Surrender to The Source…

"Gather all courage and take the jump. Even the dewdrop slipping from a lotus leaf trembles for a moment, tries to hang on a little more, because he can see the ocean below… and once he has fallen from the lotus leaf he is gone.    Yes, in a way "you" will not be; just as a dewdrop dissolves into the ocean, you will be gone. But it is not a loss.  You will be oceanic. And all other oceans are limited. Only the ocean of existence is unlimited."  ~Osho     Surrender to the most generous Source within yourself by assisting children who are truly in need.  Since 2010 we have been helping to supply an orphanage in India with food, clean water, rent, and school supplies… and currently their account is at zero.  Please send ANY donation you can to our Indian contact who provides for these sacred little loving beings. Click Here to Donate and Read More…  

Sending you much love and Many blessings to you,

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