Practice Letting Everything Be As It Is

Practice Letting Everything Be As It Is
Written by Jafree Ozwald

In this world, there are many people searching for enlightenment, and then there are those who will never look for it throughout their entire life.  There are also those who work hard for their money, desperately trying to get out of the rat race, and then there are those who are totally content with their humble income and the few possessions they have.  There are beings who were born into this world this morning, breathing their first breath of air, and then there are those who just had their last breath of life 2 minutes ago.  This world allows for such a rich diversity of people to exist here, allowing everyone to have their own unique experience of life.  The Universe allows you to play whatever role you want to play. Life accepts and celebrates your existence exactly the way you are, and when you return this acceptance for life then everything changes in a miraculous way. 

“The essence of saintliness is total acceptance of the present moment,
harmony with things as they happen.”  ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

No matter what your habits, karmic pattern, or life long addiction, you always have the choice to be free.  This freedom however is not a freedom from something or for something.  True freedom is letting and allowing everything be exactly as it is.  This means choosing to be at peace with yourself just the way you are, the world as it is right now, and your parents, sister, brother, neighbor and in-laws as they are right now.  When you discover that total acceptance equals outrageous inner peace, you’ll never go back again.   Yes, you will become addicted to “letting everything be as it is” and have even more inspiration the next day to be that divinely motivated environmentalist who cleans up our world.

“Absence of consciousness is ego. Whenever the ego is absent, God is present.” ~Osho

It takes a master to balance on this edge of allowing everything to be as it is, and still be enthusiastic about your personal life mission.  The secret is knowing who you really are cannot be crushed by your ego’s incessant desiring habit.  The ego wants wants wants and feels that it NEEDS to have everything it wants right now.  Who you are cannot be touched by this wanting.  The ego is unconscious of its habit and is designed to spend this entire lifetime in a state of desire, yet do you think it will ever find inner peace?  Nope, the ego cannot know what peace is (that is not its purpose) only your heart can know this divine sensation.  When your mind lets go of efforting, allowing everything to be as it is, then the heart opens and you can take refuge in it’s deep silence and stillness.  Only then is the greatest experience in existence discovered.

“You can lose only what you cling on to.”  ~ Buddha

For the next 7 days I invite you to explore the experience of Letting Everything Be As It is.  This doesn’t mean you practice letting your kids run wildly out into a busy street.  This is deeper than that.  It’s about creating a new relationship with your mind.  As you are sitting here at your computer screen reading this now, practice letting everything be as it is.  Let your body, mind and thought be as they are.  Just watch, observe, and listen yet do not react.  Let every thought that flows by be exactly what it is…a thought!  Let every feeling you have, be just that…an emotion.  If you should have a disturbing thought or feeling, just notice your reaction to it, yet don’t participate in drama or story.  Sit back from those tight reigns you’ve had on your mind all these years and take a little vacation!  Hey, you deserve it!  It’s time to transcend your mind and liberate yourself from its patterns.  The day you become a devoted “allow-a-holic” your everyday ordinary experience becomes an extraordinary gateway to the Divine.

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Sending divine love, laughter and lightness your way,
Jafree Ozwald

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