The Secrets to Walking a Spiritual Path

The Secrets to Walking a Spiritual Path

Written by Jafree Ozwald 

“The Universe has billions of ways
to keep us humble and fascinated
all at the same time.” ~Mike Pearson

Perhaps you’re thinking… exactly what is a spiritual path and what are the secrets to walking it? Well, a spiritual path is not a linear line that one walks from A to B, but rather is an innerward journey toward the full opening of your heart to Divinity. This opening becomes deeper and more sacred with every step you’re taking on the path.

Your spiritual path can only be found in this now moment. This seemingly ‘ordinary’ moment of life, where your most normal ‘boring’ experiences of the day exist, is overflowing with an extraordinary connection to the Divine. When you dive fully into this moment, you see that the God Source is always here, always now, the intelligence is available to you inside the hard coded akashic information in your DNA. 

Your spiritual path is totally unique to you. Every individual has their own special relationship with Divinity and what they need to open up to it. Even though two people may have the same religion or spiritual teacher, they cannot walk the same spiritual path. Your spiritual path is like a fingerprint that’s unique just for you at this time in your journey. It cannot be duplicated or destroyed because you are always growing and spiritually evolving.

To find a deeper connection to your spiritual path, explore this exercise. Let’s begin with relaxing your entire body right now. Give yourself full permission to allow all your fears, anxieties, and worries in your life to fade away from your consciousness for the next 30 minutes.

Now, imagine your heart is opening up to feeling ihe softest most gentle loving safe energy you can fathom. Devote yourself to opening up your entire body to feeling the softest, sweetest, most healing energy in the Universe that you can imagine.  

You’ll need to be very sensitive and vulnerable to find this super squishy softness inside yourself. It takes a very deep listening, an eternal listening, which is willing to wait forever for these blissful feelings to come flooding in. When you do find this super soft energy, relax deeper into it.

Practice relaxing your entire body, opening yourself up to receiving more of this super gentle energy until you feel yourself dissolving into it. When you give your whole heart and soul to this gentleness, it will create sensations of joy, peace, and sweetness about life. This simple exercise practiced daily can produce some of the greatest rewards you could ever imagine.

You can easily access deeper levels of this gentleness by being more vulnerable, sensitive and listening more closely to your body. This sensitivity is the key that opens the door to finding God.  The receptivity allows your ego to surrender deeper to experience the gentle soft energy inside.

As you live each day of your life from this space, it will lead you to the ultimate destination. Total freedom from suffering in this lifetime! You wake up from the dream and realize that the kingdom of God is always available within you.  It simply takes 100% surrender to this light gentle spiritual essence that you already are. 

If you don’t feel any sensations of peace by focusing on this infinite source of gentleness, then you just need more time to relax and lubricate your spiritual machine. Meaning, your body-mind maybe a bit stuck, rusty, or resistant to the spiritual sensitivity needed to absorb this gentleness. Just trust that whatever experience you’re having with this exercise right now is the experience you need for now. 

Know that your soul is always on the right track and always following a higher plan. Your soul is devoted to a spiritual mission here, and is always aligned with its highest spiritually awakened destiny even if you don’t feel it. Deep down inside you {name} the sun is always shining. You already are a powerful spiritual being {name}!

Your spiritual essence is not hard to find. It is always here now. It is forever shining and quietly pulsating with this super soft gentle energy that feels like pure light. This lightness is always happening (even while you’re reading this). Feeling it is a matter of releasing all your resistance to it. 

Ultimately, you don’t need any method, teaching, or person outside of you to access your spiritual nature. All that is needed is a deep relaxation into the source of what you already are. You decide when, where, and how you will let go of your stresses, and drop deeper into feeling this experience of the Divine. 

The spiritual essence of who you are is already awakened, conscious, bright, brilliant, powerful and eternally free. You already are an infinite being {name}, and your spiritual essence will live forever. You are already connected to the greatest source of divine love you can imagine!

If you cannot feel anything at all right now, it can also mean your subconscious mind has other priorities. It might be worried about something else in the background of your life. Perhaps about money, relationships, health, etc, that is seemingly more important than your spiritual awakening. This preoccupation of the mind is what’s blocking you from relaxing deeply into it.

