The 4 Spiritual Secrets to Real Self Confidence

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The 4 Spiritual Secrets to Real Self Confidence

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“I am larger, better than I thought; I did not know I held so much goodness.” ~ Walt Whitman

One of the most effective ways to manifest a life that you love is through increasing your self confidence. When you feel great about yourself, you send out a powerful positive vibration into the Universe that returns in the form of amazing opportunities, physical abundance, more energy, an enlightened perspective on life, and healthier happier relationships. Having self confidence is like having a magic wand in your pocket. When you pull it out and wave it around, you know and feel that you have divine power to manifest anything!

Most people believe that to attain greater self confidence they must overcome some challenging task to prove they are strong, powerful and capable of doing anything. This type of self confidence is based in ego, and it is a temporary state of confidence that comes and goes like clouds passing through the sky. You might feel strong and stable in familiar surroundings, yet when conditions change the false confidence becomes shaky and life soon becomes filled with insecurity again.

Real self confidence is like becoming the vast infinite sky above that has no end to it. This confidence is based in a deep spiritual connection to the unlimited God Source of infinite energy and intelligence. This means instead of forcing the mind to latch onto an idea that says, I am somebody strong, outgoing and powerful, so you feel like a roaring thundercloud, you become open, spacious and forever expansive like the sky. You know the deepest truth of who you truly are cannot be defined by anyone or anything of this world.

To know your exquisite infinite nature, you must embody the understanding that you cannot be harmed by anything of this world. You are infinite consciousness beyond time, space and limitation. You do not live in the body, the body lives in you. From this enlightened space, you know you are unshakable, unstoppable, and carry a deep peaceful calming energy inside your body in everything that you do. Below are the 4 spiritual secrets that will allow you to bring forth this real self confidence in your life, and transform your daily life into a magical manifesting adventure!

Completely Relax Into Your Body – Self confidence shows up naturally when we learn how to relax every fiber of our being and still remain deeply alert inside. A relaxed body creates a relaxed mind, and when the mind is relaxed it has access to the highest dimensions in consciousness. When you train your body to become more defenceless, unguarded and receptive to life, the Divine experience naturally flows into you. You are relaxed within every moment of your life because you’ve found home inside the soul of your being. From this space your body knows it is connected to something greater than the mind, and your divine all-powerful sacred Self shines through.

Slow Down and Connect with Nature – If we are constantly on the go, rushing to get things done and trying to achieve something important, its almost impossible to feel the simple sweet sacredness of life. The moment we slow down from the rat race, we begin to feel how every moment is sacred. When you FEEL the sacredness that is here now, then you realize that YOU also are super sacred. The recognition of your real Divinity takes priority in your mind, and you begin respecting, appreciating and taking care of yourself on a completely different level. You feel comfortable in your own skin, no matter how much time you are alone. You naturally choose to put down your phone, turn off the computer, unplug the TV, put away the books and games, stop the idle chit chat, and take a walk outside to connect with Nature. The more often you slow down to prioritize a deeper relationship with the Divine, the easier to becomes to feel how the Divine has created a deeper relationship with you.

Breathe into Your Infinite Self – You will literally feel unstoppable in your life when you realize the deeper spiritual truth that you are an infinite soul who will never die. As we evolve as human beings we come to this final master teaching that who we truly are is an eternal spark of consciousness that will never go away. By slowly and deeply breathing into this understanding for just 3 minutes each morning, your body and mind will become relaxed, centered and rooted in a spiritual reality. You discover this growing knowing that you are going to be OK no matter what happens in your life! You realize that whatever the mind is worrying about doesn’t really matter at all, because its all a bunch of thoughts that come and go like the clouds. Through your breath you can come to embody the living experience that you are an infinite soul in each moment, and this is the sweetest golden secret to feeling connected and confident all day long.

Experience Absolute Stillness – Stillness is the doorway to enlightenment. As you train your body to relax, the quieter the mind will become, and the closer your mind gets to absolute stillness, the more connected to spirit you will feel. As long as your mind is chasing thoughts, you easily miss this sweet sacred divinity that is alive and blossoming at your core. As long as you are paying attention to the mind and its thoughts, beliefs and opinions about everything, you miss the spiritual experience of life. As you learn to drop the mind and fall into complete stillness on a mental, emotional and physical level, then this sacred silence penetrates the over active mind. Real inner silence is perhaps one of the most important things you can learn in this life. It is in pure silence that you find peace, and can hear your deeper guidance from within which contains the highest value and importance. A daily dose of silence will liberate you from lifetimes of suffering, and will create more self-confidence than you’ll know what to do with.

“Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance.” ~Morgan Freeman

When we are able to master the mind, we develop a natural mastery over life. We can hold the intention to manifest a dream we desire and watch how effortlessly it falls into our lives. By integrating these 4 steps above you will transcend all of your fears, limitations, and insecurities in life. You will discover how creative, fun and truly enjoyable life is meant to be. You deserve to be free from feeling insecure and powerless. When you own your divinity you can step into becoming that person who will always stand up for you, and believes that you can do ANYTHING!! Through this spiritual approach we find the most empowered space of deep inner peace, where nothing in this crazy world can disturb you. This is what is the difference between real self confidence and false self confidence. One can be shaken by the storm, the other is sooooo rooted that it enjoys the strongest breeze brushing up against it.

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Get ready to live a totally fun and fearless life!

Jafree Ozwald

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