The 4 Steps to Revealing your Souls Purpose

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The 4 Steps to Revealing your Soul’s Purpose
By Jafree Ozwald

“Life is a mystery. The more you understand it, the more mysterious it becomes.” ~Osho

The purpose of your soul is multi-dimensional, multi-sensual, and multi-orgasmic. Even though there are perhaps an infinite wonderful reasons why you were born into this body on this magical planet, there is one single purpose for your life that encompasses them all. This purpose gives your soul direction, and makes your heart sing your soul’s sweetest song into the Universe. By finding your soul’s purpose, you become aligned with your highest power and creativity, and can experience how easy it is to manifest anything you want into your world.  This purpose expands your heart and mind, opening you to experience the amazing multi-dimensional being that you truly are.

You’ll know that you’ve discovered the main purpose of your soul, because it will instantly enlighten your approach towards the world and your attitude with existence. You’ll feel unstoppable in all that you do, as your creative juices will be constantly pouring through you! You’ll wake up in the morning and the sky will seem more blue, the grasses greener, the air fresher and your heart will feel lighter, bigger, and overflowing with love. Your soul’s mission is that powerful, and it will automatically light up the path for your future, so you can always see which decision to take whenever you come across a fork in life’s road.

“You take yourself to be limited, but you are not.  Discover this. Stay silent and attentive.  Be earnest about it.  Just be aware of your being here and now.  Reality will find you.”  ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

So let’s begin by first welcoming in the foundation for the magical mindset of discovering your soul’s purpose.  For this first step, I invite you to exponentially expand your creative imagination around the idea that for the next year of your life, you have a magic genie who has given you unlimited access to all the money, love, creativity and time that your heart desires! There is no limit as to what you can be, do, have, experience and create in your life!  This is your year to truly go for it, and live out all of your greatest dreams!  Yes!!  Now take several hours to sit down and write in great detail exactly what you are going to do, be, and manifest every month for the next year of your life.

When you’re brainstorming remember one thing, every soul on this planet is extremely unique. The paths each of us choose to take are totally perfect and needed for our soul’s biggest lessons. We are all explorers on an infinite journey, learning how to really enjoy our mind, body and this life. There are no wrong choices along the road to enlightenment, for the existence of the soul is eternal and has an infinite number of attempts to discover it’s real purpose and mission here.  We are always guided by the highest creative intelligence in the Universe, so ultimately if we can truly listen, we simply cannot fail. We all have our own individual ways of creating happiness and doing what makes us fall into a state of bliss. We are not just here to get our needs met, we are here to celebrate this existence, and experiment with the most creative and extraordinary ways to reach the Divine.

I feel that the main reason why many of us don’t feel aligned with our soul purpose is because we are afraid of it. We are caught in a busy practical world that doesn’t have time for playing with our creative imagination. We are overly distracted by our problems, worries, practical and personal concerns, issues and memories from the past, or fears about the future. We simply don’t make enough time for ourselves to dream and explore who we truly are and what we deeply desire. The moment that we can let go and trust in the Universe, life will unwaveringly guide us and then we can devote ourselves to living freely and fully in this very moment of our lives.  We then discover a natural passion and desire for life again which brings our soul purpose and mission to the forefront.

“If love be not the law of our being, the whole of my arguments falls to pieces.” ~Gandhi

The second step towards revealing our soul’s purpose is about learning how to focus the mind in one single direction. As long as the mind is jumping around and being distracted and scattered, it is leaking energy and cannot deliver us to our greatest destination.  Every time we focus our attention in one single direction for a given length of time, the mind quiets down, the body becomes centered, and a calmness enters the core of our being.  We feel more grounded, conscious, aware, and in tune with our spiritual essence. This step shifts our mind into a very expansive realm where our highest purpose can be seen, felt and fully realized.

Training the mind to stay focused in one single direction can be like taming a wild monkey who just broke into the town’s liquor store. No matter what we do, the mind will attempt to rebel to find excitement, stimulation and more unsatisfying distractions.  It is not until we surrender the mind to the Source of our being, the heart of reality, that we find true clarity and inner peace. When we can consistently redirect the mind inwards instead of outwards, having only one mission and direction in sight, we naturally end up falling into the most enlightened experience we can have. The heart instantly lights up the path for us to experience the divine light of our being and our greatest soul purpose for being here.

“Always remember deep in your heart that all is well and everything is unfolding as it should. There are no mistakes anywhere, at any time. What appears to be wrong is simply your own false imagination. That’s all.” ~Robert Adams

 The third step to uncovering your soul’s purpose is to know deep down that you are a very powerful magical manifesting being. The instant you feel strongly about a certain desire, the Universe starts working overtime at bringing it into manifestation. All of your life’s greatest dreams and fantasies want to find a way into your life. The Universe is designed to bring your ultimate manifestation to you in a magical effortless way. When you hold a super strong intention towards creating what you want, you’re sending the loudest signal out into the Universe and it responds accordingly. The Universe always supports you in your progress towards reaching your dreams, and so ultimately you can trust in it, and you simply cannot fail.  The Universe has no other choice than to bring your desires to you. As long as you don’t give up, shift gears to focusing on a different desire, your dreams are destined to come your way in an unexpected hour.

The fourth step towards finding your soul’s purpose is learning how to master the mind.  This manifests through creating a long term habit of really listening and paying attention to the mind by observing it from a greater distance. It’s like watching the cinema show from the back row instead of the front row.  You’re able to see the bigger picture of what’s actually happening on a greater dimension without forgetting that it’s all a show.  This practice will allow you to remain peaceful, quiet and centered inside. Every minute that you are able to observe the mind without attachment or judgment to it’s story, you’re training your wild crazy monkey mind to listen to you, instead of you getting caught up in it.  When the mind is finally trained, you can simply tell it to unmask your soul’s purpose and reveal the greatest treasures inside you. You become the inner authority and master of your existence.

The progress you see on revealing your soul’s mission may take some time.  So be patient with the process, and know that you are cultivating the greatest experience your life can have. Think about it as if you’re climbing Mount Everest.  It requires loads of planning, time, support, equipment and a huge level of determination if you honestly wish to reach the summit. When you do finally reach the peak you’ll be amazed!  You’ll feel deeply at peace with your life and know without a doubt why you are here.  You’ll be intimately in touch with that power inside you to manifest anything you want into your world.  From this place of mind mastery the peak soul summit in all its glory will present itself to you. Your soul’s purpose will be clearly revealed and the greatest conscious source of energy inside you will come through your life naturally and fully.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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