The 3 Magical Secrets to Shift Worry Into Trust

The 3 Magical Secrets to Shift Worry Into Trust By Margot Zaher & Jafree Ozwald   How would you like to have a trusting feeling in your body that stays with you all throughout the day?  Would you like to know the 3 secrets to creating that state of mind for the rest of your life?  How empowering would that be?  Keep reading and trust that you will receive them soon!  =)   To first transcend worry we must understand what worry really is.  Worrying is like watching television, it can pull you in and entertain you for hours, days, years, and yes even lifetimes!  Worrying is caused by focusing on what you don’t want.  It is exactly how you manifest everything you don’t want in your life. If you always think about what you DON’T want to happen, how much energy is left to focus on what you DO want?  When you worry you are simply not disciplining your mind. The reins on the mind are too loose, and those wild horses just trample all over you!    "Life is like a wild tiger.  You can either lie down and let it lay its paw on your head, or sit on its back and ride it!"  ~Ride the Wild Tiger   If you have been practicing the unconscious art of worrying for years, you may have become a worry-zombie, and are completely numb to lighter thoughts, abundant consciousness and outrageous pleasure!  Step out of the zombie-zone by pulling back on your reins in your mind! You can steer those crazy horses back to your pleasure pastures by starting you day off focusing on the positive outcomes you want to manifest.  Get excited about your dreams!  This is your life!  Learning to focus on what you want will build trust in yourself and you’ll soon feel that the Universe IS always supporting in manifesting whatever your heart desires.   "Be outrageous!  People who achieve mastery have the ability to be outrageous!"  Gita Bellin   Trust is the exact opposite vibration of worry. It’s about letting go and letting the Universe be in control of the details.  You simply stay focused on FEELING the expansive feelings of trust that your dreams are heading your way like a freight train!  When you wake up in the morning with trust in your heart everyday seems lighter and has more wonderful possibilites.  With this vibration you automatically move beyond any negative thought or feeling and cannot get stuck in them! There is no room for the vibration of worry with the trust vibration inside your body.     In a state of trust you are consistently letting go of the future and the past. All the thoughts that your mind has about tomorrow or yesterday are unimportant, and you relax into the perfection of this "Now" moment, connecting with your true infinite nature. Whn you devote yourself to living in THIS moment with full trust, you start becoming a powerful manifesting magnet!  The more trust you can let in your body RIGHT NOW, the more there will be in 10 minutes from now.  It has a natural "snowball effect" that grows bigger each day when you practice starting your day trusting that all of your desires will manifest themselves.  As you are allowing the Universe to support you in making your dreams manifest into reality, you become unstoppable in your ability to manifest them.   "Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking."  Kahil Gibran   Below  are 3 powerful steps to instantly shift from worry into trust.  Each will help you manifest more of what you want out of life this year.   1. Stop Your Wild Inner Horses The first secret to shifting out of this harmful mental state is to get your wild horses under control. A worrying mind is like a pack of wild horses running out of control in all directions. The more you worry, the more your mind goes off into thinking about all sorts of strange improbable possibilities. The issue is that YOU choose to follow this crazy mind, and may even buy into its obsessive thoughts to such a high degree that you may start believing in them. The easiest way to do this is to do a pattern interrupt with your mind by gently saying, "STOP" to these horses when they are going off into the land of worry. It’s best to whisper this out-loud to yourself if possible. With gentleness you can command your inner herd. These horses will stop and listen to you with even the smallest whisper. Even if they stop for only one moment, you have been successful.   You have stopped them from running wild all over your show.   2. Refocus on the Perfection of the Now At the instant when the horses stop, it’s key to refocus your mind on the present moment. When the mind is fully present to the "Now" moment, it is naturally relaxed and drops all fears. Focusing on the "Now" will help your mind unwind and deeply feel the peace and sublime perfection of each moment of existence. The best technique for focusing on the "Now" moment is to simply ask yourself questions like, "What is happening now?, What am I feeling right now?, What am I experiencing now?, What do I see right now?, or What do I hear right now?" If your mind begins to wander off, gently redirect it back to this moment.   3. Turn up Your Inner Trust Valve Imagine that you have a Trust thermostat in the middle of your heart that measures how much you trust the Universe to support you in manifesting your desires. This thermostat is connected to a trust valve in the center of your chest that has 10 settings on it. The number 10 is the most trusting with the number 1 setting being completely closed or lacking trust. Get a sense right now of where your trust is at on this dial. Then slowly begin to open your valve, turn it up a few notches and let in more and more trust. Feel how expansive, warm, and light it feels to increase the level of trust in your heart. Keep opening the valve until it is completely open at a 10! Breathe in 100% trust and notice what this feels like! Feel how good it is to let go and know that the Universe is helping you manifest all your desires now and forever. You can also repeat the mantra randomly through your day of, "I trust myself and the Universe". Repeating this message over and over will eventually expand your heart to experience a greater level of trust.   Our 90 Day Manifesting Program is guranteed to skyrocket your manifesting abilities! Take your life to the NEXT level by learning the ancient secrets to manifesting your desires faster and easier! Instantly download it today at:   Remember, trust is always there available..inside you! 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