The 10 Steps to Conquering Depression Forever


The 10 Steps to Conquering Depression Forever 

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Always remember deep in your heart that all is well and everything is unfolding as it should. There are no mistakes anywhere, at any time. What appears to be wrong is simply your own false imagination. That is all.” ~Robert Adams

After my father committed suicide in 1993, I fell into a deep dark depression for the first time in my life. What I learned from my healing journey I’ve written in this article below. I hope it helps you to rekindle the Light inside you on your healing process.  

Depression can range from having the ordinary glimpse of feeling blue, to the perpetual toilet bowl drowning experience which we can never seem to escape from. Whatever your experience is of falling into your emotional dumpster, it’s important to know that depression has a deeper reason and purpose for occurring.  

There are many highly inventive stories that we might tell ourselves about who we are and what life is all about from one depressing life event. Some stories make us feel perpetually gloomy and utterly hopeless about life, while others deepen and soften us making the long life journey much deeper and richer. 

On my personal healing journey I discovered that the most spiritually rich depths in life are the divine purpose for falling into this colder, darker emotional valley. We need the valleys to truly appreciate the peaks, and we need to climb these peaks to gain a higher perspective. Life cannot only have peaks without valleys to support its foundation. The valleys give us room to relax into our dark cave where we can rest, reboot and discover a deeper joy we didn’t know existed inside.

Yet, when we repetitively fall back into the same dark cold valley week after week, we stop having the energy to climb up the mountain top, and miss out on the vast enlightening perspective we would receive from the highest peak. By repeating depressing stories in our mind without expanding into a greater spiritual perspective, we become emotionally entangled in playing the role of the main actor on the stage of this depressing film.

 It can happen to anyone. From emotionally repeating just one experience from the past of loss or failure, we can slowly become trapped in feeling helpless, hopeless, powerless, and an angry victim of life. When the mind then gets hooked by this angry victim wheel, the emotional body becomes incapable of releasing the heavy stress that comes with it. The anger is not allowed to be expressed, so we implode and become depressed. We can then lose ourselves in that gloomy spin cycle for months or years down the road, completely forgetting about manifesting our dreams, desires and bask in the glorious nurturing healing sunshine that our body’s love. 

The mind is a genius at developing a rational plot and story line for hanging onto depressing beliefs about life. It invents stories on top of stories to latch onto a particular version that it believes is true to try and make sense out of the chaos. The mind loves to figure things out, it always wants be right about it’s story. It wants validation, acceptance and proof that your thoughts and feelings are the whole truth of life and not merely just some temporary entertainment.

The soul however always has a bigger plan that the mind cannot see. The soul (heart) abides in the background, behind the depressing scenes playing out in the mind, guiding the subconscious towards its real life destiny of spiritually waking up from the dream. When your mind chooses to take a ride into the emotional slums it serves you by deepening your experience of life. You’re forced in some way to fall deeper into yourself, where eventually you hit rock bottom and surrender the ego to Divinity where you discover a deeper state of awareness abiding within your being. 

The journey through depression is a purging designed to enlighten the deeper heavier and darker aspects hidden inside ourselves. This way when you eventually rise back up to the surface to breathe again you bring with you a profound sense of joy, lightness and a renewed appreciation just for being alive! 

Imagine if someone were to hold your head under water for 30 more seconds than you could normally hold your breath. How would you feel? Most likely when you reach your panic limit and force yourself up to be released, you feel ian extreme state of relief. Your eyes open wide and suddenly you feel so happy to be alive and breathing again!  You instantly regain your passion and clarity about your life. 

This suppressing drowning experience is what depression is attempting to do to you. To push you sooooo uncomfortably deep inside yourself that you reach that place of feeling like you’re about to give up and drown, and fight for one breath of life. The moment when you inhale that initial first breath of air, it gives you an entirely new perspective and feeling about reality! 

“You cannot be truthful if you are not courageous. You cannot be loving if you are not courageous. You cannot be trusting if you are not courageous. You cannot enter into reality if you are not courageous. Hence courage comes first… and everything else follows.” -Osho

 There is no need to create a dependency on pharmaceutical to mask what’s really going on at the core. Pills can help temporarily yet over time will make you emotionally numb. You can choose a highly conscious super liberating lifestyle from taking on these 10 actions below which in 3 short weeks will alleviate any attached hook that depression has on your life. 

Follow these actions religiously and I will promise you that you will awaken you from any nightmare you’re caught in. Fully devote yourself to doing these actions daily and you’ll soon become soooo high off of the pure oxygen in the air you’re breathing everyday that you’ll have no reason to be depressed about anything ever again! Yes! You’re going to feel naturally happy and courageous to be alive again, giggling with friends and learning how to let it all go….


Laugh your way to enlightenment!!

NOTE: The following 10 step awakening process below is guaranteed to break you free from any depressing habit only if you implement and integrate them into your daily life. I know some of these steps may be challenging for you, yet just do your best to follow a few steps (or all 10 if you can) for the next 3 weeks in a row. This length of time is critical for any deep everlasting change to take place. I will personally guarantee you that after these 3 weeks your normal resting state of mind will feel dramatically better!! 

