The 5 Secrets to Becoming an Unstoppable Manifestor!

The 5 Secrets to Becoming an Unstoppable Manifestor! Written by Jafree Ozwald Would you like to be able to manifest ANYTHING?  You have the abiltity to tap into the infinite possibilities that make up this amazing Universe, and actually make them into a living reality.  Whatever you can imagine can literally happen.  You can manifest anything you desire when you remain open and willing to see the infinite possiblities.  This openness is your ticket to finding the feeling of being unstoppable in your life.  When you explore this daily, you’ll find yourself living a life of unimaginable success, laughter and love!    The differences between the people that tap into their unlimited potentiality and those that remain stuck, are their energy, motivation and attitude.  Many people give up on manifesting their dream after they encounter a large difficulty or set of obstacles.  They let themselves be stopped, and forget the essential truth of the Universe; that everything consists of energy, consciousness and unlimited possibilities.  Whenever you fall prey to the burdens of overwhelm, failure and "I can’t do it", simply remember this one essential truth.  You will adopt a new attitude instantly knowing that you are connected with that which is unstoppable.  At the very core of your being is this truth.  You already are that!  You already are a powerful manifestor who is truly unstoppable.  If you don’t feel this yet, keep reading and we will show you how to tap into this amazing energy.     Here are five secrets to start your unstoppable manifesting engines!    1. Reprogram your mind to feel unstoppable Proclaim each day that you are unstoppable!  Tell yourself that you can manifest whatever you set your mind to achieving.  Remember what you hold your focus on is what grows stronger in your life.  Focus on FEELING unstoppable and this is what will show up more frequently through your day.  We suggest that you state outloud the affirmation, "I am unstoppable" at least 5 times each morning when you first look in the mirror, and say it with deep emotional feeling, letting it spread throughout your body.   2. See all challenges as opportunities Whenever you meet a difficulty or a roadblock, see it as an opportunity for growth.  How can you evolve from this experience?  Look inside yourself.  What needs to shift so that EVERY problem that comes your way becomes something that of an opportunity for growth and learning?  Make solving problems an exploration of that fun adventurous child in you!  Get together with some friends and do some brainstorming on problem solving.  You’ll be amazed at how much you grow!  When you are feeling blocked, remember that there is always a solution waiting to be discovered.  Often it comes unstuck when you allow other people to help you.    3. Ask the Universe for support The Universe is an alive, highly conscious field of energy and intelligence.  It wants you to become unstoppable and manifest all your greatest dreams and desires.  It is just waiting for you to ask for guidance.  Once you send out a strong request to the Universe, your request will be answered. The Universe will assist you in overcoming any obstacle that you might encounter. Some of the easiest ways to send out a request to the Universe include:   – Writing a letter to the universe describing in detail what you need and thanking the universe for providing it at the end of the letter.   – Going into a meditative state and asking the universe for help.   – Affirming daily that the Universe is supporting you.  Two good affirmations to repeat are "I am completely supported by the Universe and the Universe is providing the answers I seek."   4. Tap into what you are passionate about The more passionate you are, the faster your dreams tend to manifest.  When you are excited about something, you naturally raise your manifesting vibration and EVERYTHING manifests easier and faster for you.  So when you feel blocked, just refocus on why you really really want this to happen.  Focus on how the world will be a better place because you have manifested this.  This energy of passion can literally burn through the obstacles and give you ways around the blocks you have encountered.  Passion is such a powerful energy that it can literally attract new opportunities and solutions to you.     5. Take only inspired actions When you put forth energy into the Universe, it reverberates back to you one thousand times stronger.  The energy you send out must in some way be answered by the Universe.  So if you send out inspired energy in the form of action, inspired results will soon come your way.  To get into inspired action, ask yourself, "What do I really feel like doing right now?"  Then go and do whatever moves your soul.  As you continue to practice this, you will discover that you will naturally find solutions to whatever challenges you have, and will soon manifest whatever it is that you desire.   You can find this article and many others on our new Super Manifestor Blog at Enjoy!   Many Blessings to you,
Jafree Ozwald   Copyright 2010.  Enlightened Beings.  All Rights Reserved.

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