  Meditation is deep trust and relaxation into your body where you are tapping into the deep silence that exists at the very core of your being, beneath the mind, in the gap between the thoughts. 

Meditation helps you tap into the now where your natural inspiration lives.  It also helps you quiet the mind so that you can hear your heart’s desires, and let go of the “shoulds”. Immediately after exercising, get mentally and emotionally prepared to sit in a quiet peaceful location which you have officially made your sacred manifesting meditation space, and set the intention to relax deeply into your inner most essence.  Setting the intention perhaps 10-15 minutes before you sit is crucial for optimal depth and experience.  This is called Priming.  Like you may pump the gas pedal on an old car before you start it, you are priming your bodymind for a profound meditative space.  Get ready to let go of EVERYTHING and dive into the experience!! 

Meditation is your time to explore what is inside yourself and make conscious contact with the Source of your inner most Being.  It’s your time for you, to acknowledge, appreciate, connect with, and explore a higher conscious intelligent energy that’s inside everything and everyone (including yourself). The word “meditation” may have several meanings to you already, but for our purposes, it means to quiet the mind so you can have full access to this infinite manifesting intelligence and power within the core of your being.

If you have never meditated before and have not yet found a sitting posture that allows you to be fully relaxed yet sitting up vertically, I recommend you start by using a wall, or the side of your bed, to lean against and sit cross-legged with pillows under your knees.  This will help your feet from falling asleep.  You may also sit in a chair, full-lotus posture, half-lotus, on top of a pillow with feet tucked under, without a wall, any way you can get comfortable in a vertical position.  The key is to have your back relaxed yet vertically straight, as if your spine were a stack of golden coins.  This vertical alignment will help you to stay in the present moment, while a horizontal body we are used to dreaming and our mind naturally goes into the past and future.

One of my clients recently told me a story about how intuition may have saved his life.  One day at my office we discussed at length the importance of following one’s intuition.  As he was driving home from my office that day, he received this strong urge to go to McDonalds.  Importantly, he was on a diet, and was not eating junk food.  However, the voice was strong, and he decided to follow it even though his mind thought it was silly.  As he turned off the freeway, he admired a beautiful red car just next to him that kept driving down the road. 

Anyway, he went to McDonalds and then got back on the same freeway.  Less than a mile down the road, he had to slow down because there had been a huge accident.  At least 5 cars had been involved in a serious collision.  As he passed, he saw that the beautiful red car he had admired was completely mangled, and upside down.  He believes that his intuition kept him out of the accident, and possibly saved his life.  (Read Chapter 7 which starts on page 76 for more information having a perfect meditation).

Thank you for participating in our seminar!!

Sending much love and many blessings you!


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