“When the mind is without objective content, supreme enlightenment is achieved.” ~Tilopa

This gentle spiritual light energy inside your being has a pure conscious quality. This quality of energy is what shows you your life purpose, and brings meaning, richness, and reverence for being alive. This purely conscious quality is guiding your life towards an unconditionally loving state of bliss, joy, and freedom in which you can relax and enjoy resting in. This simple resting in your divine nature is truly the ultimate enjoyable experience in life that everyone is seeking.

A significant change in your everyday life will occur when you become more attuned to the subtle spiritual realms. When you choose to start feeling even more of this deep sensitivity to life, it will show more of itself. It’s as if your whole life you were weaving a tapestry with normal scratchy wool yarn, and then one day you switched to weaving strands of fiber that are as thin as a spider’s web. Sensitivity to feeling this super subtle quality is the path that leads to bliss. It is the doorway to the Divine, and can only be found through deep saying YES to more sensitivity, lightness and stillness.

This deep stillness can only be accessed when there is nothing, absolutely nothing agitating the mind. When there are no fears, anxieties, problems to solve or mind altering chemicals coursing through the brain. If you stop taking in any alcohol, meat, caffeine, nicotene, or mind altering drugs of any kind (including white sugar) you will see your sensitivity to this lightness increase. 

If these chemicals are flowing through your bloodstream, they create extra activity in your brain and don’t allow you to fully relax into perfect stillness. The mind is busy working with the substance, and cannot fully relax as it craves a clear or “purified” state of mind. This is why people who are deeply sincere about finding their spiritual path get into fasting and empting out the body of everything its chewing on. When the gut is empty for weeks, the mind becomes naturally empty and you are naturally open to receiving this connection with God.

When we are trying to get somewhere better than here now, we miss the spiritual door to the deepest inner experience of our infinite being. Whenever we can naturally and organically relax fully into the here and now, we have the best chance at accessing this super subtle spiritual energy inside.

“The day on which we come to know the supreme consciousness within us, then the outside world will also appear to us like the expanse of the supreme consciousness.” ~Osho

When you think about the idea that you are an infinite spiritual being who will never die, it can feel like you’re turning on a flashlight and seeing a treasure chest of diamonds hidden in your closet. This little flashlight allows you to get a glimpse of your real nature, yet to truly receive the wealth from your treasure you have to learn how to relax into your entire body and bring the mind to perfect stillness.  When you do this, you’ll see that the greatest hidden treasure is not just in your bedroom closet, the entire foundation of your house is made of diamonds! 

In this divine stillness you’ll discover that you don’t need to continue searching out there in the material world for material wealth, because you’re sitting on a billion dollars in diamonds. You are already that sacred holy being which you are seeking. It is only through this deep self-inquiry that you discover the real abundance which is your spiritual path inside.

The secret to living in a continuous spiritual experience all day long is all about allowing your ego (identity) to surrender to innermost spiritual essence, and merge with all that is. This merging can feel like an absorption, where the drop of water is taken in by the Ocean. 

The perpetual spiritual experience in life seems to occur when there is a deep willingness to meet with God directly, and communicate with the Divine whatever you are going through.  It comes down to having total radical honesty with yourself, being fearless, and accepting your darkness and your light. 

This level of intense honesty typically happens when we are forced to face some darkness or experience intense emotional pain. This pain is what gives birth to the spiritual experience. By removing the veil the ego has pulled over our eyes, we naturally let go of our ego’s grip on our lives and become completely surrendered to the will of God. 

By simply welcoming whatever deep emotional pain you can summon inside yourself (perhaps an old forgotten childhood memory) you can use your pain to open up and access your spiritual connection with the Divine. The pain we feel as humans is the compost needed to fertilize our awakening.  Pain pushes us deeper into trust, to find healing and freedom from pain.  It forces us to give up and connect with a higher power within. 

The blissful effects of feeling your pain and letting it push you deeper into your spiritual essence are the secret to staying on the spiritual path no matter what curveball life throws your way.  It’s good to know that some form of pain is always there, always available, and there is an eternal supply buried very deep inside.