The 10 Essential Steps to Conquering Depression

1. Stop resisting and surrender to the experience you are having.  Whatever life experience that we are given in the moment is always the right experience. The universe doesn’t make mistakes. Whenever you feel the most depressed during your day, take that precious moment to stop everything and lay your body down directly on the earth to feel it. Completely dive into your most depressing experience as you connect with the vibration and energy of the planet beneath you. You need deep-rest which is why you’re depressed.  Let your entire being surrender to this big beautiful rock supporting you and relax deep into core of your innermost being. Let your self dissolve into the experience of surrendering until you reach this space inside of you where your body cannot move a muscle. 

This level of surrender is super deep, so I am inviting you to do this deep letting go mental/emotional exercise. When you lay your body on the earth, imagine you are dead. Yes, you are already a corpse ready to be burned to ashes the fire or dropped in the grave. Go through your own imaginary death experience in your mind to truly let go of your body and attachment to your mind. Surrender everything inside you into the earth and become one with it. This will allow you to release all the feelings and resistance to negative feelings that are constantly arising and attempting to be suppressed or controlled. 

 If you’re experiencing a block to feel deeper into your resistance, then merge and melt with that resistance. Open yourself to explore every little body sensation that you are having.   When you do this, don’t stop until you feel completely peaceful and serene with every aspect of your life.  The great secret here lies within not fighting, avoiding or resisting the experience you’re given on any subtle level.

2. Change your diet to 75% raw fruits and vegetables.  If you want a super high vibe, stay far far away from any food or drink that is in a box, bag or can.  Processed foods made by a machine will not bring out your highest consciousness and a raw veggie fruit diet will.  Raw foods contain the highest and most potent energy (from the sun) and lays the foundation where your brain can access expanded levels of energy making it hard to fall into any form of perpetual sadness.

3. Stay far far away from alcohol or drugs of any kind.  Most people who are depressed are drinking and smoking frequently to numb some deep emotional pain, abandonment, death or relationship breakup buried deeper inside.  The temporary elated high experience received from drugs or alcohol only later bottoms out, leading for the need to detox the brain and body.  The day after one always has to fight their hangover, and battle their way out from the long chemical crash it induces in the brain. This makes it very difficult to think and feel happy thoughts for several days which addicts who cannot handle the low often “bite the hair of the dog” and re-introduce the drug/alcohol back into their system.  This cycle will then numb out their low, and jump back on the chemical rollercoaster again.  The best advice is to not start at all, and when you go out at night simply order a water, lemonade or a virgin bloody mary instead.

4. Stop eating solid food for 36-72 hours.  One of the most powerful and effective ways to truly conquer the depths of long term depression is making the commitment to do a 2-3 day fast or cleanse.  Depending on your severity of toxicity, it may take any where from 2 days to 2 months to reboot your system.  You can do a water, fruit juice, and/or vegetable juice cleanse as a way to retrain your brain to let go of attachment to the thing it thinks it absolutely needs to survive…food!  When you stop eating food, the mind then becomes void of all thoughts including the ones that make you feel sad and hopeless.  You have a clearer consciousness that can see through the story and liberate you from the powerless place you were once in.  A stomach that is truly empty of food will purify the mind, cleanse out the internal organs, and as the liquid moves through you liberates the mind from all grasping.  For many detailed instructions how to do a green juice cleanse click here.

5. Jump up and down with joy because you are alive.  An amazing technique that will truly trick your joy valve to start pumping dopamine into your brain is to physically jump up and down every morning yelling with excitement!!  Yes, physically jump up and down for at least 15 seconds and yell the words “l’m excited!  l’m excited!  l’m excited!  l’m excited!”  This will instantly flood a happy creative cocktail of positive chemicals into your brain, and force you to think about what you are actually excited about in your life.  In this life changing experience you may need to fake it until you make it, pretend it until you transcend it, until you truly start feeling exciting about this opportunity to be alive again.

You'll be JUMPING with joy after you've read this article...

6. Exercise your body for at least 20 minutes every morning.  Bringing more oxygen to the body and brain is essential for feeling high, horney, happy and free.  If you really want to feel good about life, then do any exercise as soon as you get up. Go for it until you break a sweat, and continue on until you feel a sense of exhaustion.  This will flood the brain with positive happy chemicals that make it much more difficult to feel blue the rest of your day.

7. Get out of your box and socialize.  At least 3 days a week get out of your box and go meet with one person and/or a group of people. A group is considered to be 2 or more people that are including you in the conversation. Learn how to be social and don’t talk about intellectual things that bring everyone further up into their head!  When in your group, speak from the heart and share something that is real, emotional, heartfelt, or you are thankful for in life. Speak only in a positive perspective especially if you feel the need to share about something traumatic,  negative or depressing. 

 Let yourself let go of your stuck story and laugh a deep belly laugh each time you socialize. You can bring out a lighter side to your story that contains some level of appreciation and gratitude so as not to bring everyone’s vibration down.  This is your special social time to be honest with everyone about what you’re facing inside, and yet look deeper beneath your story to share what is positive inside you, and discover what you are truly thankful for in your life.

