Rewrite the Movie of your Life

 Rewrite the Movie of your Life 
 By Jafree Ozwald 

Your life is like a movie that is constantly being generated by your mind.  Sometimes you create movies that are dramatic, romantic or pathetic, while other films you might make are overly serious, intellectual, “snoozefests” or wild suspense thrillers.  Whatever movies you’ve been making in the past good or bad it does not matter.  They have all been highly creative productions.  The big question to ask yourself is, “If your life was a movie, what kind of film would you really like to produce this year?”

In order to make it to the Oscars, we will first need to rewrite the most challenging movie that you’re currently facing in your life right now.  Do you know what it is?  It’s the one you keep ignoring and putting off because everytime you watch it you feel horrible inside.  This doesn’t have to be the case since you are the main producer, director and writer!  So I invite you to think about what your life’s biggest challenge has been the past year or so, and write it all down.  Type out what the scene is, who the main characters are, what their roles are, and what the script is that is the most difficult for you.  Type this out and send it as an email to yourself.  Describe what you see in great detail, as much as you possibly can, then come back to read this next paragraph.  Do this now.

Ok, now here’s the fun part.  Go back and read what you wrote, yet as you’re reading it, imagine this film is one you’re watching in your favorite theater.  Sit in the back row, behind the audience and watch out the scenes play out. Do this now.  So, did you notice how well the main actor/actress played their part?  They really believed that they actually were the role they were playing eh?  Now the film has finished and the credits are rolling, notice who is responsible for making this film.  Bow down in great reverence to this person, for what a powerful imagination this person has! 

Now imagine that you’ve walked out of the theater and you and a good friend are commenting on the film.  What do you have to say about this movie?  What did your friend have to comment about it?  I think the main actor/actress did a fantastic job at really getting into their role, and all the characters were perfectly on queue with their lines, and were quite convinced of the part they were playing.  Now that the show is over it’s time for you to go home and enjoy your real life. 

So what did you discover? Do you want to watch this film again?  Just notice if there is a part of you that is hooked, wanting to watch this same movie again and again?  If this is the case, I invite you to watch this rerun, but do it just one last time, and then put this great film on the back shelf.  Truly let go of this challenging film forever.  Whatever it takes, don’t watch reruns, its a waste of your life.  Don’t make your life a repetition. Get the movie out of your system and be done with it.  Reruns really are boring, especially since you have access to an infinite source of intelligent creativity inside.  There is an amazing producer, director, actor/actress and brilliant artist inside you who has the power to invent something radically new.  The real challenge now is to rewrite that film and replace it with something completely liberating, empowering and healing for you to watch! 

Imagine that I just waved a magical super-creativity wand over your head, and POOF!  Now you have the amazing power to create an entirely new script, scenes and roles for that film you just watched.  You’ve been given a 100 billion dollar budget, so you can hire the best of the best to assist you.  Let’s invent your enlightened movie that magically transforms all the same problems (in that last film) into opportunities, and all those challenging feelings become invitations to discover inner peace.  OK?  Before you start writing this one down, do yourself a favor and take a minute to think about how you’d like this new movie to end.  What happens at the very last scene, and what response (or feeling) do you want the audience watching to have?

It’s good to remember that no matter what happens in the future, you are always going to be the greatest creative genius of your life. There is nobody in the Universe who can rewrite the movies inside your mind better than you.  You know what you enjoy watching, and what you don’t.  You have the power to pull the plug on any old depressing rerun that you don’t need to watch again and again.  I invite you to create a new film that you would want to watch every morning the moment you wake up.

 It’s time to take charge of your inner theater of your mind and start watching the best shows on Earth.  You are the only person responsible on this job, and you wouldn’t want to give this powerful producer career to anyone else would you? The audience is excited to see what you’ll come up with next! It’s your day to re-write the scripts of your life and liberate yourself inside. The lights are on, the camera is rolling, its time to put your creativity into action! Enjoy! 

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Enjoy creating amazing new movies everyday!
Jafree Ozwald

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