Open the Heart and Tame the Mind

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Open the Heart and Tame the Mind

By Jafree Ozwald

Breathe deeply. The moment your heart relaxes, it opens, & the mind automatically surrenders to it. The person who is waking up to their highest power within, is always surrendering to this deeper relaxation, & letting go of the grasp of the mind. At the very core of your heart is a constant current of peace & an abundant sensation of loving goodness. It is always there, always flowing. The mind, with it’s Ego driven nature, does not want to ride this gentle river of bliss. If it did it would dissolve into it, & die! The mind wants to create it’s own success, it’s own liberation, it’s own personal life of fulfillment. It does not want to realize that this amazing divinity is already here inside you now! The mind is your greatest cause of suffering, yet is also the mechanism that creates your enlightenment. Enlightenment happens when you are in a state of no-mind. Where the mind is so calm & at ease it seems to disappear & only the witness remains. To tame the mind, focus on the essence of your heart. Keep putting your attention there for 2-3 days. Watch closely, you will soon notice the bodily sensations of peace that it will bring you. Once you choose to be the master of your mind, the mind becomes a servant to this natural blissful river inside the heart. The mind & it’s chaotic-ness becomes absorbed by the silence & divine power between each & every heartbeat you have. Decide to become the master of your mind today & direct it vigilantly into the heart. The peace filled power that it will bring into your life will be much greater than any accomplishment or dream could ever achieve.

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Many blessings to you…from Jafree!

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