The 4 Secrets to Accessing The Akashic Records

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The 4 Secrets to Accessing The Akashic Records

By Jafree Ozwald


“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive
and move on to higher levels.” ~Albert Einstein

What are the Akashic Records?  The words “Akashic Records” come from the 5000 year old Sanskrit word akasha, which means “space”. The Akashic Records are the hidden library in space, a database of unlimited information which can be revealed by diving into the subconscious mind in deep state of meditation. The Akashic Records may be better understood by our modern world as a type of astral internet, Universal wide web, or the “Mind of God”.  It is free information that anyone can access whenever they need it, at anytime.

Everybody who ever existed in the world, who lived and died, has contributed to the information that is contained within the Akashic Records. Our thoughts, experiences and actions were never private or owned by us. They are part of the global mind, energetic body and consciousness. People who have accessed the Akashic Records like Nostradamus, Quatzlcoatl, Rudolph Steiner, Mary Baker Eddy, Emmanuel Swedenbord, and Edgar Cayce.  These being were all “normal” human beings like you and me, yet they decided to work this inner muscle and focus the direction of their mind in a way that was multi-dimensional. They had a hunger to find a vast source of knowledge with the consciousness that was given freely to them.

Throughout time, many have believed the Akashic Records were the doorway to magic, mystery, and even great occult powers. However, in the information age that we live today, it may just be one of the important discoveries of our time. The individual life purpose of each person, their destiny in love, relationship, finances, health, career are found in these records. The deepest secrets of humankind can be instantly revealed once the Akashic doors are open. There’s truly nothing that cannot be discovered.

“There exists limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a new frontier.” Charles Kettering

It’s important to know that everybody has the inherent ability to access the Akashic Records, and your personal records can be accessed by you or anyone else who knows how to read them correctly. This informational super-highway is always open and free for all to explore. Yet, like a muscle that needs exercise and training, it may not work at it’s optimum level on the first attempt.  It took me several years of meditation before I was able to “stumble” into my first glimpse. During a meditation retreat in India in 1996, this multi-dimensional hall of records blasted through me, and downloaded into me thousands of past lives. This brief insight was one of the most life changing experiences of my life.

The ability to explore these hidden ancient records that are buried within our subconscious is one of the most freeing, healing, and completely natural, spiritual inner experiences a person can experience. Being capable of knowing the intimate information in your own Akashic Record is a priceless gift you can learn to develop and use daily. All that is required is deep relaxation, a vigilant focus, an open mind, trusting heart, and the willingness to explore the unknown. When you come to know the multi-dimensional being that you are, this divine condensed database of information can come flooding into your mind in seconds.

“Don’t allow your belief to be suppressed by the intellect’s demand for proof. Don’t wait for proof. Believe and then allow the truth to manifest.” ~ Emmanuel

So how do the records actually work?  Basically it’s the same way a wi-fi signal from a smart phone or laptop can dial into the right frequency (and website) to instantly download the images, words and sounds from that channel. When your inner tower is sensitively attuned your “antenna” is up, you can pick up the information from any Akashic channel you want to tune into.  Every being in this Universe acts like a broadcasting tower of information, constantly emitting information into the Akashic field. All that is needed is to learn how to relax into it, and drop into a calm theta frequency (4-8 cycles/sec).  This frequency will allow you to reach the Akashic Records. Below are 4 vital secrets that will assist you in discovering how to read and discover the information in the Akashic Records.

The First Secret to accessing the Akashic Records is learning to relax. You need a relaxed body and conscious mind. The most expansive awareness and vigilant focus is absolutely necessary to stay present to viewing your records (or anyone’s records for that matter).  This is the only way you can be present enough to retrieve the correct information without being distracted by the creative output of a normal scattering mind.  The more you can remain relaxed and aware, the more information you can retrieve, recall and remember.

The Second Secret in accessing the Akashic Records is believing that it’s possible to access any information in the entire Universe.  Keeping your mind open to the possibility that anything is possible is the great secret here.  We are all deeply connected on a subatomic level as quantum physicists have proven, thus scientifically we each have access to this infinite database of information.  Sometimes however, if it’s too big of a jump to believe in something that we have no proof of, we must take baby steps in that direction and “fake it until we make it”.  The key here is to stay curious, open minded and willing to experience yourself as more than what you were told a “normal human being” was capable of.

The Third Secret to accessing the Akashic Records is perhaps the most challenging one of all.  Because we generally have a good/bad opinion about what is right/wrong in life and what we like and don’t like to experience, there is usually a biased opinion behind the scenes that can skew your perception when viewing your own Akashic Record.  Viewing somebody else’s records you don’t know is easier, as you wouldn’t have a strong emotional pull or opinion to disrupt what you see.  You simply don’t care what you want to see and don’t want to see.  Yet, with your own record, your ego may get involved and resist seeing certain images, or creatively invent other fantasy type images that boost your sense of self-esteem or worthiness.  The secret to discerning if you’re coming from ego or spirit when viewing a close friends Akashic Record or your own, is noticing if there is an emotional pull in a particular direction.  Getting past this block can take time, yet with practice of listening to the guided meditation below, you’ll be able to know the difference and discover accurate information about what you see.

