The 3 Secrets To A Stress-Free Holiday

The 3 Secrets To A Stress-Free Holiday By Jafree Ozwald


We are either all masters with ego-disguises on,or a bunch of egos who have master amnesia. ~Jafree


To experience a stress free holiday begins with having no destination other than The Now.  This means no hesitation, procrastination or postponement of diving into your life force energy that is happening right here.  Why should you be anywhere else? If you truly want to enjoy your life, don’t let your mind get in the way.  This will cause resistance to life and a stressful constriction of blood vessels causing stress!  If you just don’t have time to think how to avoid suffering because you’re too consumed with the loving others, yourself and truly having fun playing in life, trusting the flow, you’ll find yourself in a perpetual flow of bliss!   When you experience ANY tension or tightness in your shoulders, jaw, neck, face, hands, rump or anywhere… its the number one signal from the body telling you to LET GO and start trusting Life!

The following 3 Secrets are GURANTEED to shift you from being stress-full to being stress-FREE!!!  Enjoy!!!


By far the GREATEST secret to having a stress-free holiday is having a quiet mind that is consciously here now. Anything we think causes us to get out of the now, which creates more stress, conflict or suffering illusions in our mind.  The key to being stress-FREE is to surrender to this Universe who naturally loves you and everything in it.  This is the energy of love, and is the greatest way to ease and calm your mind to find stillness.  If your mind can stop, rest, relax even for 30 seconds, you’ll find your day flows soooo much more easily, effortlessly and naturally.


"The quieter you become, the more you’re able to hear." ~Zen saying



The second secret is to start celebrating what is here now!  Our minds perception of the past and future creates the GREATEST illusions that cause stress in our lives. Since this moment is the only thing that truly satisfies us in the end, choose to be constantly celebrating what is happening now!  What if your new motto was that LIFE is all about how much can you celebrate it?  What if you gave up on looking at what’s right/wrong or good/bad out there (or in there) and just devoted your life to celebrating this divine existence?  You and everyone in touch with you would eventually live in a perpetual state of celebration within the next 30-60 days! 


Ecstasy is our very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary.  ~Osho


Whatever it is that is happening now in your life, there is SOME way you can find to appreciate it and celebrate its existence.  Get creative!  Remember that you are an eternal soul, an infinite being, as well as everyone else….so what is there to worry about?  See if you can find every reason in the Universe to celebrate the things you don’t appreciate.  When one door opens, it helps everyone to start opening doors!  Simply start choosing to see the miraculous and amazing experiences that are already happening to us all right now.


Substitute worry for wonder, and your life will become wonderful. ~Don Ginn



This third secret defies all societal teachings and religions in this world. This secret takes you directly and deeply into the essence of Enlightenment and freedom from all suffering. It is the one secret each awakened soul knows the most intimately and profoundly. This secret is the acknowledgment and understanding that we are Infinite in our Soul Essence and Nature.

When we are ignorant of this Infinite Nature it is a great mis-understanding that immediately creates contractions of stress in the body and mind.  Dive deeper within yourself and see beyond the mis-guided mind and swim to the other shore which is all about being one with the eternal flow.  Again, stress will instantly dissolve and the feelings that are Freeing, Expansive, Nurturing, Gentle, Timeless, Eternal, and Blissfull start opening up in your inner-most being.  The Ultimate Truth is that we are EACH eternal beings who can never die. We only change form. We will be reborn again and again until we have enough awareness of the Infinite qualities of who we really are.


(For 20 minutes in the mornings)

1. Relax your entire body from head to toe by imagining a Divine Being has put his/her hands on you and is sendingLight into your body filling you with lightness and relaxation.

2. After several minutes of receiving…be still and experience thisrelaxation deeper into the core of your innermost being.  Enjoy!


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May you have the most relaxing Holiday EVER!!Jafree Ozwald

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