The 6 Secret Steps To Be Free From Fear

The 6 Secret Steps To Be Free From Fear

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“You have the power to create. Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

We are all being faced with some great unknown future right now, and it can bring up lots of fearful emotions. I would like to share 6 deep secret steps with you today about how to release fear from your life, and the techniques I use to deal with it and move beyond its horrible low vibrational grasp.  

Before you dive in, you might want to warm up a cup of tea because this is quite a long email with lots of deep content. Give yourself plenty of time to slowly digest this information, as this will give it space to take deeper roots in your life.

So the first thing to understand about fear, is that it is a shadow blocking the light of your own Divinity. A shadow is not very real. You cannot do anything to it except get out of the way and let the light shine through. Then it instantly vanishes. 

The fear shadow shows up, however, because there is a lack of responsibility for and connection with our Divine power. This is the power that knows without a doubt that you can manifest, create, and attract anything that your heart desires. 

Whenever we stop knowing this magical power is real, we neglect our responsibility for the reality that we are creating in each moment. This is the very moment when fear creeps in to take over. Every fearful experience in life is manifesting itself not because of some outer world event, yet actually, because of the fear-based thoughts, we are thinking about the event itself. 

Whenever we believe a fearful thought is real, we are emotionally thrown into the clutches of the scary emotion. All of this drama happens because we believe we are disconnected from our Divinity. We’ve all forgotten that the God Source is always around us and always within us. 

If you want to master your life, start taking responsibility for your disconnection from Divinity and establish a reconnection. By choosing to reclaim your Divinity you’ll need to own that place inside where you feel disconnected. Owning it means you can honestly see who, how, when, and where you’re creating it.

“If you believe in God then work with him. If you do not, then become one.” – Nisargadatta

Life mastery starts with mind mastery. If you truly want to transcend your greatest fear it means you will need to face it and find peace with it. Your fear is lurking inside you right now. You may not fully feel it, yet you know it will come back and the next time it shows up in your face how are you going to respond? 

Facing your fear means spending time with the deeper aspects of yourself which makes you feel uncomfortable. The very moment fear arises take it as a sign that it’s coming back to test you, to see just how deep or shallow your connection with Divinity is. It is here to show you exactly where and how you are choosing to believe that you’re disconnected from your Divine power.

By meeting your fear face to face we are instantly forced to find a deeper resource inside. We truly have nowhere else to go. When fear is overwhelming, we either fight and resist it, run away and avoid it, or meet it with curiosity and respect. Fear makes us deeper human beings because we have to reach into our souls to cope with it. The Universe is divinely set up this way so that we deepen, grow, and evolve in consciousness.  

“If you do not have a mastery of your mind, you cannot know the mystery of existence.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

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Let’s try a little experiment. Right now, think of a fear that you have which is quite personal and challenging to deal with. Pick one that is actually real and super hard for you to look at. Some of the typical fears people often have are being abandoned, lost, broke, homeless, trapped, being rejected, imprisoned, powerless, or even the perpetual feeling that “I’m a total failure in life and will never make it”. 

There are also external fear-related issues such as the fear of creepy things crawling on you, the fear of heights, fear of getting sick from someone else, or someone in a dark alley trying to hurt you. Whatever the horrible fear is that is REAL for you today, let’s use it for this exercise. Find the juiciest one that’s alive inside you right now. Okay?

Now I invite you to set the intention to come face to face and approach your fear, just like you would an interesting new person you’ve never met, yet was curious who they are and would like to get to know better. 

I’d think your deepest fears are probably the most interesting personalities to inquire into and get to understand better…right? So try to be present, observant, curious, and patient with meeting your fear. Let this energy know you’re fully there and present with it. 

Now, notice how your body responded the very moment you choose to meet face to face with your fear. Did you notice how your relationship with your fear has already shifted a bit?

 Now imagine that your fear is coming to you in the form of some unknown stranger approaching the front door of your house unannounced. This person is knocking on your door and desperately wants to come in. Notice if your body’s initial reaction is to fight, flee, or become numb and freeze. 

Now, imagine that suddenly this mysterious person is becoming very impatient, and knocking much louder because they realize you’re not quickly opening the door. How is your body responding now? 

You suddenly hear a rattling sound behind you, and realize they are trying to enter your house through the window! You immediately rush over to shut the window and lock all the windows around your house. 

This person then knocks again on the front door and you are freaking out, yet something inside you wants to find out who it is. So you gather all your courage to look through the peephole and are shocked as you see that this relative is a very small homeless child dressed in rags. An orphan in fact who you realize has been abandoned by everyone in their family and rejected by society. 

