Notes from WorldWide Manifesting Seminars

Manifesting Assignments for the week:   1. Have a 20-30 min conversation with your Accountaility Partner this week that FREES you and them about ANY limiting beliefs/attachments.  You might be surprised how you may share the same experiences!  Share freely about your limiting beliefs and what are you attached to.  Talk about what that part of your body NEEDS/WANTS to feel and become free.   2.  During the day, be aware of when you are attached to something, or to a specific outcome.   3. Write down your limiting beliefs and attachments during the week on a piece of paper and burn them at the end of the week.   4. Practice "Living IN the world, yet not OF the world."  Do the pink balloon “letting go of attachment” exercise if you notice an attachment coming up.   How to Transcend Limiting Beliefs and Personal Blocks – Mastering the Art of Detachment   “Attachment leads to suffering.”  ~Buddha   1. What is the Law of Detachment?  According to Deepak Chopra, “the law of detachment means that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it.  This doesn’t mean you give up your intention to create your desire.  You don’t give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire.   You give up your attachment to the result.”   2. When attached or in suffering, watch your Body. What does being attached do to your energy, and your ability to consciously manifest?  When you are attached to something, you tense up your body and start to expect things.  Your whole body becomes stressed out because it starts to worry that things won’t work out the way you want them to work out.    Attachment is the number one cause of suffering in the world.  If we weren’t attached to certain results, we would not become upset, irritable, and unhappy with the world.  Pain and suffering hinders your ability to create consciously.  You become so contracted that you lower your vibration.  When you are vibrating at a lower level where you feel pain, you tend to attract more painful circumstances.   3. Looking inside at what part of "me" is attached.   Ask yourself, “Who is attached?”  What part of "me" is attached to having XYZ happen in order for me to be happy?  According to Deepak Chopra, "Attachment comes from poverty consciousness, from wanting something to make you feel secure.  Attachment is based on the ego’s feelings of insecurity and fear.  Whereas detachment is synonymous with wealth consciousness because with detachment there is freedom to create."   4.  Recognize attachment as you go through your day.  How do you recognize attachment?   Attachment is present every time your body feels tense, stressed, out of sorts, and grumpy.  Every time you feel like you are swimming against the current or trying to force something to happen, you are probably caught up in an attachment.  Whenever you recognize these low vibrational feelings, just ask yourself this question, “What outcome am I attached to?”  Many little attachments are running your life.  The more you become aware of these attachments, the freer you will be to consciously manifest your desires.  What are you attached to?  What is causing you the most pain in your life?  Behind every pain, an attachment is lurking.  Beware, yet more importantly BE AWARE!   5. Manifesting through Being Connected and Detached.   Feeling connected to your goals/dreams is very DIFFERENT than being attached to them.  When we are attached to the outcome we are coming from fear/EGO, when we are feeling connected we are coming from SOURCE.  Manifesting occurs when we raise our vibration AND let go of our blocks/limiting beliefs and attachments.  Being detached is not about being disconnected.  This is a very fine thin line to walk, and is what makes you a manifesting master!  Its about FEELING connected to the Infinite Source of Perfection (who you truly are) and so in that space you feel connected and don’t need to be attached to any outcome. 6. Learn to Say Good-bye to Your Attachments    Let go of your attachments by first acknowledging them.  Get clear on what exactly IT IS that you are attached to and be CURIOUS as to why?  What do you NEED to experience to be Happy?  Ask yourself "what part of me" is attached to having XYZ happen or not happen.  Notice that it is your mind that is attached, not you.  Find that part of you that is infinite, and free from all attachments.  Do the pink exercise below if you want an experience of letting go of an attachment.       A. The Pink Balloon exercise: First take a few moments to relax your body. Breathe in and out, and notice the natural easy rhythm of your breath.  When you are relaxed, start to become aware of something you are attached to.  Perhaps you are attached to being right, or getting a job, or getting a new client.  Once you isolate what you are attached to, create a symbol or image of that attachment.  For instance, if you are attached to being right, you could visualize a stone with the word “right” written on it.  Imagine a pink balloon above your head.  Imagine that your symbol of your attachment slowly seeps out of your head and into the balloon.  Also, start to put all ideas, feelings, and concepts that are part of your attachment into the pink balloon.  Check around and make sure that you have put everything associated with this attachment into the pink balloon. Then, allow the balloon to start to rise.  It is rising above your head, and taking all of your attachment with it.  See the balloon rise through the ceiling, and through the roof of your house.   It is growing smaller and smaller.  