The Secrets to your Manifest Destiny

The Secrets to your Manifest Destiny

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable” – Mary Oliver 

Is your destiny in life something that you can control and create, or are you just a vessel for the Universe where everything is being created through you? What exactly is your Manifest Destiny?

Many of us don’t understand how manifestation actually works. We have not been given the tools for life mastery. Meditation, yoga, or Manifesting 101 was not something that was taught in high school, or even in Ph.D. mastery-level programs.

The formal education system was created by unenlightened people. They don’t want every child to awaken their 3rd eye and know just how powerful they truly are, otherwise, their productivity strategy of mass enslavement would crumble.

Listen to our conversation below to see if you are Manifesting your Destiny
Receiving the Destiny that’s already been set out for you.

Perhaps there is enough room in an infinite Universe for both to be true…

The truth is that we were all born with a free will which has the natural conscious ability to materialize thoughts into physical form, AND we are programmed with other’s limiting beliefs that say this is possible and that is not. When you combine these 2 worlds together of manifestation and predestination, you’ll see the foundation of your Manifest Destiny.

This may be alot for the mind to take in. The mind is too small of a container to hold the entire truth. Yet, try to think about the mindset you’d have if you were consciously manifesting your destiny at the same time as you were also following the road that was already pre-paved ahead for you? How would it feel to walk the middle path between these two opposing worlds? 

We are all following a greater plan formed deep beneath the matrix hidden from our subconscious mind. Your manifest destiny is a code written within your spiritual nature. It’s something you cannot change, get rid of, or destroy. It’s like the sun, an eternal part of our experience of life. 


Since we have all gone through this deeply disconnected time of promoting ‘6 feet of separation’, now many of us realize how disconnected we actually feel. Many of us are realizing how we were brought up in a world filled with control, disconnection and separation. These lower frequency feelings are so much a part of our ways of being that we might think that this is naturally the way that life is supposed to be.

Since the global lockdown occurred, something major has shifted in the mass consciousness. We can watch how the collective society is waking up now. It is a very exciting time to be alive on the planet! The mass consciousness has been pushed to the brink of personal challenge, causing us to all turn inwards and accept a deeper more empowering truth. The truth that accepts that we are a mix of human and Divine. The one that knows we are All-Powerful Manifesting Beings who are responsible for creating each moment of our lives.

The main block here is that voice that is fear based. The voice that says you must stick to the known and predictable life that is addicted to the same old ways of thinking and doing life to remain safe. Somehow living in this safe comfortable velvety space, we become numb, tired and stop believing in our natural manifesting ability. We close our eyes to the divine powerful beings we truly are and cannot see that we are manifesting the destiny that we are dreaming of! If we never step out of this comfort zone, we never will know if there is another dimension to life on the other side. 

It is this holy ‘manure’ from our own negativity within that forces us to find a new way of being. A higher way that knows inner peace no matter if you believe you can manifest anything or are stuck with what you’ve got. When we welcome our inner negativity with an open heart we can rise above our past programming. Remember, you have everything it takes to let go, and retrain your brain to believe ANYTHING is possible. This is the golden key to becoming a manifesting magnet! 

“Your thoughts create your reality.” ~ The Buddha


Some of us don’t even believe that manifestation is possible or real. This is okay. We were all programmed by the school system to believe that manifesting was impossible. So it’s vital to first understand that we have not been given the highest information from the beginning. Our foundation is basically based on a lie that says we are limited, powerless beings.

The truth is that a manifesting power already alive inside of us. When we realize this, we begin to see how we are automatically creating whatever we focus our attention upon. If you only focus on what you want, then that is all you will create.

If you tend to worry or spend time in fear focusing on what you don’t want, then that is what you’ll manifest. This is the foundation to destroy the lies we were fed and understand the secrets of manifestation. We each are capable of forming our dreams into a 3D reality with our imagination, will power, and pure heart intention. 

The truth cannot exist without lies, and vice-versa. From the time you were a small child, you were taught to believe that there were certain rules you needed to follow to survive, be loved, be successful, and have the life you wanted. If you followed these rules, you got rewarded, and if you didn’t…well there were big consequences!  It’s time to throw away all of these lies.

There is a deeper belief system installed in our hardware that says there are certain RULES TO LIFE we all must follow. We believe everyone has rules to obey. These might be laws, social behavior, relationship agreements, or eating etiquette that are necessary. We must have these to live on this planet right?? 

