The 5 Steps to Experiencing Bliss

The 5 Steps to Experiencing Bliss  
By Jafree Ozwald 

The key to complete liberation in your lifetime boils down to one simple thing.  Learning how to keep your mind’s attention on what you want, and keeping it off of what you don’t want.  The longer you can hold your attention on the feeling of bliss, the more often bliss-filed experiences manifest into your world. Bliss is always found in the last place you’d think to look, and for that reason very few discover it.  The greatest thing of all is that this awesome experience can be found within you now, and you don’t have to do anything or go anywhere else to find it. 

The greatest bliss within you now is found in that place which has no boundaries, no rules, no fears, personal agendas or agreements with anyone.  It simply appreciates everyone and everything exactly as it is.  It unconditionally loves and accepts life as it is.  It is always in a state of total appreciation.  This bliss comes from a love that is always abundant, generous, giving of itself and effortlessly feeling the natural positivity of life.  It is a selfless love that is not perpetually desiring this or that, but rather is perpetually giving itself away.  With all that said, the intrinsic value you’ll receive through tasting even just a few seconds of bliss is soooo amazing, that it’s not something you can even put into words. 

 If the state of ecstatic bliss feels too intangible and other worldly to grasp because you have too many “real life” issues in the way such as paying off your debt, bills, health issues, car problems, childhood trauma, or just showing up on time for work, please do not be concerned.  There are steps you can take to uncover this divinely magical energy inside you!  Bliss is a state of mind that is instantly found when we’ve fully released what was once tight or heavy inside ourselves and shift into a constant state of expansion and joy. 

 The spiritual path is the path of lightness, where your main job is to welcome each experience of life, then go beyond every thought, desire, judgment, sensation and experience that passes through you.  Believe it or not but you signed up to have major blissful feelings in this lifetime.  You wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t ready for it either.  It’s as if you’ve been in training, carrying a load of rocks in your backpack up a treacherous mountain, and now you get to unload them all and enjoy the journey back home. The heavy negative life experiences you’ve had in the past were JUST so that it could have the experience of letting them go and feel the pure lightness, weightlessness and joy that comes when they are gone. 

Your inner bliss can be revealed in a matter of minutes if you’re willing to do some deep self-exploration and let go of everything that is weighing heavy on your mind.  When you deeply let go of any lofty or lowly ideas about your life’s purpose or personal agenda, and have released that all too critical mindset about yourself, the mind instantly becomes lighter and more free. This expansive spacious mind is the only welcome mat that can handle this infinitely expanding happy loving feeling.  When your mind is truly empty, the Universe takes this as a sign that you’re ready to receive this divine experience and graces you with bliss.

Below are the 5 secret steps that will empower you to find bliss wherever you are, no matter who you think you are, or what life situation you may be in. 

Step #1  Accept Yourself As You Are.  If you want to find the greatest divine bliss inside you tonight, the first and perhaps most important step is to start with accepting yourself and your life exactly the way it is right now.  Don’t think about what you need to change, improve and get rid of to make you or your life better.  Just start with accepting everything inside you exactly the way it is, and know that within this feeling of self acceptance is self-love, which is the greatest gift you can give YOU!

  By deeply accepting yourself it becomes easy to slip into appreciating yourself, and you soon begin to see all your opportunities for growth (problems) as exciting adventures to explore!  Flipping on the self-acceptance switch as often as you can will light the pathway to bliss as the love you let in will advance your soul “light years” on your inner world.  Self acceptance is the first essential key to get your happy engines spinning and start blasting open the door to bliss inside. 

Step #2  Release your Addiction to Suffering.  Whether you want to admit it or not, on some unconscious level some part of you is addicted to suffering.  Now addiction may be a strong word here, yet it is essential to see the repetitive patterns you’ve created within you that create perpetual struggle, strife and mental/emotional challenges on your inner world.  The thoughts that your mind constantly thinks about and can never find peace with are your biggest addictions to suffering.  Worries, fears, insecurities and judgments create a majority of the internal battles and self-sabotaging patterns that people can experience hourly.  These suffering habits tend to be very sneaky, and are often the main reason why most people believe they cannot enter this ideal state of bliss. Once you’ve looked inside yourself, come to know yourself and identified what your habit is, you can transcend it.  The moment you do you’ll find yourself slipping down the slope of joy…and ohh what a ride it is! 

Something you may find interesting is that 99% of our worries never come true, and the ones that did manifest were karmically unavoidable.  They say worrying is praying for what you don’t want, and basically its just negative thinking about the future.  The worrying habit is often the hardest habit to overcome, yet can be easily transcended once the mind stops believing that holding onto these vital concerns are key ingredients to maintaining a successful life.  Once you are conscious in each moment that each one of your thoughts manifest into your life, you can only think positively about yourself, the future, and you start to feel like a living breathing success!  As you realize how this habit is merely an unconscious addiction that keeps you powerless and irresponsible for your divine manifesting power within, you will completely release this pattern of suffering and try out something new. 

Step #3  Release your Attachment to Being Happy.  You may not realize how much suffering is created by being attached to having to always be happy, and doing things that make you happy.  What would happen if no action, event, person, or thing in your outer world created happiness for you anymore?  Where would you find happiness?  The key to finding real joy is never in anything “out there”, especially all your ideas about how your life should unfold.  The greatest secret to finding happiness is diving into your inner world and finding total peace with the real YOU!  When you are no longer attached to anything or anyone in the outer world making you happy, you take the reigns back on your life and can find pure joy inside your soul wherever you are. 

