The 3 Steps to Healing Yourself Naturally From Within

The 3 Steps to Healing Yourself Naturally From Within

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“It is necessary to make one’s mind all prayer, every breath a melody of devotion, one’s heart all love… one’s soul a glorified song of compassion, mercy, understanding, and humility.” ~ Annalee Skarin

Each of us has the innate power to heal ourselves completely from any mental issue, emotional wound, and physical disease we may be experiencing.  Despite what the majority of the world believes and has hypnotized you to think since birth, you have the natural ability deep within your being to consciously and permanently relieve yourself from any pain, illness or disease.  By intentionally connecting with a deep reservoir of healing energy buried inside your core, you’ll create a regenerating effect that spreads a healing reaction throughout your body and mind. 

The moment you first touch and squeeze the nectar from this awesome internal energy, a deep wave of joy penetrates your body.  There are many delightful sensations secretly hidden inside your being.  It is only through this sacred meditation practice below that you can unlock these feelings and allow the release of healing to take place.  It is at this moment that you realize how divinely perfect this life actually is, and how powerful the mind and body truly are.

The first step to initiate your awesome healing transformation is to accept the possibility that you were born with the all-natural God given power to heal yourself.  You can instantly bring lightness and wholeness into the cellular memory of any dis-ease.  Once this idea is accepted, and fully embraced you have officially begun the journey of self-healing. 

The second step is to spend as many hours as you can throughout the day and evening letting your attention rest and relax into your breath.  By following the sacred flow of the life force moving through your lower belly, you’ll find the breath acts like a sacred swinging door that will open the pleasure filled floodgates for healing to manifest. 

The more closely you can tag along behind the subtle rise and falling movement of the breath with your awareness, the deeper the mind can dive inward to discover the calm, quiet and meditative space within.  It is from being so close to this divine flowing movement of life force, that the trillions of cells in your body inadvertently receive the most potent healing source that abides at your very core.

 By persistently bringing your attention inwards for as long as you can, as often as you can that you start to experience the healing result.  Surrender to holding on to the tail end of your breath as if it were a flying dragon soaring through infinity. The healing energy will soon rise up within you when you can actually remain connected to the tail of this wild dragon, without grasping tightly onto it with the mind.  When the mind is surrendered to the breath everything gets quiet inside, and the healing calming energy takes over you on its own accord. 

 When you can effortlessly stick to your breath like super glue for a majority of your day, you’ll see many miraculous things spontaneously occur.  Events that would have been burdensome spawn moments of liberation. The mind then becomes very curious about this enlightening effect this calm sweet stillness has, which becomes the cornerstone of your day. 

The conscious stillness you discover will hook the mind, and bring it down to its knees so that you’re not so easily entranced and trapped into getting lost in another future worry, longing desire, or emotional drama. As your mind becomes free from all its old patterns and strategies, a very calm and deep healing Presence bubbling up from the inside.

“You appreciate the tree. The minute you get near humans, you lose all that. And you are constantly saying ‘You are too this, or I’m too this.’ That judgment mind comes in. And so I practice turning people into trees. Which means appreciating them just the way they are.” ~Ram Dass

Although watching your breath sounds ridiculously simple and promises outrageous healing results, it actually works.  It simply takes ones willingness to let go of the busy modern day life style and explore the world within.  It’s good to know that today’s best quantum physicists healers have proven that every dis-ease has a psychosomatic root, which can be alleviated through intention, focus and accessing a higher consciousness.  This connection is discovered through that which is with you all day long…your breath.  The only challenge you’ll find is that the mind will want to wander every which way but in.

It helps to start with the practice of watching your mind as if you were sitting in the back seat of a bus, looking through the front window from the back row.  Imagine that your mind is in charge, taking you on a guided tour called “your life’.  You can watch your day unfold and manifest from this cozy back seat wherever you are, whatever you may be doing.  The mind may continue to take its same old path and routine, dreaming down the same old highways as yesterday. 

Desiring, thinking, pondering, scheming, trying to figure out solutions, success, how best to live your life, relate with other people, heal your past, and create your future.  Let it do its think, yet you just tell your mind, “Hey, I’m getting off at the next bus stop and I’ll be back to help you with these very important issues tomorrow ok?”  The mind might ignore you or give you a few hours to get off and relax.  However it responds, just keep observing and watching its antics from a distance.

Once you are able to detach from the mind, you make space to receive the deep conscious relaxation for healing to manifest.  You are also more capable to relax into the breath, and gently hold onto the tail of the wild dragon.  This is where we receive our first real taste of the silence and stillness necessary for true spontaneous healing to rise from within.  Whatever you do, don’t have any expectations or demands on yourself or you’ll get frustrated with this exploration. Life is a journey in itself to reveal the missing crucial elements for enjoying this awesome magical ride.

“Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature.
By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love now you are love.” ~Osho

The third step in healing your life is cleansing and purifying your body.  You’ll want to do this step at the same time you do the second step.  In order to deal with the detoxification experience you will need to have a very calm meditative mind and vice versa.  A purified body is essential so that it can “reboot” and fully receive the massive physical change. The reason we manifest illness is because we are fighting the flow of life on some mental, emotional or physical level.  By removing all the layers of toxicity built up in our system, you might initially feel more sick before you feel better as the toxins push their way through.  This is part of the healing process, as these impurities are having to find a new home outside your physical body.  After you’ve read through the remainder of this article, you’ll want to return to The Enlightened Beings Healing Center to learn more about this powerful purification process for complete healing of the body and mind.

It’s good to know that the experience of healing yourself is not about solving “a problem” your body is having.  Your soul manifested these symptoms for a greater purpose.  Often pain is a teacher helping you to slow down so that you take the time to dive inwards and develop your spiritual path.  Other times its about pushing us to live in a deeper state of gratitude and reverence for the loved ones still in your life. 

Whatever reason your soul has for creating this challenging situation, it all boils down to coming home to the divine being who you truly are.  Discovering this powerful being that lives and breathes inside you is the backbone to healing anything you’re facing.  By unraveling your false small self to reveal the truth big Self who is without boundaries or limitations, you find your life finds its true meaning and purpose.

Even though the effects of this healing practice are astounding, your challenge might be in having the willingness to let go of any attachment to how healing should occur for you from previous assumptions.  The mind must transcend those old programmed beliefs which say taking a pill will solve and cure my problem.   Natural healing is your birthright and it has to occur when a deep state of inner peace and divine spiritual connection becomes your experience all day long. 

Then, when you’re ready to be responsible and own your divine power within, you can intentionally manifest any level of healing you desire.  It is only through retraining the mind to trust in something beyond this outer world and beneath your inner world that you will learn how to be free.  You must abandon the ego and detach from all its desires, if you wish to win any battle with illness and pain.  You must abide in patience, dwell in persistence and trust that the divine Universe has your best interest in mind at all times. 

Following your breath through your day provides a healing home for your consciousness to abide in.   It is the most sacred path to finding the deepest inner peace and highest spiritual connection. The rise and fall of this all powerful life force is the gateway to experiencing the vastness of your soul, where you simply let go of all your struggling, striving and holding onto the illusions about the outer world. 

Every stressful thought is released when you are unified with the breath.  You find this natural relationship with Great Spirit where total healing and wholeness can effortlessly manifest for you in the most exquisite ways.

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My intention is for you to know how to HEAL YOURSELF, so that you can awaken each morning to the most magnificent life that you love!!

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Have a fantastic healing day!

Jafree Ozwald

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