Tap into the Power of Inspired Actions

Tap into the Power of Inspired Actions

By Margot Zaher & Jafree Ozwald


"All know the way; few actually walk it."  ~Bodhidharma

Every action you take sends out an energetic vibration into the world.  Action shifts the molecules all around you on a physical level, and is directly linked to the types of things you manifest.  Your actions sculpt your world just like a sculptor molds clay to create a beautiful piece of art.  Each time you do something in the world, you mold the energetic and physcial reality around you.  You are always manifesting results.  Yes, the Laws of Attraction apply to your physical actions as well as to your emotional and mental energies.  You have the choice to either use your body-mind to actively support your dreams or hinder them.  Every time you take actions with an inspired expanded heart, you inadvertantly magnetize more of what you truly want, need, and desire into your life.  On the other hand, when you take action steps with hesitation, heaviness, resentment, or a general lack of excitement, you inadvertently send out a negative vibration which boomerangs back to you in the form of unwanted experiences.

Actions are an extremely powerful vehicle that when combined with the fuel of inspiration can make anything you want manifest quickly into your life.  Think of just ONE action step you could take towards manifesting your dreams… even the smallest step will do.  Practice getting in touch with your heart and find out what excites or inspires you in some way.  Take that one inspired step as soon as you can, and then add a new inspired action the next day.  Just doing ONE inspired action per day towards your dream life will help you manifest it faster and with more joy.

"Action may not always bring happiness,but there is no happiness without action."  ~Benjamin Disraeli

 An interesting fact is that the word "inspired"  was derived from the Latin word inspirare which means to breathe into.  You are literally breathing life into your dreams every time you use inspiration to guide your actions.   Just like breathing is natural and happens of its on accord, so does inspiration naturally arise inside of you.  Being inspired is your true state.  You are naturally inspired when you are listening to your heart and what it feels compelled to do.  Just notice how children are naturally inspired to go and do things when left to their own devices, and how much exuberance for life they carry in their hearts.   They don’t think about doing something, they just get into action and go have fun.   Every time you take action from an inspired place, you’re tapping into the boundless energy of your infinite soul, feel rejuvenated, and even more alive.  Taking inspired action gives you energy, while doing things out of a sense of obligation drains your energy.

"Contemplation often makes life miserable.

We should act more, think less, 

and stop watching ourselves live.  ~Nicolas de Chamfort


Perhaps you are wondering how you can begin to feel inspired to take actions instead of sitting around on your couch all day. First of all, let’s observe the kind of messages you are sending out to the Universe.  Are you waiting for something to manifest for you or taking massive action steps towards it?  If you are sending out the lazy message of waiting to the Unvierse, then you are most probably going to magnetize back to you the experience of waiting a long time to manifest what you want.  Here are 5 secrets to tap into the power of inspired actions: 


1.  Get quiet inside.  You can easily start moving into inspiration by quieting the incessant chattering of the mind.  Your mind is either trying too hard to manifest your desires, or paralyzed in fear, doubt, and resistance.  Just notice when you have doubting thoughts like "What will happen if I do that?"  or "Is there something better that I should be doing? ". Your mind is just use to trying to figure everything out instead of relying on your inner knowing.  If you feel paralyzed or confused about what action steps to take, learn to quiet your mind through meditation.    Beneath the chatter of the mind, there is a quiet voice that is urging you to take certain inspired actions.   Once you become the observer, you will be able to hear these words of inspiration and discover the amazing power of living from this place. 


2.  Prime your Inspiration Pump.  When the inspiration well is dry, you just press on the inspiration pump a few times to get the flow going.  Some ways is get your pump flowing include;  meditating on inspiring people who you admire in your life, writing down a list of your life’s greatest inspired actions, or doing one inspired action immeditately.  Ask yourself, "What is one inspired action that would bring me closer to making my dreams a reality?"  Then, before your mind starts to question your answer, prime your inspiration pump by simply taking the first action step that comes into your mind without thinking about it.  You will be completely amazed at how this will awaken a flow of inspirational energy, and attract what you want into your life!


3. Consciously Create Time for Inspiration.  If you have been sitting around unconsciouly waiting for life to reward you with goodies, you may have a rusty inspiration engine.  Half the difficulty in feeling inspired is creating the space, surroundings, time, and consciousness to make it happen.  If you schedule 20 minutes a few times a day into your life to stop everything and ONLY do inspired actions, you’ll feed the inspiration fire.  Inspired action fuels more inspiration.  Many new and exciting ideas can easily come to you once your energy expands outwards and you feel your heart re-open.  For many people, this occurs when they get into action without hesitating, pondering, or asking themselves one hundred questions. They just decide to take action on an exciting idea that comes into their mind.


4. Committ to being an Inspiration-a-holic.  Trust this energy and let yourself get addicted to it at least for a few weeks.  Then you’ll naturally start to trust this way of being and living life.  Every idea can potentially become an inspired one (in some way) even if they do not fully excited you at first.  With deep resolution and committment to being addicted to inspired actions, you will never be bored with life.  Once you move into action with the intention of welcoming as much inspiration as you can handle, your energy expands and attracts inspired people, opportunities, abundance, and joy into your daily life.  You naturally become in touch with that which eternally radiates inspiration from your core.


5. Breathe In-spirit   If your body is emotionally blocked from feeling inspiration, you can physically access it through your breath.  Consciously inhale the most exciting thoughts you can handle for 30 seconds in a row and see what happens.  Then, focus on connecting with the power of your infinite inner being.  Imagine breathing in the quality behind words like exhilarating, stimulating, thrilling, invigorating, spine-tingling exciting, energizing, arousing…etc  Feel the vastness of the infinite Universe you live in and let any inspiring thoughts arise.  Let your breath be your guide.  When you direct your mind towards your infinite spirit, you naturally align yourself with your boundless inner being.  Listen to what it says and follow the quiet words of inspiration that arise from inside of you.


 "Genius is one percent inspiration and 

ninety-nine percent perspiration.”  ~Thomas  Edison


Our 90 Day Manifesting Program is like an "inspiration toolbox" that supports you in moving from a world of doubt and drudgery to embracing fun, easy, and inspired actions.  You’ll learn concrete action steps to take to start making your dreams a reality.  It also gives you proven techniques to quiet the chatter of the mind, and meditations to re-connect with your most inspired self so that you can tap into the energy of inspiration that is at your core.  Find out more about how this program can support you at www.manifestingmagnet.com 


May Inspiration Always Be Your Guide! 

Margot Zaher & Jafree Ozwald


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