The 4 Steps to Shift Out of a Negative Mood

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The 4 Steps to Shift Out of a Negative Mood

By Jafree Ozwald

“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.” – Yogi Bhajan

We all have a bad day once in a while, yet when bad days turn into bad weeks, depressing months, and unhappy years, we truly need to make a change. We are here to enjoy life, not be tortured by it. This Universe is a totally magnificent playground of energy, a conscious celebration blossoming with life in all directions. If we can see this, we can enjoy it. When we lose perspective, we sever  our natural connection with this great joy. Don’t fret, not all is lost, we are just taking the longer route to rediscovering the Divine Being we truly are.

The first step to shifting out of a negative mood is to recognize, realize and honor the fact that YOU are one creating and perpetuating this bad mood. You may believe something outside of you is responsible for your unhappiness, yet ultimately it all comes down to how you are responding. Are you seeing it as your teacher or your enemy.  Happiness is always about the lens we are looking through. Truly enjoying life is about taking radical responsibility for the state you’re in, exploring what this negative experience is teaching spiritually you, and then finding out the fastest way to let it go.  Once you can say, “I am the one creating this negative experience of my life,” then half of the great battle is over.

The 2nd step towards freedom is learning how to step back from whatever you’re resisting, fighting, judging or hating and see that actually it is just a bunch of thoughts. Your “problems” ultimately boil down to ideas that are ultimately passing through the synapses of your brain. Whatever wrong thing you think is happening “out there” is always happening primarily inside your mind “in here”. The more resistance, judgment, and anger you’ve built up around this particular idea out there, the greater the joy you’ll feel when you shift your relationship with it inside yourself and move on. The moment you learn how to let go of being right about how horrible something or someone is, you discover how good it feels to be wrong. I find that life always provides the perfect climax at the end. =)

The 3rd step towards releasing your negative mood is returning to the Source of who/what you spiritually are. Truly, who and what are you?  Are you your name, what others think of you, or just this physical body filled with meat, blood and emotional bones? Perhaps there is there a deeper spiritual aliveness that is REAL inside you? If you believe that you are your thoughts, then ask yourself who/what is watching and listening to them go by? The watcher is the real you. You are not any of these thoughts. You just became too close to your thoughts and got overly identified with them. The very moment we return to who/what we are, this pure conscious witness who abides at the very the Source of thought, then we are home free!

The final step is truly deeply and sweetly relaxing fully into your body so that there is no tension hiding inside you anywhere. When we can fully relax inside, we become deeply aware beings again. It’s easy to see how insignificant and fleeting thoughts actually are. Like a dragonfly cruising past you, one moment it’s right here buzzing in your face and in the breath….gone! When our body is relaxed, we can see how fleeting each thought is and how easy it is to completely change them.

The more we can feel into the spiritual truth of who/what we are, we naturally pull back our attention to our real selves. It just feels good, so we naturally do it. Our spiritual nature takes care of us, and we can effortlessly enjoy life which means we have stopped dwelling on the negative. Our bad mood turns around and we see the beauty in everything. We are grateful for life again, even for the opportunity to shift out of this negative space. We appreciate, love and enjoy this simple experience of being alive. We understand that if cannot see God in all, we cannot see God at all.

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Get ready to live a fully joyous enlightened life!

Jafree Ozwald

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