One key element to unleashing the immense joy inside you is learning how to relax your body deeply and completely while maintaining present moment awareness.  This means your body is relaxed, yet your mind is vigilantly alert and watching what is showing up without getting identified.  Simply take a few minutes to stop doing those things you think will one day make you happy, and just practice relaxing your body completely.  Try it!  Rest fully into the very center of your heart, letting go into the very center of your being, and you’ll find total equanimity in your mind.  

It is a law of nature that you cannot live in worry, negativity or fear when your body is physically at peace.  When every tiny muscle is relaxed and completely still, every concern, fear, worry and negative thought will have disappeared from your mind.  The mind and body behave as one unit, and when your body is at peace, you’ll instantly drop any attachment you have to how your life should be, or how your friends, family, work, money, and all those things which are “responsible” for making you happy. 

The more you can master the experience of living in a relaxed body 24 hours a day, the more impossible it becomes to getting attached to anything in the outer world for making you happy.  When you start to abide in this divine infinite realm of loving energy inside you, you’ll wonder why were you ever searching for it out there.  The day you discover this profound inner peace in the most stressful, boring or ordinary situations in your life, you’ll become a HUGE ball of peace, love, joy and bliss! 

Step #4  Let Go of The Mind’s Perpetual Efforting. When you have completely stopped making any effort to resist negative thinking, and released that unending push towards positive thinking, that is the same day that bliss will find you.  When you can sit back and watch the mind without being involved, eventually in time it will give up its perpetual struggle.  By making the simple choice to back off from your inner “thinker” and step back, below or behind these thoughts, you become the overriding master of your mind. 

 It’s ironic, yet the bliss we are all seeking is first initiated through the mind’s imagination, yet is truly discovered when you let go of the mind completely. The lightest and highest feeling of bliss cannot be found through forming any one thought or belief with your mind. That would narrow and squeeze your mind’s experience of life even tighter (like caffeine does) and not allow these cosmic blissful sensations the room they need to enter.  True bliss is only found through divine openness and receptivity.  When you are 100% free from all the ridiculous efforting of the mind, having no attachments to any agenda it forms, no attachment to any desires or disposition, you will fall into a deeply relaxed and sweet heavenly trusting space with life and bliss will take over you. 

There are moments in everyone’s life where we get a glimpse of this succulent, spacious, peaceful place inside our mind.  Yet, you’ll notice that in this space the mind is no where to be found and you feel even more conscious, alive, aware, and awake.  This is the experience of your very essence, your innermost nature… the soul that you are!  The feeling is sooo pleasant that you don’t want to form any desire or agenda for that would create too much pain.  This spacious place is where your real freedom abides. It allows you to be free of the mind moving backwards or forwards in time, because when you’re in bliss you have no fear, no worries or memories to deal with.  When this grounded spaciousness finds you, you will be arriving in the beloved land of bliss.  It is an experience that is meant for those who are ready and willing to be touched by the Divine.  

Step #5  Quiet your Mind and Completely Be Still. When you have fully emptied your inner container of plans, agendas, fears, worries, concerns, and positive thinking your brain may not know what to do with itself.  It will most likely try to reform some random idea to hold onto to give it some stability.  When your body is deeply relaxed and your mind is truly empty, make the golden pillar of your life total silence and stillness.  When you reach the mountain peak of consciousness everything is divinely still.  These profoundly quiet moments within instantly pave fresh new neuronal pathways in your brain for having many more blissed-out experiences of life. 

To arrive at complete stillness, it takes outrageous courage.  You must have vigilance with the mind, the strength to hold on to stillness when you cannot, and the trust to let go of the process all at the same time.  By deeply trusting everything that shows up when you venture into the unknown empty zone of no-mind, this totally quiet and profound stillness will pour into you.  The more time you spend in stillness, then bliss has to become your ordinary mode of operation.  The first time it happens you may be able to handle it for a few minutes, yet with practice you’ll get better at it.  When you can hang for a few hours in this cosmic space it will totally alter your life (and everybody else’s life that you know) forever in the most positive ways. 

As you discover that your real work here on Earth is not “out there” yet finding the pathway to bliss within, all 5 of these steps will naturally unfold for you.  The greatest experience of your lifetime is being filled with bliss all day and night long.  Just open your mind to this possibility, follow the 5 steps above and you’ll soon find it start seeping in. .The experience of complete bliss is your soul’s destiny. Why make up some ridiculous reason that you don’t deserve it?  You are a mixture of both human and divine, and so it is your divine right to own this joyous sensation.  You’ll see, keep pondering over these 5 steps and you will discover total bliss sooner than later.  If you’d like more tools, techniques and personal assistance in shifting into a higher vibration and consciousness, instantly download The Super Manifesting Program!!  Simply follow the program for 90 days and you’ll begin experiencing the most magical, unstoppable and blissful life!  We guarantee it!  Enjoy your journey, it’s meant to be a bliss-filled adventure!

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Enjoy this enlightening blissful day!
Jafree Ozwald 

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