Relax Into This Divine Struggle

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Relax Into This Divine Struggle

By Jafree Ozwald 

“When you demand nothing… seek nothing, expect nothing, then the
Supreme State will come to you uninvited and unexpected.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

One thing I’ve learned about life is that it is perfectly messy.  It is a divine chaos, an unsolvable mystery, a perpetual never ending matrix of sacred events that is designed to keep you awake, conscious and living in the unknown.  This great divine design is the only way your soul will discover how to relax beyond reason, and take refuge in a truly open mind with a compassionate heart.  The secret here is understanding that your finances, work, health and intimate relationships are supposed to not work exactly the way that you think they should.  It is this struggle and “blip” in the matrix which forces you to let go, trust and surrender to something much bigger inside yourself.  This level of surrender is what will bring you to the deepest place of bliss you could possibly imagine. 

You were not invited here on earth to spend your time micromanaging your life, analyzing your inner or outer world, achieving your personal goals, completing your projects, reaching to the top, or even fixing your wounded parts.  You did not arrive damaged, permanently wounded or broken.  You were destined to struggle, fret, foil and fume inside, for there is an impenetrable wall blocking you from understanding the one amazing lesson that you came to this school to learn.  That you are not separate from the source of love.  Once you give up your internal struggle and conflict with life and just relax into learning this one simple lesson, you’ll soon see just how enjoyable and sweet your life truly can be.

Human life is designed to be the ultimate challenge.  Things are meant to not always be fun, easy and turn out exactly the way you think they should so that you walk the path of spiritual growth.  Being stuck between a rock and a hard place stimulates the buried resources inside the soul, forcing the divine creativity to rise into expression.  If there is no challenge, you’ll just meander, wander the planet and remain lost in repeating the same thoughts and emotions for lifetimes.  Without friction there can be no spark to ignite the flame.  Your soul signed up to burn away all your karma and your internal conflict is the clue that you’re not done cooking yet.  Once your life becomes a constant state of surrender to the truth that you are the cosmic eternal source of love itself, your karma dissolves and everything about your life changes for the better.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ~Plato

One of greatest insights that has guided my life in the most amazing way is derived from from how I view the people who are actively participating in my life today.  Each of these people I see as the perfect guides and teachers my soul asked for, to push, pull, invoke and awaken me into that place of absolute surrender into the source of love.  They are the necessary beings designed to bring out the best and the worst of me, to help me deepen, grow and dive further into my spiritual connection.  Every person is an essential ingredient needed for the most marvelous 7 course meal of my life to taste perfectly amazing.  When you understand this about the people closest to you in your life this week, you’ll experience the perfection I’m talking about.  Through trusting this insight and understanding, you will become activated in feeling this source of love inside you.  Living this truth within your community is where you will transcend, ascend and become completely enlightened in your life.  You will discover truly that everyone is here to enlighten you, and help you wake up to realize you already are far beyond any suffering that you’re in the habit of creating.   

The only reason people continue suffering everyday is because they haven’t yet turned inwards towards the real.  The ego is too busy searching for fools gold on the outer world, or plastic replacements on the inner world.  The physical and mental forms keep you in a state of distraction, hypnotized by the world and lost in the mind’s imagination in a multiplicity of forms.  Food, sex, money, material items, desires, information, and of course the infamous cell phone are all to be deeply enjoyed, yet met with extreme caution.  The desiring ego can easily get lost in this world, and forget about rooting yourself in your very soul, finding the real gold buried underneath your deepest emotional core wound.  These comforts of the world numb your hidden pain, and distract you from realizing that healing this core wound is the only way you’re ever going to find true inner peace, and a permanent home in the infinite source of love within you. 

As long as you keep searching, seeking and reaching for what your ego thinks is going to make you happy, fulfilled, or enlightened, you’ll still be running with the other rats on the wheel after the next tasty cheese.  Be aware, the cheese tastes extremely yummy, yet it is sitting on top of a trap!  Once your mind reaches for it the body may follow, and then you’ll start believing that once you get this cheese, that this one all important desire is met, THEN you will be happy.  The mind always thinks this.  It always believes that once you/he/she/it shifts and changes, then everything will be better.  How many times have you had this thought?  Your mind is addicted to a selection of the worlds greatest cheeses, and hasn’t really considered the real gold. the vast deep mine of infinite treasure which its going to find when it has the courage and awareness how to jump off the wheel. 

“Don’t rely on the mind for liberation.” ~Nisargadatta

Once you stop chasing after your daily/weekly cheese and take the time to be with yourself, having a long deep look inside yourself while feeling into what is at the core of your deepest emotional wound, the wheel will slow down enough for you to get off.  Yet, you must be persistent, consistent, and relax deep enough into your core wound for it to release and be healed.  You must surrender to the struggle, relax as the pendulum swings back and forth with resisting and reveling in your deepest pain.  Only through this approach can you discover how to be completely still, quiet and at ease within yourself. 

Staying present to your pain without judgment, resistance or effort is not an easy or pleasant task for the cheese chasing mind.  You’ll most likely experience an even deeper desperation, confusion, fear, anxiety, anger, inner conflict or turmoil inside.  Deep inner turbulence is a sign that you’re making progress digging to reveal the real gold.  These emotional struggling experiences are needed to develop the exquisite urgency necessary for the spiritual search to take precedence over the succulent selection of cheeses.  Through feeling into these emotions you’ll find the depth of surrender your soul is yearning for, and suddenly one day the wheel will just stop spinning and freefall into the infinite heart and source of love. 

Relaxation is a mandatory quality which everyone must develop to experience any enlightened level of consciousness.  As long as you are tense inside, your mind is still fixating on some object, some concept and thus cannot drop into the field of ecstasy that is beyond the form and formless.  The ability to relax inside is what uncovers the secret location to the source of love.  That which cannot relax, cannot be at peace, is the sign pointing you to where your next greatest enlightened experience will be found inside.  The idea of it may make your mind do back flips and cartwheels, yet its in the relaxation that you discover the living reality of it intimately. 

Its good to know that the source of love is not a superficial thing, yet can be found on the surface of everything.  There is no place, race or face that the source of love cannot be found.  It is easily found when you see your baby laugh for the first time, and harder to see if your baby is dying in your arms.  Yet this is life, the most wild untamed ride you’ll ever take.  The source of love is your ticket to freedom here, and it is always available beneath the painful thoughts and emotions, in the very truth of existence itself.  The source of love is usually at first approached as a concept that can be sought, acquired or conquered, yet do know that this is another trap.  Simply relax and realize it is the very essence of your being, the very core of you.  It is like an infinite burning Sun inside you, an eternal source of fuel that will burn every moment through you, spreading its brilliant light as far as it can into the darkness.

On your journey into and through the struggle in this lifetime, please remember one key thing.  Everything is perfect and unfolding exactly as it should.  Your life is predestined, and you are going to experience the deepest soul surrendering process you can fathom. If you don’t get the lesson before you die, you will surely learn how to surrender it all when you do die.  The opportunity though is to find deep inner peace, freedom and true eternal happiness before your body is recycled.  This is your mission and your mind will always be there to distract you or facilitate a deeper experience of surrender, depending on how willing you are to let go.  This is the essential teaching and path how to transcend it all and live an enlightened existence.  Go beyond the cozy place of refuge and the perpetual never ending land of desires.  They are both causing you to avoid freedom within this divine chaos.  I suggest you embrace both, and find the meeting in the middle where you can connect with the infinite source of love, which is alive in your heart.  It is the one place you can always feel at home, and will make this wild outrageous journey worth the ride.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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