You open the door and can see that this person is actually you, little at a younger age. You begin to have deep telepathic communication with your younger self and realize that you have not taken care of this scared little part of you, and many years have gone by of pushing them away. 

You have ignored this scared child, you have never sat down and listened to them or spoken with them sincerely. You have never asked them what they needed. You have only pushed them away, run away, and pretend they did not exist. You never once had the courage to open the door and allow them to enter your home with welcome arms. 

“Anytime you push something away… it’s still there.” ~Ram Dass

The empathic part inside of you sees the pain on this child’s face and takes an emotionally step into your body at this younger age. Notice how it feels inside their little body, being out in the cold alone at night all by themselves. 

Now notice how you resisted meeting face to face with this part of yourself. You thought what was knocking on your door was someone else. Can you see how your resistance to opening the door caused this desperate homeless feeling in your younger self? This is exactly what’s happening inside you every moment that you don’t face your fears and take responsibility for your Divinity. 

This habit is exactly what you’re doing whenever your fear arises every day.  As long as you do not open the door and meet your fear, you cannot take responsibility for your power or the connection with the great love and Divinity inside you.

“Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.” ~Ram Dass

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Casually sitting down on a Sunday afternoon to hang out with a super fearful feeling is not a desirable or easy thing to do. Making friends with fear means that we have to become more open, accepting, and loving than fear. In order to reach a deeper-rooted level of acceptance in ourselves, we need to practice being vulnerable. 

 Vulnerability doesn’t mean becoming weak and letting fear stomp all over you. It means opening up and allowing yourself to feel the fearful energy, whatever it may be like in its raw form. Our ego/mind doesn’t like vulnerability, it only wants control, order, and a calculative safety. Yet nobody became enlightened or free in life, by doing everything according to their ego.

“To cling to life is to cling to the 5 senses, to normal consciousness, thereby shunning the superconsciousness within which the Atman (God within) is known.” -Patanjali

Yes, not one human being ever reached and sustained real everlasting happiness filled with an amazing fearless life without vulnerability. Once we retrain our emotional brain to be courageous enough to remain open while we are facing our fear, the controlling ego/mind has to sit down, relax, and allow the healing feelings to move on in. 

If you’re somebody who feels that you are facing your fears, yet they never seem to change and keep coming back sometimes worse than before, this simply means there is not enough vulnerability and trust to let this orphaned part into your home. The little younger part of you just wants to connect, come inside for some cuddles, try some homemade chocolate coconut milk, and be treated in a gentle respectful way, and only through vulnerability and trust will you open the door.

Often it happens that we are reacting to fear with even more fear.  We are responding with the energy of fight, flight, or freezing as a way to remain in control and not feel vulnerable. When you cannot welcome this energy of vulnerability into your heart, fear will always dominate your life. Our ego/mind is one slippery sneaky controlling tyrant and it must be exposed to vulnerability if we want to be free. It is the one thing keeping us in a state of suffering and far away from 5D Bliss

The lack of vulnerability always creates a barrier between you and your experience. For example, imagine that you are super hungry and your mate just brought you a fresh hot pizza. Yet, for some reason, the local authorities were watching and they said that you couldn’t take off your COVID mask to smell it, taste it, and you could only look at it from 6 feet away. You would feel just frustrated trying to ‘be with’ your pizza and not be able to fully experience it right? Yet once you say f**k it and remove your mask to dig in, you open up and can savor the entire delicious experience.

It’s the same thing with fear. By fully being vulnerable with a fearful experience, we are removing our masks (ego) and letting our most guarded internal walls crumble so that we can open up and savor each morsel of life’s juicy experiences.

By allowing our senses to deeply taste the fearful feeling, we can open up to actually enjoying it. Through consuming it, letting the body digest the fear fully, we can actually feel satisfied after we experience it because we are no longer afraid of it and it’s not lurking over our shoulders.

So ultimately, to access your deepest vulnerability in life, it comes down to an awareness of the ‘mask’ that you’re still wearing and learning how to courageously let it go. If you can be conscious of what part of yourself is blocking you from being vulnerable, and become responsible for it, you have a chance at becoming free. You can in a moment wake up and step out of the matrix (mind). Your consciousness can clearly see that the feelings you’re experiencing are manifesting from the thoughts you’re believing to be real. 