The signs that you have found your spiritual path are profound and obvious.  Each moment of your day is an adventure with the Divine.  You have the natural urge to sing that sweetest song your heart is yearning to sing.  You are completely free from worry and fear and live your life in complete devotion to love. You feel that you are truly cared for by the Universe and constantly provided for and held in its loving embrace.

You know your being is received by God, with the greatest adoration and respect. You deeply honor humility and vulnerability as it creates the receptivity needed to form the spiritual bridge which allows you to feel this intimate connection with the outer world instead of separation from it.

“When you want nothing, seek nothing, expect nothing, then the Supreme State will come to you uninvited and unexpected. Stop making use of your mind and see what happens. Let go of the idea that you are not aware of yourself as the ever-present, changeless inexpressible Reality. Just let go.” ~Nisargadatta

Before writing this article I asked myself, “Who am I to write and publish an article such as this?”  Many people have asked me about my work through the years, and how writing enlightening articles for the world is connected with and impacted by my spiritual path.  They are curious if I’m “walking my talk,” practicing what I preach, the sole initiator of this wisdom, or if I’m passing on borrowed information acquired from others.  I thought about this question deeply and concluded that when I look deep enough into the core of things, everything always has a grain of truth in it. 

Whenever I sit down to write something meaningful, most days I feel that I am just a flute, an empty vessel through which the Universe is playing a spiritual song.  Other days I use my writing to find clarity around personal situations I’m facing, and learn how to unravel myself and approach these issues from a more enlightened perspective.  A majority of the time, I feel like I am a co-creative scribe who is dancing with the Divine, playing Her flute as well as being played by it.  For me, there are always three sides to every coin, and it seems we can only see the two opposite sides when we’re riding on the edge. 

In no way would I ever call myself a guru, spiritual teacher, or pretend that I have all the answers to life.  That load is too heavy of an identity burden to carry. I simply have had a tiny glimpse of the enlightened state when I started my spiritual path meditating in India in my mid-twenties, and for those few months, I was riding the edge between the ego-mind and infinite consciousness, totally able to see both sides clearly during every life situation I experienced. That glimpse of clarity inspired me to the point that I’ve not stopped writing at least one article a week since the year 2000.

I find the central aspect of how one knows they are truly walking a spiritual path in life, is that the main focus of their mind is not on the outer world, nor dealing with the issues of their inner world, yet on the realm which is beyond both.  The spiritual world is a dimension to life that brings total peace to how you experience your outer world and inner world.  It is connected to both worlds, yet it is born from a place that has transcended both worlds.  

This is why the spiritual path is so attractive and yields the most profound states of peace and happiness.  When you are walking your spiritual path, nothing can phase you or shake you.  The clamoring drama of your inner and outer world is mere entertainment, a play on the spiritual stage in which real life is lived.

We all are searching for ways to help the world and feel good about ourselves.  Finding out what truly inspires you in life is an essential key to taking a step each day on your spiritual path.  Just look at the word “In-spiration” and you see it stems from “in-spirit.”  Whatever brings deep inspiration to your life is going to elevate your consciousness and bring you closer to your spirit.  The key here is learning what you need to let go of so that each experience in life becomes a spiritual one.

If you think your spiritual path is a separate aspect from your real life, think again. Whenever someone is reserving the spiritual experience for their meditation practice, sitting with a teacher, or going for the Sunday morning church or temple service, you’re missing out on the sacred temple that is within your being all day long.  There is nothing that separates you from your spiritual path. It is hidden inside everything that your mind can conceive.

When you bring infinite awareness and Divine consciousness to any action, you’re making space to include the spiritual connection, and anything you do can become a spiritual experience.  Washing the dishes, going to a business meeting, checking your email, or being stuck in traffic can all be deeply profound spiritual experiences.  Simply being present to the Divine consciousness inside you is where the spiritual path starts, continues and ends.

“Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

It’s important to know that these “secrets” to finding your spiritual path are not secretive at all, yet it’s information that may simply be temporarily hidden from plain view. Perhaps the greatest secret which is most hidden from the world is knowing that ultimately, you are the God Source, the sole creator of your reality.  You define what is real and true, and what is false. You decide what is right and wrong and good and bad…

If you say that something is sacred, then it is sacred and that’s that!  If you decide that making love with your beloved is the easiest path to entering a spiritual experience, then that manifests as the reality for you.  By owning the fact that your thoughts create your reality, you could simply say, “I am already on the most perfect spiritual path and heading towards the life of my dreams!”  The moment you believe it, then it is so.

