The 3 Steps To Attaining Financial Mastery

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The 3 Steps To Attaining Financial Mastery 
By Jafree Ozwald

 "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." ~Alan Kay

You are a super powerful manifesting machine.  Whatever thoughts your mind is perpetually entertaining, your body ends up attracting that similar type of situation into your life.  If you think a thousand positive abundant thoughts in a row that are filled with gratitude, ease and excitement about your future, you’ll find that the Universe manifests a very fun and enjoyable future for you.  This is your Universe, and it obeys your every energetic command.  It responds to how you are feeling behind the thoughts you’re thinking.  This means you cannot trick or fool the Universe into manifesting anything that you think you want yet don’t truly believe with your heart.  When you can feel something is true the Universe hears your sincerity and responds accordingly.  It is like your best friend, who will always match wherever you’re energetically at in your life.

  The Universe is intimately listening to you right now.  It is highly sensitive and attuned to you, constantly surrounding you with the people, situations and environments that are a match for your attitude, energy and consciousness.  As you understand how "like attracts like" and are consciously living this universal law everyday, you will set the foundation to be able to master your finances.   You’ll see just how important it is to keep a positive abundant attitude about your financial future.

 Being a master of money simply means you have mastery over your mind.  It means you are conscious enough of your thoughts to have trained the mind to stop focusing on what you don’t want in life, and are only using your precious time to focus on what you do want.  If you cannot stop your mind from thinking negative thoughts about money, then you have become a slave to your mind and it is the master over you.  Once the mind begins listening to you, knowing you are in charge of it, it will follow you like a little puppy wherever you want it to go.  Then you will be able to keep your mind focused in a positive abundant direction for a thousand thoughts in a row.  This is what it takes to attract a real live abundant outcome in your life.  When you can truly have a thousand positive thoughts in row, without having one doubt of interruption, you will see amazing things manifest in the physical form. 

Training the mind to focus only in one direction is not always easy.  It takes a bit of discipline and a ton of devotion to learning a new way of relating to your mind.  You’ll need to know your mind intimately and how it can think outside the financial box you’re in.  When you practice seeing the truly powerful manifesting being you truly are, you’ll be able to drop poverty thinking with effortless ease.  I’ve created a Super Manifesting Program that will teach you exactly how to do this.  It will help you shift your energy, raise your vibration and open yourself to the most positive abundant experiences you can imagine!

To initiate the journey towards financial freedom is often the hardest for people.  Being financially stuck can be uncomfortably comfortable, as if you were stuck in a cozy velvet rut.  It may feel like standing chest deep in thick warm mud, and not feeling like you can move in any direction.  If you try stepping up out of it and onto solid ground, it can be super challenging and even painful.  When you are too deep in debt or poverty thinking, it may be a long slow process getting out, yet once you reach higher ground you’ll feel amazing!  Your chest will feel light and expansive, your shoulders will feel relaxed, and your mind will be free.  It just takes a solid commitment within yourself that you will one day be jumping in the air free as a bird on solid ground.

The first step towards financial mastery starts with creating a empowering positive affirmation that will begin pulling you up and out of the poverty consciousness mud pool. It is a very basic yet inspirational message that makes your heart expand with a big YES!  The affirmation statement is one that fits like a puzzle piece over the dark black hole where you FEEL the most blocked.  So if your financial block is around the feeling of being incapable, then your affirmation must have the words "I am capable" inside it. You will also want to add the specific amount of money you’re receiving each month that makes you feel financially free.  It should be an amount that’s not too big or too small, yet something you can visualize yourself receiving.  So if this was your exact situation, your final affirmation may sound something like, "I am worthy and totally capable of creating $3000 a month!"

The affirmation you create must be 100% positive, short, direct, in the present or past tense, and have zero negative words in it.  It must proclaim to the world that you have the power to change your situation easily, and make you feel excited, relieved, inspired and/or 100% committed to creating a new financial life that you’ll love.  Just make sure that you use words that are purely positive and only affirm what you want to manifest, and not negating what you don’t want.  Once you find your personal financial healing affirmation that truly fits your financial wound, you’ll want to repeat this affirmation many times a day everyday for a month.  You want to drill these positive thoughts DEEP into your psyche, so much that it becomes the rock solid root of your being that you FEEL is true to the core of your bones. 

