Relax Into The Divinity Within You

Relax Into The Divinity Within YouBy Jafree Ozwald

Stop everything you are doing, all the hussle, bussle, and fussle, and simply relax.  Relax into the Divine essence at the core of your being.  How to do this?  Sit with your back straight, as if a stack of golden coins has replaced your vertebrae.  Perfectly balanced yet not efforting in any way.  Sit for as long as it takes to stop everything and just relax inwards.  Quiet the relentless mind chattering and release all efforting.  Start with relaxing your physical body first. It is the basic foundation of where transformation occurs.  Imagine a healing energy is relaxing your face, jaw, and eyes…and then it moves into relaxing your head, neck, shoulders and back.  Send relaxing healing thoughts into your heart, stomach, and all your organs inside.  Love them!  Relax your legs, and let the energy move all the way down to your toes.  Wherever awareness goes, relaxation flows.  Imagine your arms are loose like noodles and your back is totally at ease. 

Then notice how your body breathes for you.  Watch how the air automatically moves through you.  Allow the movement of air through your lungs effortlessly.  Then move your awareness into your emotional body.  Relax into each feeling that you’re having.  Notice, what are you feeling?  Allow for each feeling to be perfect exactly as it is.  Breathe into and through each emotion that is there.  Then begin to relax your mind.  Allow it to let go of all the struggling to achieve this, create this, or change that.   Let your mind rest.  As if it were a tired child needing to lay down for a while.  Find the stillness that is beneath your mind.  Then move your awareness deeper into the stillness.  Do all this not through efforting, but through relaxing. 

This is your day to detach from being the general manager in control of your Universe.  Stop micromanaging your responses and expeiences.  Let life be as still and sweet as a dew drop balancing on a lotus flower’s petal.  Let go of your grip on yourself, no matter how strong or subtle it is.  Let go!   Relax into the core of who you are.  The moment you do, you will experience the Divine Essence that exists at very center of your being.  Enjoy!!  By Jafree Ozwald

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Many blessings to you,

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