Take the Risk to Be Real

Take the Risk to Be Real 
By Jafree Ozwald 

Most of us have been taught to put on a happy face, even when we are not feeling so great inside.  We’ve learned that we can get what we want by putting on a false face, either to manipulate others to play into our emotional game or because it seemingly keeps others from truly seeing how much pain we are actually in.  If you find yourself wearing one of these faces, do not blame yourself for the society has given it to you.  Everyone around you is hiding behind these masks. We have all been trained to wear a fake face, yet just because everyone is doing it, this doesn’t mean you have to continue doing so, especially when you’re aware of what’s going on. 

 If you are experiencing any kind of suffering in your life, it’s because you have been wearing the same masks over and over. You may not know it, yet your mask is the one thing that is blocking you from tasting enlightenment.  The mask acts like a shield protecting the vulnerable ego from being seen, felt and healed.  This reason is why so many people continue to wear, and if there weren’t any negative side effects we all would naturally wear them 24 hours a day.  Yet the mask also behaves like a brick wall, blocking you from feeling the love and heart connection with others around you.  It doesn’t allow you to be truly intimate with yourself in that you cannot be open and revealing with others. Once the mask is removed you may feel naked, yet this vulnerability is your first step towards your life’s liberation and enlightenment. 

You cannot hide behind any mask and expect to be happy in your life.  If you want success, happiness, love or joy, then you must let down your mask and remove it completely.  You must take the risk to be real with yourself if you are going to shift out of the problems and inner battles you are experiencing.  You’ll see that it feels like a huge risk to remove this mask and can bring up tremendous fear if you even consider letting it down for a few hours.  This fear is a good sign, for you have identified that which is creating your suffering!  Your next step is to take a leap into the unknown and make a commitment to yourself to continuously remove your mask whenever it pops back up.  You’ll soon find that the reward you receive from being open, vulnerable and "maskless" is ten thousand times more valuable than having to wear this fake protective armor and waste another day of your life. 

If you wish to truly remove your mask forever, you must totally give up caring so much what the society, friends, family and neighbors think of you, and be deeply excited about the possibility of discovering your connection to an infinite Divine Power inside.  You must be willing to take the risk to trust this divinity inside you and know that it will guide you every moment along the way.  You must realize that your intrinsic Divine Nature is all powerful, all intelligent and all loving.  It’s already free from all the rules, laws, and judgments that society holds over you.  If you are going to make any spiritual progress in this lifetime you’ve got to abandon the power you’ve given "authorities" to control you.  Otherwise, your time here is a sheer wastage.  You are the authority of your life!  The authorities around you are just wearing a much thicker mask and actually need your compassion, insight and consciousness in order to melt through it and liberate themselves!  They need you to show them the way to freedom.  When all the authorities of this world are spiritually liberated, it will trickle down into the system and we will have an extremely enlightened planet. 

Your life is an invitation to be outrageous, to take the risk to be real, authentic and open with everyone you come in contact with. It’s an opportunity to celebrate this great love inside you and being real is the doorway to this realization. Hiding your light behind the fear of what others may think about you or do to you is a sure way to create misery. You are such a beautiful being. There is nothing inside you that you need to hide. Any ugliness you perceive in yourself is only a colored judgment and misguided interpretation.  When your mask is removed you give everyone permission to do the same.  You’ll be surprised when others are liberated and filled with joy when you are simply sharing with them what you thought you could not share and everyone can be liberated! There is nothing inside you that is wrong, stupid, bad or ugly. There is only God inside you at the core. Once you take the risk to be real and are truly sharing yourself in with everyone in a very real, open and exposed way, you’ll see that they start being real with you, and everyone suddenly feels more connected with each other! This is where the entire world truly begins to change. You can start to liberate yourself from this pattern with this simple heart meditation exercise below…enjoy! 

“Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.” ~ Braveheart

Enlightening Meditation for the Planet: If you’ve had enough pain in your life and are ready for a significant change, I invite you to take the risk to be real with everyone you encounter.  Remove your mask with your friends, family, and loved ones.  Let down your guard in a group of people, so everyone can see the divine being inside you.  Something very magical and powerful happens when you are real.  People start to listen.  The secret to taking down your mask is soften with others, be open and constantly bring your attention to your heart.  The mask happens when we live up in the head, when you bring your attention to the heart and allow your mind to rest there the mask cannot take over. Yet you must focus on your heart center persistently and consistently throughout the day and evening.  Soon in 3-4 days you’ll begin to experience the bliss that is hidden within your innermost being. This is a good sign that your masks are melting away!  Yea!!  Don’t worry if the mind wanders when focusing on the heart. Don’t pay attention to the mind. Just rest your attention as often as you can in your heart. You’ll feel a sweetness develop inside you and every moment of life you can taste the joyful nectar of your divinity. 

It’s good to know that you cannot force this sweetness to rise, you must wait patiently for it, as if you were going to sit for a thousand years peacefully. The more often you can relax, rest and retreat into your heart center, the mask you were wearing will have no choice but to drop. It cannot compete with the heart. Nobody’s mask will be able to remain in tact when your mask is gone.  In time you’ll see that everyone’s mask is gone because they realize how good it feels to be without it.  The more liberated and loving you are, the faster others will fall into your presence.  Soon you will fill the room with a joy that permeates everyone’s heart.  You have the power to change this world, one person at a time. That person right now is you. Have fun dropping your mask this week and whatever you do, remember that you’re the master here, so don’t take it too seriously. 

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Enjoy removing all your masks today,
Jafree Ozwald

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