8. Give and receive at least 3 hugs a day.  We are energetic beings with a bio-magnetic need to be affectionate and give/receive touch with other people.  Science has shown that we have longer, healthier, and happier lives the more physical loving contact we create each day. Stop being afraid of touching others or imposing your heart upon theirs! Open your arms to hug every single person that enters your home, even if its a total stranger!  Allow yourself the gift of being touched and touching others with sincerity. Who knows it may be the last time you see them. Be real with people and meet them where they are at. Other things you can do to create contact are to get a massage, ask a friend to hold your hand, or sit with your intimate partner touching each other gently in a very slow, quiet and conscious way. By increasing the level of conscious physical contact you have everyday, you’ll shift your body’s bio magnetic field and alter the brains happy chemistry in the process.

9. Become more sensually and sexually active.  Whether it’s through self pleasure for connecting with a partner, moving sexual energy always leaves one feeling more expansive, liberated and alive. Initiate a sensual connection with yourself and/or your partner several times a week.  If you are too depressed to open up to someone, remember there are many people on the planet who are also depressed and looking for the same thing you are.  

 After a wild night of tantric lovemaking it’s very hard for the brain to be sad about life the next day.  The most powerful manifesting vibration happens right before you reach orgasm. You can create basically anything you want from this ecstatic state. If you are picky and just cannot find the right partner to be with, then pleasure yourself as frequently as you can.  Don’t be shy, this is your life and opportunity to experience being free alive and joyous!

10. Initiate contact with the God Source.  Meditate and pray to the Universe for healing and guidance every morning, noon and evening.  Nobody can be depressed when they discover their own personal connection with the Divine.  Just sit for a few minutes a day and meditate on where is the source of love.  Think about where the source of love comes from?  Relax into this exploration, and rest deeply into your body, ever so gently and deeply, until you become aware of that which is aware.  Breathe deeply and remain conscious of this divine all powerful intelligent divine consciousness that is always here now.  Practice this awareness all throughout your day.  Whenever you discover that this divine Love is at the core of each experience, you’ll find yourself giggling instead of crying, and truly understand the cosmic joke of it all when you remove the veil that was once pulled over your eyes.


Looking at depression from a spiritual perspective, it arises as a mysterious cold block which forces our soul to become stronger, more receptive to life, intensely focused, and dive deeper into our innermost being.  Depression forces us to fall so deep within ourselves that we eventually break through the grip of the ego, and attain full conscious mastery over the mind. This ultimately is the divine purpose of it. We must truly set our ego aside if we are to have the courage to face and conquer our depression.  

We must discover real humility within the realm of what we are passionate about and makes our heart sing!  Yes, and perhaps the best part of all is that when depression leaves our life, we get to allow ourselves to be totally crazy, wild, and free!  How wonderful is that! We understand that this life is all about discovering what really makes us feel more alive, excited and passionate about being here.  Why are we here on this planet? Why aren’t you fully here and present in this moment on the planet?   Think about it…

For me personally I find the most important thing to remember on this anti-depressing journey is that depression comes from a lack of expression. The damp cold energy of depression is simply needing to meet with a warmer, fiery or passionate energy to balance it out.  You might say you’d get a steamy result if you really let what makes you super passionate in life flame up and express itself through you.  This basically means that you stop resisting your desire to express what you love about life again.  

If you cannot let yourself get heated up or angry about something (that you actually feel very strongly about), you are dampening your flame with a cold towel. Stop doing that!  When in that moment you feel excitement, passion, or anger let it rise (throw it out…not at a human) and most definitely you will forget that you were ever depressed.  The deeper the depression is the higher and more intense the expression is needed to balance things out and create an equilibrium in the mind again…and this is where things get really exciting! 

Another amazing thing about depression is that it causes us to unconsciously unveil our life’s mission and purpose.  We have to find it in order to transcend depression.  This means we’re pushed out the front door to take inspired loving actions in the world, which then helps the rest of humanity to overcome their inner gloom and doom stories.  Once we get clear about what makes us passionate in life and we are taking massive inspired actions daily, then all forms of depression have to fade away.  They have no choice.  When our life is all about taking inspired action on what really makes us deeply happy, fulfilled and jazzed then we truly become alive and not depressed.  

Today is your day to boost your life to the next joyful level, even if you’re not the least bit depressed!  I want you to discover what is real fun is all about, and take your fun factor to an entirely new level.  The day you become 100% devoted to serving humanity in the most enjoyable enlightening way, then all depression will cease to exist in your life. The Universe has given you the perfect ingredients to wake up the natural way, and using your God given power to heal yourself.  You can do it!!  There is no real specific order as to how they should be done, just do it with the attitude of a child and explore!!  The secret to seeing real results is doing these actions as frequently as possible with the most amount of playfulness.  If you don’t have the motivation to accomplish these by yourself then ask a friend to join you for fun and support. 

“The more honest and authentic we are, the more deeply we go into the mystery of our own being.” ~ Adyashanti

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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