"If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life." ~Abraham-Hicks

 The second step towards financial freedom is using your creative imagination to raise your financial frequency.  This is like drinking financial rocket fuel which will give you to the power to launch your life to the next level.   When you’re expanding your idea of who you think you are, the most exuberant abundant feelings naturally come pouring in.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  Imagine that you have a money giving tree in your home that has gone out of control, and for the past month its been filling your house with millions of dollars (or whatever currency you want).  The tree won’t stop producing money and is continuously generating money by the thousands every minute.  It always produces money faster than you can spend it, and will stay alive working with you for the rest of your life. 

Every morning, imagine that you and your family put on some party music and do a celebration of abundance dance around this divinely generous giving tree.  See yourself laughing, playing and dancing in piles of fresh new financially healing notes. You are generously and joyfully spending as much money as you can, buying everything you want and need, giving it away to everyone you come in contact with!    See you and your friends and family talking about what you want to create in your lives with excitement and passion.  See yourself taking the actions to create the life of your dreams. To truly experience the real power of this healing liberating feeling, take all the time to expand upon this visualization everyday.  Feel this amazing abundance flowing to you effortlessly everyday!  Imagine all the amazing things you’re going to do with the rest of your life and feel the joy that it creates for you inside.

I asked one of my clients to do this exercise and he told me that by just imagining that he won the lottery, it helped him release his addiction to buying weekly tickets in a desperate attempt to get out his debt.  The more often he visualized himself winning the lottery, the more he felt relaxed inside, and then naturally started spending his time doing things he wanted to do instead of worrying about the debt.  He initiated many new creative ideas he was sitting on, and actually started creating a new income since his energy wasn’t wrapped up in trying to rid of his feelings of lack and need.

The goal of this exercise is to fully open up yourself creatively and emotionally.  This means you’re letting yourself feel what its like to be truly financially free to the point that tears of joy actually pour down your cheeks.  When you let yourself feel this level of joy everyday you’ll start feeling like a zillionaire and the Universe will start treating you like one.  You want your feeling of abundance be as authentic and real as you possibly can.  When you start to access the feeling of having an unlimited supply of money in your life, all your doubts and fears will be pushed up to the surface.  Simply allow these negative emotions to rise, and watch them gradually and slowly fade away into the distance. 

Every time a negative is allowed to be felt, fully explored and deeply experienced, it creates a new space for real abundance to enter.  All negative feelings of anger, fear, apathy, sadness etc are the compost for creating a more grounded feeling of abundance inside. Without negative emotions we would have nothing to push against to give us some form of direction to go in life.  When you allow for these feelings to become teachers for you, they will become like your long lost best friends.  Then you’ll find true abundance consciousness, which is when your most negative feelings are given full permission to rise and fade away from the depths below. 

As you continue doing this practice, very soon a soft yet extremely expansive energy will naturally enter your chest.  When this happens, rest in this feeling for as long as you can. Allow this super expansive feeling to grow inside you, allowing its energy to move deep to your core and penetrating you on every emotional level. The goal here is to get rooted in the most authentic expanded feeling of abundance that you’ve ever felt in your entire life!  This means you can feel the deeper rooted feeling of abundance even if a sad or angry memory arises.  Sometimes it takes a bit of practice in discovering what authentic abundance really feels like, yet it is the most beautiful secret to  effortlessly manifesting a financially free future.

"When people are truly dedicated to the Divine, there is no difference between action and prayer." ~ Mother Meera

The third step towards financial mastery is taking daily inspired actions that make your heart sing!  Once you have your new core financially freeing belief rooted, and you’ve got that zinging zillionaire feeling inside, you will have the creative energy to naturally do something fun and inspiring for the world.  This is the practical long term solution to attaining true financial freedom.  Doing what inspires you to help the world will always create abundance for you, and the more people you help to get what they want, the more abundance will manifest in your direction.  Just do something that really inspires you.  Do it for the community and just by chance, it happens to bring in a supplemental income.  You may even feel so energetically high inside that you push beyond your normal limits at your current job that they have to promote you to a much more fun position and double your salary!  Whatever actions you take it really doesn’t matter, just as long as they come from inspiration and not obligation. 

