The 3 Secrets to Instant Intimacy with Your Partner

The 3 Secrets to Instant Intimacy with Your Partner
By Jafree Ozwald

Have you been longing to connect with your partner in a deeply loving and intimate way? Do you want to be able to hear your heart go pitter-pat, and feel excited by your relationship again? Sometimes all judgment, criticism and complaining can make you avoid your partner and find a variety of other more important things to do with your time. If you’ve found yourself running away from the one that you loved, it may be time to do a 180 degree turn around, and intimacy is the missing key.

Once you choose to start embracing yourself and partner with all of your flaws, you’ll start opening yourself up for intimacy. This is the first great secret to intimacy. It can be challenging to be real with ourselves and with our partner because we need to look deeply within and be responsible for what we find. We may even get distracted with analyzing ourselves and not succeed at any real investigation. Perhaps it’s just too painful to look at how we sabotage ourselves, our lives and our relationships. Yet, this is the secret to healing the saboteur! When you can notice where the source of all this strife is coming from, you can stop it. The moment you stop pretending that everything is okay (when it isn’t) and let go of the sugar coated lie we are living, you begin to move through the pain into the land of pleasure again.

“Intimacy means that there is no privacy. You don’t carry anything private now, at least with the person you are intimate with, you drop your privacy. You are nude and naked–good, bad, whatsoever you are, you open your heart. And whatever the cost you pay for it; whatever the trouble you go through with it. That brings growth.” ~ Osho

When you can finally let down your guard and allow yourself to face the truth, face your fears and ultimately allow yourself to be vulnerable again, this is where true juicy intimacy begins! The 2nd secret to creating intimacy is to remove all your armor. It takes a brave spiritual warrior to be willing to open up and remove the shields around your heart, when you feel your heart is going to be ripped apart again. Yet, when you realize that live is a very short unexpected ride, and that you may not even have the chance to love this person tomorrow, you’ll start taking those walls down tonight!

If you wish to truly become empowered in your life and welcome a beloved partner into your heart again, take on this exercise every morning. This is the 3rd secret to enhancing intimacy… bathing in a pool of self-love. First thing the moment you wake up, start accepting, appreciating and approving of all the parts you’ve disliked and judged about yourself. Imagine a “love valve” in the middle of your chest, connected to your heart, and its slowly opening up all the way to 100%!! Keep thinking about all the new things that you can feel grateful for. Feel yourself in a continuous state of appreciation as you inch your way up to the 100% mark. The relationship with your soul mate has the chance to become super juicy when you start to be deeply juicy with you!!

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.”  ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

When you feel that you can love every part within you, then you have nothing to hide and can fully reveal yourself to your partner. True intimacy means you are not hiding anything, being totally open and real with your partner with everything that arises. Having no fear of the outcome, you simply share yourself freely. This will put an end to the saboteur’s game and allow you to take the reigns back on your love life! Your partner is your ideal mirror for showing you how much you love yourself. How much you love your mate is proportionate to how much you can unconditionally love yourself. When you start to see the mirror in your relationship, and taking responsibility for loving and accepting yourself unconditionally, your soul mate will naturally flow your way. In fact this shift may be closer than you realize…

“The degree to which you love yourself will determine your ability to love the other person, who will be reflecting back to you many of your own personality traits and qualities.” ~ Sanya Roman

Once your whole being is saying “yes” to diving deeper in intimacy, you have taken the steering wheel on the boat and can magnetize your relation-ship to sail into the sea of paradise! As you begin to have more respect for yourself and take pleasure in savoring every moment you get to learn about yourself from your this great mirror, you begin to step into the most intimate loving relationship you possibly imagine. If you’d like some more assistance in transforming your relationship with your partner, you will want to raise your vibration to a higher state of love and consciousness. This can be done by listening to the Guided Meditation to Manifesting an Enlightened Loving Relationship. This manifesting tool will help you to create the most enlightened loving relationship that you can imagine! There is always more love and connection available if you’re willing to take the risk to open your heart and reach for it…Enjoy!

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Enjoy this blessed journey!
Jafree Ozwald

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