Stretching Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stretching out of Your Comfort ZoneBy Jafree Ozwald How often do you adventure out of that nice cozy nest, into that place where you don’t know what is going to happen next?  Our ego craves a "comfort zone" because it feels that the security and sameness it receives create an impenetrable force field of safety.  The truth is that the ego has no real power to create safety in our lives; it can only attempt to fixate on the false notion of safety and hope this will come true.  True safety only comes from being in touch with your eternal Self, that infinite part of you that will never die.  What could be safer than that?  Everything in this world changes: the flux of matter is what makes life so dynamic here.  Your body is not the same body you had atomically one year ago, and in 10,000 years perhaps you may not recognize anything you see.  Yet, as long as the ego is in charge of running the show, it will be holding you tightly to the lie of safety by trying to stick to its comfort zone.    There is nothing wrong with being comfortable; in fact it can become a precursor to a deep spiritual mystical life experience.  Yet, the ego will often coax us to stay in an old rut out or pattern just to keep distance from the fear of the unknown.  It believes that it’s better to stay with what it has known for years, even if feels like you are shriveling up in some luke-warm bath where there is no heat, excitement, or pizzazz.  One area where many of us may have a hidden comfort zone is in the arena of abundance.  Due to past programming, you may not be comfortable with actually experiencing what it is like to be a truly abundant human being. You may unconsciously be choosing to propagate a scarcity mentality just because this is what feels the safest to your ego.  It may be scary to accept abundance, since that would mean you would have to stop playing small.  It’s time to expand and stop playing it safe!  Stretch out of this velvety rut, reach out into existence, and redefine the world you are living in!  There is an entirely new level of abundance waiting for you to pluck like a ripe juicy fruit. When you continue sending out the same old vibration by remaining in the same old zone, you tend to reap the same old levels of success and abundance.  When you venture out beyond your comfort zone, you discover that there are many exciting opportunities and experiences that you were previously unaware of.  This is what the vast "unknown" in the Universe is truly about.  The ego is terrified of it, yet you can only access a truly rich abundant life and feel deeply ALIVE by taking a courageous step out of your box.  Time and time again you will be absolutely amazed at how much you can experience, manifest, and ENJOY yourself when you consciously choose to stretch beyond your cozy zone. A little over 10 years ago, I (Margot) found myself in a comfort zone where I was working for a big corporation (Procter & Gamble) with great pay, and living a jet set lifestyle in Paris.  The problem was that I wasn’t experiencing the kind of spiritually full-filled life I deeply desired.  So I took a big step out of my comfort zone by quitting my lucrative job, leaving my committed relationship of 4 years, and moving back to the United States.  I seriously felt like I was going out on a limb.  However, this venturing out of my old velvet rut is definitely one of the best things I have ever done.  Thanks to the courage to face my fears and move into the unknown, I manifested my soul mate (Jafree), and my wonderful career as a manifesting coach.   True growth only really happens when you move beyond your comfort zones.  Just like in yoga, while the stretching may feel uncomfortable at first, there is a pleasure that comes from extending your limbs, breathing, and relaxing into this new position.  This is the point where new consciousness is found!  The more often you do yoga, the more limber your whole being (mind and body) becomes, and the easier it is for you to move into new realms of thinking.  If you do the same thing with abundance in your life, you will naturally attract a greater level of abundance than you could have dreamed possible. Here are two steps to assist you in expanding beyond your comfort zone…enjoy!     1. Become Aware of Your Comfort ZonesTake a moment to examine where you feel trapped in your life.  What are the all-too-familiar comfortable ways of being, doing, thinking, receiving, and giving that you tend to repeat?  Where do you feel that you are holding yourself back?  Specifically, notice if there is any part of you that feels stuck in the area of abundance.  You may discover more about your hidden abundance comfort zones by answering the following questions:  – How comfortable would you feel if someone gifted you a very large sum of money?- How easy is it for you to ask someone to support you in creating abundance by using one of your business ideas?  – How would you feel if you were all of sudden receiving an abundance of attention, love, support, and admiration?- How quickly do you embrace new opportunities that could lead to more abundance in your life? 2. Do At Least One New Thing EverydayWe have found that the easiest way of breaking out of your comfort zone is to start by stretching out in small baby steps.  You don’t have to move to the edge of a 1000 meter cliff to step out of your comfort zone.  You can slowly stretch out of it just like you were attempting a new yoga posture.  Start today with one thing that you know will give you a bit of an internal stretch.  What can you do today that would challenge your ego just slightly, and allow you to experience a new freedom inside?  The real adventure in life is just one small step beyond your cozy little nest, so what’s it going to take for you to take that step?  Perhaps it’s as simple as eating salad for breakfast, going on a road trip alone, asking someone for help, giving someone you just met a hug, going to a party where you don’t know anyone, or saying yes to a new opportunity that comes your way.  The Universe is amazing!  Who knows what it has in store for you!  We invite you this week to go out and have fun exploring the vast juicy world and let yourself really have the experience of being TRULY ALIVE! Want to give a unique gift to yourself or a friend for the holidays?  Experience a personal Akashic Soul Reading with Jafree!  For pricing and ordering options go to:

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