See it move higher into the clouds until it completely disappears from sight. You are now completely free of your attachment. Now, I would like for you to imagine that there is a beautiful warm sun above your head.  And this sun represents the divine perfection of the universe.  Feel the energy of this sun begin to flow down through your head and into your body.  Feel the support and love of the universe as this energy moves into your brain, and down your face into your neck.  Notice how everything is perfect just they way things are.  Allow this warm loving energy to flow down into your shoulders and all the way into your heart.  Feel the warmth and peacefulness of the sun in your heart.  The universe is giving you exactly what you need right now.  Just notice that sense of perfection as this energy radiates out even deeper into every cell in your body.  When you are ready you can awake from this meditation, taking this feeling into every moment of your life.   B. Bury or Burn Your Attachment: a. Create or buy a physical representation of your attachment.  If you are attached to money, take a dollar bill.  If you are attached to a new car, buy a model of that car.  If you are attached to a perfect husband, find a picture of what that perfect husband looks like. b.  Take your physical object and put it in a special box.  As you put it in the box, state out loud, “I let this attachment go”.   You can also burn the object and state at the same time, “I let this attachment go”.  I know that I am whole and complete without this thing. c. Then bury the box in your backyard, or anywhere that feels right for you.   Thank you for being on the call!!  I appreciate your sharing and listening!!   Have an AMAZING unattached week of manifesting!  Enjoy!   Many blessings to you,
Jafree       EXTRA CREDIT:  Below is "extra credit" information that we didn’t have time to cover in our class yet I wanted to give to you.  It will help you in becoming more free from limiting beliefs and attachments.  Enjoy!! 1. State your commitment to being “detached” out loud every morning when you wake up. Create an affirmation or mantra that reminds you of your commitment to being detached.  Here are some ideas: 1. “I resign as General Manager of the Universe”. (Debbie Ford) 2. “I embrace detachment now and in every moment of my day”. 3. “I am easily flowing with the river of life.”   2. Learn how to embrace the unknown.  Relinquish your attachment to the known.  Resign as General Manager of the Universe (Debbie Ford). It is a cosmic joke that you can know what the future will provide. This gives you a false sense of security to think that you can foresee the future.  The unknown is beautiful, and allows you to move into inspired action.  You shut out a whole range of possibilities by being rigidly attached to the known.  When you embrace the unknown (like going on an adventure), you feel rekindled and excited about life.  You will feel more alive, and experience the freedom that comes from not knowing.  Each day pick one thing to do that encourages you to embrace the unknown.  For instance, you could go to a gathering where you are a stranger, meet a new person, or try some new activity.  This will help you deepen your relationship with the unknown, lowering your attachment levels.   3. Eliminating the Gremlin Exercise   The negative Gremlin energy inside of you is full of doubt, fear, skepticism, and feelings of isolation and separation.  This is not the real soul inside of you!  You are whole, perfect, and complete, just as you are.  The Gremlin contains only negative ideas about the world, yourself and others.  It makes you feel untrusting of this Universe.  Each time you accept this negative judgmental energy as The Truth, you reinforce the negativity you manifest in your life.  Saying things like, “I can’t do this”, “That will never work”, “You are pathetic”, or “They are hopeless”, keeps you identified with this negative space.  You can only experience your authentic powerful self when you are 100% separate from this fear-based energy.  Eliminating your inner Gremlin voice will give you your life back by allowing you to harness your natural creative divine power.  We invite you to make time to notice when your Gremlin is present this week by following this 3 step process.   “Life’s up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals.  Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want."  ~Marsha Sinetar       A. Separate yourself from the Gremlin Start with simply facing your Gremlin.  Look at it and distinguish that THIS energy or voice is NOT you.  Distance yourself from this negative thinking mechanism by seeing it far away in the corner of a white room.  See that it is a healthy distance from you.  Create an exact visual in your mind of what it looks like, and give it a name.  Notice what your Gremlin is wearing, its hairstyle, and especially the expression on its face.  If you cannot imagine your Gremlin, just think of a name for it.  You can use some of our favorite Gremlin names like, “Judge Judy”, “Skeptical Sam”, “Doubting Denise”, “Pessimistic Paul” or “Cynical Susie”.         B. Acknowledge and Validate the Gremlin Truly the best way to deal with this nasty saboteur is to NOT resist or fight it, but to acknowledge and validate its presence.  What happens when you fight with anything inside yourself?  It simply feels more real and grows stronger inside.  Whatever you resist persists.  Have you ever gone to a party and pretended that you were having a good time by putting on a fake happy face when inside you were truly in a negative state that you were trying to get out of?  How successful were you at pretending and shutting out your inner negativity?  