Sacred Lessons In India

We are back in Colorado from India!  What a wild and amazing place it is.  It was the most intense 6 weeks of my entire life!  I learned so much there.  It truly felt like each day equated to about 3 months of spiritual work on yourself… constantly pushing inside yourself…forcing you to look at how you are responding to the situations and why.

One of the main lessons that kept repeating itself was being present to the sacredness of life.   In India, there is such an immense importance to remain in the present moment.  Sometimes it’s actually about your survival, especially if an over-sized sand truck is heading your way coming down the unexpected "British" side of the street and you’re looking right for the cars instead of left.  Yet mostly it’s about seeing how precious life is and that there truly is a sacred, loving and gentle being inside everyone.

I realized how often we ignore this and how frequent the mind is trying to get somewhere better.  It’s always thinking, planing, scheming about how it can create this and get that for itself.  India taught me that to truly find the Divine you must physically, mentally and emotionally surrender yourself into this very moment.  You must slow down immensely and let go of everything if you’re to discover that God is here right now. 

In America we are so blessed with abundance.  Coming home I am sooo happy to simply have clean air, plenty of food and that you can find a quiet place to be alone.  As you know India is a very poor country and very over-crowded.  There are about 1 billion people there and the poverty is unbelievable.  Here a few pics of the shanti-town in Bombay that I took from the trip.

However challenging it was to stay in the present moment experiencing their suffering and desperate situations, I found my own piece of paradise in giving money to them.  When I handed them 50 rupees (about $1) they would put their hand over their heart, look me in the eyes and tears would come from their eyes.  It was the best feeling in the world. 

We came across an orphanage there and met the young man who runs it and found a great and easier way we can keep giving to these very loving and needed people.  He’s a good man and is truly helping the kids. Please don’t feel like you should give anything or feel guilty for not giving.  That simply lowers your vibration and creates more poverty on the planet.  Only give if you wish to feel good, abundant and touch this man’s heart and help out these kids.  Here’s the link to donate or learn more:

Sending much love and many blessings your way,

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