Often it happens that we are tested by life to go deeper into our spiritual nature and grow beyond our current level of spiritual evolution.  This is that time in our lives when we feel stuck, lost, confused, or simply frustrated by everything.  When this occurs for you, any insight, revelation, or answer that you’re looking for can be found by getting very quiet and still inside. 

In perfect stillness, and having infinite patience to get there, you become absorbed by the greatest totality of existence.  You merge with the entire Universe, become absorbed by God, and realize on a very visceral level that you are the God source itself.  You know without a doubt that each drop of water contains the vital essence of the entire Ocean. 

Letting the God Source into your heart is what I call the Divine Absorption.  It is what happens when the little “me” who was struggling to get their huge needs met, suddenly are liberated from suffering.  Any feelings of lack, limitation, and smallness fade away as this absorption takes over.  This experience is the deepest “let go” that you can handle.  It’s a total letting go of any attachment to the body, the mind, the thoughts, the attachment to the thoughts, the desires, dreams, and the yearning to change anything in this world. 

The absorption comes from relaxing into the stillness and letting everything be exactly as it is.  This is one of the fastest approaches I’ve found to find your feet are on the spiritual path.  It instantly causes the mind to step out of any smaller pool it’s stuck swimming in and into the vast ocean of consciousness which is your basic nature.

There are as many different ways to access this spiritual essence as your mind can imagine.  If you are a super down-to-earth person and just cannot relate to anything I mentioned above in this article, just take a good look back at your past and find the most potent alive and juicy experience of life that you’ve ever had!  Perhaps you got married, moved to a beautiful home, had a baby, suddenly discovered your life mission, or were simply mesmerized by a beautiful sunset.

Whatever your juiciest life moment was, there is a door inside it to access your spiritual connection.  The secret here is to find the quality and feeling that it brings into your body and breathe into it.  Any experience that opens your mind and heart at the same time falls into the realm of that which can open you up to a spiritual experience.

Once you’ve found the quality of what a really good feeling is like in your body, the next question is how can you feel deeper into that sensation and expand it throughout your day?  Explore how you can continue to let it expand into your relationships, your conversations, and your life?  By putting your attention on the deepest juice from the best feel-good memory of your life, you will open up new energetic doorways inside you and soon manifest the connection with a spiritual experience all day long.

Perhaps the most enlightening part about discovering your spiritual journey is knowing that it cannot be done by the pure force of will alone.  There must be a deeper level of surrender involved, where you are more interested in letting go than attaining.  Your heart is open to having a conversation with God and find yourself always opening yourself up, opening, opening, opening to an energetic exchange with the Divine. 

The opening is the key and golden secret to everything.  So it’s not about getting anything from the opening, it’s what the opening sensation does to your life and the kind of life you tend to live.  When you commit yourself to total opening, you’ll find the most mundane and ordinary life experiences become the most divine and sacred.

Remember, the moment-to-moment path of spiritual experience is the one we all long for and fear the same.  We all want a feeling of oneness and deep relaxation in the body, yet we have to let go of complete control to receive that experience.  We all want deep peace, unstoppable confidence, and an invincible feeling of trust, yet we must be able to sit in the fire of our greatest suffering and let it burn away everything.  This swinging between letting go and holding on is what naturally occurs for all beings walking the spiritual path.  

There is the ego who is desperately trying to get its needs met through its old habits of effort and struggle, and the soul who sits back, knows, trusts and manifests instantly. I feel that the most enlightened path is to welcome both sides and simply choose to trust that the Universe is listening and paying very close attention to your every thought and feeling. This allows you to feel close to God, relax ever so deeply, and find the most solid foundation that allows a daily spiritual experience to blossom.

“It is the most beautiful moment in one’s life when there is neither confusion nor certainty.  One simply is — a mirror reflecting that which is. With no direction to go anywhere, with no idea of doing something, with no future – just utterly in the moment, tremendously in the moment.” ~Osho

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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