The Fourth Secret to accessing your Akashic Record is all about surrounding yourself in the most loving, protective, healing and safe energy that you can imagine.  Feeling 1000% safe inside is the golden secret to relaxing your body deeply and being capable of going directly into the collective Akashic database and retrieving the information you’re looking for. If you don’t feel safe you may rush through the experience or perhaps not trust the information you’re being guided to see.  Imagining yourself surrounded with a large golden white sphere of impenetrable light will allow your subconscious to open, relax and receive all the information you’ll looking for. If you want some personal guidance, I’ve created a Guided Audio Meditation that will take you into a deeply relaxed state, and help you to find your Akashic Records.  It will help you understand how it works, and trust what you feel and see inside your mind.

“All I want is a warm bed, a kind word and unlimited power.” ~Ashleigh Brilliant

The Untold Secrets for Accessing Your Own Akashic Record

The first secret is that your Akashic Record may be simply experienced as a field of alive conscious energy that is found within every situation you are in.  Just stop and look within this moment to explore what is here in this “now” experience.  Go through and beneath your emotions and thoughts.  Notice this consciousness that is here.  We are all tightly woven into the Universal web of consciousness, the space that is between our thoughts is the doorway into the Akashic Records.  When we tap into and open this subconscious connection, we can pull up specific information about any souls journey, in any place or time in history.

The basic requirements to start this amazing spiritual journey to discovering what’s in your own Akashic Records, is creating a very peaceful outer environment, which will help you form a patient open mind and calm inner world. The outer world must be a place where you can feel timeless, so you can easily enter into an extremely deep and meditative mindset.  This depth is similar to the life and energy we find in the whales.  The profound depths to which these creatures can dive and resurface, is similar to how one retrieves information from the Akashic Records.

Through consistent meditation you will learn how to drop your attachment to the clock, feel total timelessness, and quiet your mind enough to hear or see what’s inside your personal Akashic Record. Each time you practice diving inside to explore what’s in the akasha, you’ll improve at this inward journey.  Yes, you will get better at it, it’s like riding a bike, you may not believe you can do it, or be able to balance the first time, yet with patience you will reveal more information than the time before.

We all have a stronger more dominant sense than the others.  Your gift to receive information from your record may be of sight, hearing, or a certain “knowingness” in your body.  There is this certain feeling of being centered and “aligned with the Universe” that you experience when you are correctly attuned to your personal Akashic Record.  Finding your personal Akashic Record is similar to tuning your car stereo to a particular channel or radio frequency.  Each soul sends out a specific “signature” frequency that we can feel is “you”, and there the data is being transmitted into your Akashic Record. When you are truly open and aligned, you can download lifetimes of information from your soul’s journeys in a single second!

Another important secret is that to retrieve such deeply enlightening information from the Akasha it cannot be manipulated or forced in any way.  The information will come in when you are most relaxed, open and often in an unusual moment when you least expect it.  The deep spiritual insights you’re most needing to know simply happen through us when the bodymind is open, centered and receptive on what we most need to know.

There is nothing to be afraid of in opening up your Akashic Records, as they will only reveal the specific details your soul is needing and able to receive at this point in your journey.  To be fearless is a tremendously important avenue to take on this inner journey. If there is fear, you may block what you feel, hear or see. The truth is that the information we are meant to receive is always very healing and helpful.  You may see a vision of your most enlightened future self, that inspires you for decades to come, or understand events from the past that you may need help releasing and clearing. Whatever you discover will take you deeper into your core self, where you’ll discover the most amazing divine being is already there.

“Is truth so particular that there is only one gate to heaven? There are no gates. Heaven is inside you. You are not even the gatekeeper.” ~ Emmanuel

Experiencing a sacred inner journey into the Akashic Records is an amazing gift to give yourself. Learning how to do this inner journey is something you will be able to experience for the rest of your life! The Universe is the greatest learning playground there is, you might as well learn how to truly enjoy the one inside you. So to assist you, I’ve created 15 minutes of specific audio instructions sharing with you the sacred ancient techniques that you’ll need to enter your Akashic Records, along with a 30 minute guided meditation audio journey. You will learn how to enter into the deepest and most empowering state of being. Best of all, this powerful inward experience can be experienced in the safety and privacy of your own bed at home. Have fun, this is the inner adventure of a lifetime!

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Sending tons of amazing love your way!!

Jafree Ozwald

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