The 3 Step Recommitment Ritual

The 3 Step Recommitment RitualBy Jafree Ozwald So how are you doing with manifesting the life you desire?  Are you having fun?  Perhaps you have embarked on your Manifesting Journey and somewhere a long the way you have gotten side tracked.  Maybe you got distracted by something more appealing, an offer you couldn’t refuse, or just sat down by the side of the road to rest, and now years later you’re still waiting for someone to pick you up and take you to your dream life.  If you feel that you have strayed from the self-empowering manifesting path, it’s time to do a recommitment ritual to help you get back on track.  Just taking a few minutes to get refocused will restart your manifesting engines to create a life you truly desire.  This 3-Step Recommitment Ritual is powerful and for anyone who feels that they have strayed from manifesting their dream life.  Soon you will start to manifest amazing NEW things into your life again!  So be proactive with this exercise and integrate it into your life at every possible level…enjoy!   Your recommitment ritual consists of these three steps: 1. Express Gratitude for YourselfTake a moment to appreciate how far you have already come on your Manifesting journey.  Acknowledge that you are doing an amazing job and that everything that is and has happened is perfect.  Honor who you are in this moment, and know that you are already perfect.  It’s important to be aware of any tendencies to want to beat yourself up, and let them go!  That’s just an old ego pattern.  If you find that you are being hard on yourself, get curious as to how this attitude could be helping you manifest a higher vibration.  Then, immediately refocus back on the divine being that you are and the perfection of the Universe all around you. 2. Proclaim your Recommitment to the UniverseLook deep inside and determine what you want to recommit to manifesting, doing, or experiencing.  Then state out loud your commitment to the Universe.  Say something like, "I am committed to manifesting an amazing relationship or I am committed to eating healthy alive foods every day."   Speak these words from the depth of your soul with passion and sincerity.  This will send out a powerful message to the Universe which will in turn support you in making your commitment a reality. 3. Visualize yourself Fulfilling your RecommitmentAfter you state your recommitment, close your eyes and imagine what your life is going to feel like and be like once you this recommitment has been fulfilled.  Allow yourself to visualize every single detail no matter how small.  Notice all the amazing shifts that have happened, and how you are different.  Really allow yourself to fully step into this new world where your recommitment has become a reality.

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