Did you notice that the more you ignored your dark feelings, the stronger they grew? If you fight anything it will sabotage you, and force its way deeper into your mind.  We recommend that you start with a calm, direct, yet very inquisitive approach.  Start by listening to your Gremlin in a sensitive, and loving manner.  Use messages such as, “I hear what you are thinking”, “I understand what you mean” or “Yes, I see what you really want inside”.  When the Gremlin feels validated and heard, it will relax its fury inside you.       C. Create a Gremlin Melting Mantra Once you have validated your inner Gremlin, the next step is to shift your energy by focusing on an empowering phrase that will eliminate and transcend the Gremlin’s negative vibration.  Some examples of Gremlin melting mantras are:   I can easily and effortlessly achieve my dreams! I have the power to accomplish anything my heart desires! I am truly unstoppable in creating my dreams! I know exactly what my heart most desires!   If you really want to tame the Gremlin’s voice, speak to it as if it were truly a small innocent lost child.  Tell it that you will help it find its way home.  You can start by acknowledging what it has been doing that you don’t like, add the word “AND”, then follow with your Gremlin melting mantra.  Here are some examples: “I sensed that you are trying to control me AND I have the power to manifest anything my heart desires!”, or “I understand that you don’t believe I can easily achieve my dreams AND I now know I have the creativity to create anything I want!”   The more often you use this simple three step process, the easier it will be for you to set your Gremlin aside, and see what your heart truly desires.  As your heart naturally opens, you will be able to trust yourself on a deeper level and someday realize that all your Gremlins are perfect teachers in your life, empowering you to grow stronger everyday.  Each is perfectly designed to make you smarter, and inspire you to create the magical life you are here to live.   "Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."   ~Danny Kaye   The Magic Mantra   If you’re having trouble letting go of your attachments/limiting beliefs, you can use this magic mantra below for 5-15 minutes and FEEL your body shift/let go of its attachment.  It will help to quiet the mind and bring you into this super-relaxed body and vigilantly alert consciousness.  A mantra serves only as a vehicle to transport you to the state of being.  Like a taxi ride, you leave the cab when you arrive at your destination.  You will know you arrived when there is a deep silence at the core of your experience.  Getting there happens when we let go of our mind, surrender control, and totally rest in our being.   So enjoy the mantra, set a timer if it will help you relax and let go of watching the clock.  If you need to be somewhere each morning at a certain time, I recommend setting a timer.  Do everything you can to have a worry-free time for yourself to enjoy your inner exploration.   First place your awareness on the energy of your spine.  Bringing awareness to the very subtle energies inside you is the first step in awakening your manifesting powers.  For the first few minutes sitting, just start by getting more comfortable in your body than you have in many years.  Imagine a warm calming energy is entering your body through the top of your head, down the neck, chest, arms & hands, down your back, into your heart, internal organs, down your pelvis, legs and all the way down to your feet.  Any order will do, just move it through every cell of your body!  After your body is relaxed and at ease, begin repeating the Magic mantra…   QUIET MIND   OPEN HEART   RELAXED BEING     Repeating the mantra slowly and deeply to yourself (or out loud), bring your attention to the HEAD, HEART and BELLY respectively.  Meaning each time you say Quiet Mind, you place your awareness on your head.  When you say Open Heart, your attention moves to the area of your heart.  Saying Relaxed Being, bring your awareness down into your belly.   We can move our awareness into our body parts simply by having a relaxed focus.  A strained focus where you are trying to hard will always result in a restless mind, which will in turn do more wandering.  There is a mini-poster printout of this meditation which you can download at  (p. 94 of the book)   Each time you say the Magic Mantra, imagine you’re bringing the feeling of your head filling with the silence of the Heavens, your heart is opening like a lotus-flower to the powerful infinite Sun, and your belly is trusting life to give it 100% safety for these moments, releasing deep fears & tensions inside, imagining roots of light to reach the center of the Earth.  Slowly & consciously repeat the entire mantra with awareness on each respective body part with a centered awareness.  Practicing holding your attention for a few moments each time on the energy-thought-sensation in your head, heart & belly each time you pass them.   Whenever you repeat the mantra, it is good to inhale & exhale a breath, while pausing in between for a moment or two.  For example, saying Quiet Mind (you breathe and pause), Open Heart (breathe and pause), Relaxed Being (breathe and pause).  A deeply relaxed state of being will soon begin to flow into your body-mind even after saying experiencing this entire mantra 3 times.  It is important to rest into any experiences of relaxation or spaciousness whenever they may arise within you.  You can read more about the Magic Mantra on p. 92 of the manifesting manual.

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