What if this was a lie? What if you threw away ALL of the rules that were imposed upon you? How would you feel? Quite vulnerable I imagine, but also extremely free. You would start to realize your Manifest Destiny.


Here’s what will happen. In the first stage, you would feel like you had the power to create anything you wanted in the world through your imagination because you’d realize everything in this world was once created through someone’s imagination. You’d constantly see how life is a gift given to empower and enlighten yourself in this world.  

In the second stage, you’d begin to integrate the skeptic, the disbeliever, and the doubting saboteur who tells you it’s all bullshit. The integration can take weeks or years depending on your resistance to it, yet once you’ve integrated and ‘healed’ this skeptical voice, you’ll see a new light forming at the end of the tunnel.

Then we hit the 3rd stage where you realize you are not separate from God. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can walk on water yet you realize that your thoughts are creating your reality in every single millisecond of your life. You start to then appreciate the hard parts of your life that you created as a way to serve you in growing and evolving as a soul.

Whenever we hit a block or personal challenge in our life’s journey, it always serves as a wake-up call. We need to wake up from our hypnosis of poverty consciousness and negativity. We may think we don’t have enough energy, time, money, or resources to be happy. When we get trapped in these limiting beliefs about life, we begin thinking that we simply don’t deserve it, and believe only a few specially gifted people can manifest their destiny in life. 

Whenever we return to that childlike innocence, where we can imagine anything is possible, we start seeing how to harness the quiet creative powers of the mind. The more we tap into this creative exploration, following it closely as if it was never wrong, we start seeing what a magical manifesting being we truly are.  

“Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious mind identically creates.” ~Brian Adams


But what IF there was a way to take the red pill and break out of the matrix of limiting beliefs? What if you could simply see a bigger truth that contains all the smaller truths, and this truth allowed you to live like Gods and Goddesses? What if both sides of the coin are true? You cannot have one without the other, dark cannot exist without light, and free will cannot exist without its opposite…predestination. I think living by this knowledge, life becomes much more interesting…

When we acknowledge that we each contain an all-powerful Divine aspect inside ourselves, we stop living the lie that makes us believe we’re powerless or completely devoid of magic. We are limited only by our imagination, and the quality of thoughts we are thinking. When we see that anything is possible, we start opening up to that magical being who can see our future manifesting as our destiny.  

 It’s easy to understand how to manifest your destiny.  The first thing is to perfect the practice of having a constant positive focus with your mind. By allowing the mind to be free to imagine anything, yet also having 100% intention to connect with a string of positive inspiring thoughts about life 24 hours a day. You’ll be amazed how you start to mysteriously materialize your desires without lifting a single finger! 

You may think this is a joke, yet I’ve done this many times and it truly works!  I simply hold onto the feeling of what I want to manifest as if it has already happened, continue to trust that it’s already on its way, and relax waiting for it to arrive on its own sweet time and it does!

You must release certain blocks and distractions inside you that have repeatedly been stopping you from thinking positively.  These stem from the subconscious mind which was programmed to believe that you aren’t connected to a higher power, and are merely a mortal human who must work hard all life long to survive.

The manifest destiny mindset says you have plenty of time to daydream and create the destination of your dreams. You’re here to learn how to play in life and fool wildly around with lofty dreams about your future. If you believe that you must be serious to be successful, think again. Seriousness is an egoic disease. You can be practical, have fun, and be sincere about life. This in my mind is a real success. 


I’ve found that the middle path is always the best way. To realize your manifest destiny, you have to let go of creating your dream life. Let go of control and trust the process. It all comes down to letting the Universe present that rock-solid foundation underneath that dreamy castle that you’re creating high up in the sky. 

You simply need to take inspired actions and enjoy placing that positive block on top of the negative one. Enjoy letting go of the reins over your life and look for that long staircase that goes towards your ultimate fantasy life. 

 Creating your manifest destiny in life is not easy for those with negative mindsets, or for those who are disconnected from their heart. If you are running on autopilot, and unaware of a few skeptical saboteurs inside you who are controlling your thinking.  You probably unconsciously accepted this from a negative thinker you met in life along the way.  

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Sending lots of cleansing and healing,
Jafree Ozwald

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