Surrender to That which is Bigger than You

Surrender to That which is Bigger than You Written by Margot Zaher and Jafree Ozwald   Surrender is one of the most beautiful and divine experiences life offers.  The word is often greatly misunderstood, for it is not about "giving up", failing at life or losing anything.   It is much more enlightening than you can imagine.   Surrender frees you from suffering instantly. Surrender is the gentle release of your ego’s constant effort to get someone "better" than here now.  It is bowing down to the Divine essence with yourself in this now moment.  It is what liberates you from your ego and allows you to instantly manifest the radically joyful life that you deserve and desire.  The person who can fully surrender to this moment creates such a profound clarity inside that they can instantly see and feel that they are living in paradise on Earth.   “Once we surrender our mind to God completely, He will take care of us in every way.”  ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

When you consciously surrender to the Divine within you, you are in essence allowing the Universe to guide you and support every decision you make.  If you persist in thinking that you are alone and must strive harder to manifest what you want, you are fighting the Universe and swimming upstream.  To be in control of your reality you must first surrender to it.  Through surrender you will release all energetic ego roadblocks which were hindering your manifesting abilities.  If you cannot surrender it is because the ego is afraid to evolve.  It’s as if you are pretending to be a spiritual warrior by covering yourself in armor.  If you remain covered in armor you will block everything (good and bad) that is coming your way.  When you surrender to the Universe you consciously take off your armor (in all your relationships) and drop your shield of defense, giving yourself permission to trust in the Universe.  Only in this space are you able to experience the profound state of peace that brings enlightenment.  You will find that through relinquishing any controlling energy, protectiveness or defensiveness, the Universe will take your hand and guide you effortlessly towards the life you have desperately been seeking.

“The greatness of a man’s power is the measure of his surrender.”  ~ William Booth   Surrendering to that which is bigger than you is simply about letting go of your ego’s belief that it needs to and can control the world around it.  How can we possibly believe that we can control something as large as the Universe?  We are a part of this massive ocean of conscious energy and would never ever would want to be in control of the entire thing.  That would be too much work!  It’s much easier to find success through surrendering to and through our environment.  This causes more courage and confidence down the long run because it is literally impossible to control anybody in this world, let alone try controlling your own mind!  =)  The most enlightened thing to do is hold sacred the intention to surrender completely to that Divine Love which is which is always beyond the mind/ego.  Why fight to remain in illusionary control when you can truly experience more abundance by surrendering to the infinite power within.  You can make a commitment today to stop thinking you have to be in control of anything, and consciously allow the Universe to provide what you want on a silver platter.

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.”  ~Julia Cameron

The best news of all is that practicing surrendering to that which is bigger than you (God, Infinite Source, Universe…) is VERY easy to do.  It merely happens when you relax and let it all go.  You can even affirm it to make it more real by saying, "I now let go of controlling this situation and trust that the Universe will show me the way." This can feel ohhhh sooooo good!  The pure joy of letting go of needing to be in control of your life is a huge relief.  It’s like submerging yourself in a hot bubble bath after a long day on your feet.   An enormous release of tension occurs the instant you stop pretending to be the general manager of the Universe, and this opens your mind to see and feel the bigger manifestation plan which you previously could not see.  This sweet surrender creates the energy/space for the Universe to fill you up with what you were seeking.  Through surrender, those feelings of emptiness caused by constant striving, pushing and trying to attain something better than "here now" become pleasantly filled with divine goodness.  The deeper the let go, the more abundance, inner peace and joy will come rushing into your life.   Learn how to consciously surrender and manifest your desires faster and easier with our 90 Day Manifesting Program!  To download it instantly… CLICK HERE!   Enjoy the exploration of surrendering, Jafree     Copyright 2010.  Enlightened Beings.  All Rights Reserved.

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