Remain Curious…

I wonder what would happen…if you simply remained curious.

When fear creeps in…instead of believing in ityou watch it…and remain curious.

When worry arises… you stop focusing on it, become very quiet inside…and remain curious.

When negative thinking and contracted feelingstake over your whole body and mind,and you don’t react by participating in the drama and act it out.You simply breathe deeply, feel it, be present to the energy arising…and remain curious.

I wonder what kind of week you would haveif this was how you responded to every challengingperson, thought and experience that you encounter.

I wonder what would happen to your lifeif you got into the habit of remaining curiousbefore reacting to anything that upsets you?

What kind of world would this be if this was how we all responded to each other?It feels like a more peaceful planet already…

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Many blessings to you,

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