When you’re energetically feeling like a zillionaire everyday of your life, you become the most powerful manifesting magnet of all.  You will never be afraid of paying bills or have any clinging desire to strive to create more money again. You’ll simply follow the flowing feeling of abundance and let things manifest for you.  Then your life’s purpose becomes more focused on how you can truly help the world, and let go of worrying about your own situation.  You won’t have time to worry about your future.  While taking daily actions that make your heart sing, your consciousness cannot dip down into poverty mentality.  You become as rich as a king and your mere presence becomes an inspired service to everyone around you.  Others will energetically support your feeling of financial freedom growing inside you.  The more hours a day that you practice being of service from a place that truly makes your heart sing, the faster and easier it becomes to attract abundance in a variety of different ways and forms.

 Discovering the secret to true happiness is the golden key to becoming a manifesting master.  Through serving others with love, you naturally start being genuinely happy and appreciative for what is and naturally increase your financial frequency.  You then have easy access to expanded states of consciousness, and have turned on your most powerful "intention engine" of all.  The power of LOVE!  With love you can manifest anything you desire, because love is the highest vibration on the planet.  A consistently deepening state of genuine loving energy inside you will turn you into the most powerful manifesting magnet. The big challenge then is learning how to be in love with who you are, what you’ve got, where you’ve been and where you’re going.

 "Love is the only thing you get more of by giving it away" ~ T. Wilson

To find genuine love in any challenging financial situation, it means you must stop making money your God, and focus on the real God Source instead.  When you make the Universal loving intelligence a priority over money, the Universe will make financial freedom in your life a priority.  You suddenly become worth more because you are worthy of more.  It is this simple shift in consciousness which leads to attracting real life scenarios that manifest physical wealth to you.  The key is constantly having a spiritual relationship with life that truly makes you FEEL rich inside.  By making your connection with the God Source more important than the attainment of materialistic wealth, you discover the greatest source of true wealth you’ll ever find. 

This divine connection with the God Source is what guides you into to taking inspired actions that will effortlessly manifest abundance.   This is the secret to receiving abundance and living in the enjoyable flow of it.  When you are tuned in and listening to the Universal Intelligence, you’ll hear it is communicating directly to you specific actions that generate the abundance flow.  The more quiet you can become inside, the more information you’ll be able to hear.  When you’re deeply quiet, you can truly listen to the Universe showing you how to do it step by step.  You simply have to be willing to trust it and know the subtle difference between when the loving Universe is talking, and when the messages you hear are coming from the demanding anxious fear based ego.  This is something you’ll learn from doing the 8 Habits Manifesting Routine found inside my Super Manifesting Program.

Creating true financial freedom is a very empowering and precious experience.  It means you are committed to loving yourself more than you usually do, and letting go of all your most intimate and private fears that you have about money.  It means you’re trusting the Universal flow of abundance is your natural state, and you simply have to let it flow your way.  This path is creates true freedom from poverty consciousness which stems from an over attachment and addiction to money.  By knowing the God Source is your guide, and is always showing you the way to greater abundance, it becomes effortless to never entertain another fearful thoughts about money again. 

In my world, the person who spends the least amount of time thinking about money is the most financially free.  It doesn’t matter if you have $100 or $100 million in your bank, if you living everyday with financial fear, then you have made money your God and you’re imprisoned in some monetary penitentiary.  I invite you to take one giant courageous step out of your cell, and explore what its like to trust the Universe so deeply and intimately that you can only think and feel loving abundant thoughts about your financial future.  Imagine what its like to only do what you really love doing in life, and the Universe is paying you more than you’ve ever made.

 It’s truly amazing the power that imagination has in our lives.  It can transform your life instantly and shift your perspective about everything.  Before you fall asleep tonight, imagine yourself effortlessly moving towards financial freedom.  Imagine what this will look like if we were watching it on video!  Feel an unlimited feeling of energy, happiness and freedom is continuously emerging from your future.  Focus on how good it feels to be abundant and free!  This is your natural state and is rooting itself stronger inside you wherever you are.  The key here is to have fun playing with this magical manifesting imagination mindset!  You have the power within you to create the richest life you could possibly fathom, and feel that it is effortlessly coming your way!

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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