St. Jafree’s Prayer


St. Jafree’s Prayer 


Just for today…May you know that who you really are is a divine infinite being that cannot die.May you understand that each positive action you choose returns back to you multiplied.May you realize that you are a powerful manifesting being who can create anything your heart desires.May you give generously to others from a place of trust and knowing this is an infinite abundant Universe.May you radiate your love like the Sun with everyone you encounter.May you become a trust-a-holic who can easily let go of any fear that arises.May you experience total freedom from your ego/mind and whatever thought patterns it is addicted to. May you be filled with gratitude and be truly thankful for the smallest of blessings in your life right now.May you enlighten others with your simple sweet divine presenceAnd allow this lightness to radiate to others as laughter, appreciation and love.May you always find great peace at the center of the cyclone of life….

If you enjoyed this message in any way, we invite you to gift some of that energy to an orphanage we are supporting in India.  Even a few dollars will help these kids in more ways than you know!!!  I personally will make sure they receive it directly!  Send money instantly to these orphans via PayPal at:

You are abundant in more ways than you know!!


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