“Absence of consciousness is ego.  Whenever the ego is absent, God is present.”  ~Osho

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The next fear transforming secret I’ve found comes from learning how to let go of the angry/victim stories that you’ve created in your life, and have identified with. When fearful sensations arise in the body we automatically create a story around why it is happening. Someone with arachnophobia would say, those creepy spiders are going to hurt me so I must scream, run away and make a scene. 

The story we need to drop is the powerless movie scene in your mind which says little you was hurt in the past because of XYZ and will always feel scared now because of XYZ. When you discover the fearful story that you’re clinging to, write it down. Get it on paper so you can see it clearly and detach from the game going on inside you.

Anytime we are in fear there’s a blame game going on underneath the surface. There’s some small part of you who is pointing the finger outside yourself blaming XYZ and saying, you are making me feel afraid and there’s nothing I can do about it. 

Whenever we feel threatened our ego’s grip on life gets tighter, holding onto whatever point of control it can grasp. It likes to hang onto these memorable movie scenes from the past where you are definitely right and ‘they’ are definitely wrong. The ego is the master at creating judgment and separation, which is the root of all suffering.

When your angry/victim game is triggered and you let your ego hold tight onto your story, it digs its righteous heels in even deeper to feel more power and control. The ego is very righteous, and it will always choose to be right over being happy and free. It’s that crazy! 

Once our ego becomes hooked into and identified with a fear-based story, it doesn’t have to be vulnerable anymore. It doesn’t have to open up and feel the great unknown or ask for the courage to welcome any fearful feelings lurking around inside. As long as the ego is clinging onto being right, we can only live in the dark because the story we cling to is not the whole picture. We cannot see all 3 sides of the coin because the ego has to believe it knows exactly what’s going on. 

“It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” -Agnes Repplier

The path to freedom from fear here is learning how to stop identifying with your fear-based story and truly drop it. Your mind is making up your entire life’s story in each moment anyway, so why not reboot it with a new story that’s more expansive, healing, and enlightening. 

The controlling ego will always choose the path that lacks trust and vulnerability because it believes it’s disconnected from Divinity and doesn’t feel safe enough to relax with those deeper darker feelings. Once we can find this trusting vulnerable space, everything changes. We can immediately step back and drop any fearful story we suddenly get caught in because we would simply rather choose to be free.

When we are present with our body, able to relax into feeling any good or bad sensations that arise, we have the awareness that it is safe to feel into our deeper darker emotions. We can relax into shame, blame, anger, feeling victimized, and let them be whatever they are, feel them all the way to the core so they can be released from our triggered system. It’s like unhooking velcro from itself. You are separating your ‘I’m afraid of XYZ story’ from the emotion inside it and the result is pure freedom.

“I am a hole in the flute that the Christ’s breath moves through. Listen to this music. I am the concert from the mouth of every creature singing with the myriad chords.” ~Hafiz

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I’m only including an actual physical technique in dealing with fear because this is truly the only thing you can do that is powerful enough to stop fear instantly. Your breath is always with you, and it will never leave you throughout your whole life. 

You can depend on it as deeply as you can the shining sun above. When you learn how to make a deeper connection with your breath it can help you move through the resistance (or unconscious control) to feeling your fearful feelings. 

The moment you wake up in the morning and start to become aware of the world, let go of any fear that is in your system before you start your day. I highly recommend laying down and taking 100 deep breaths into your belly with your mouth 75% open. 

Breathe into the heaviness, stickiness, or stickiness with an open mouth and belly, and see what happens. I’m going to give you access to my personal Kundalini Activation Breathwork audio track for free so that you can see for yourself how powerful it is.

Whenever you do this laying down, just be careful not to get over-identified with any story that arises. Feel your feelings and release them. Let go of your story because it is just a story and not who you truly are.  

Every story is just an idea of who you are. Who you are is the infinite soul, the source of pure consciousness itself and your breath will take you deeper inside yourself to remember that through a direct experience of it. When the mind is silent, the Divine reality opens itself up to you.

If more fear arises during your waking hours, take 10 deep breaths, and open your body up to Divinity while you have one toe in the energy of fear. The softest safest space you can imagine is always available to you. 

So invite yourself to let go, relax, and let your heart feel more open. Notice what it feels like to feel your fear while you let everything go and just FEEL like everything in the Universe is okay exactly as it is. 

Your life can soon become a relaxing beautiful sweet paradise. In each moment you can feel the warm sand in between your toes, the gentle ocean water washing up in front of you, and smell the fresh air all around you even while the hungry sharks are swimming nearby.

Being free from your fear requires little younger you has the courage to step into a place where you have never been before. It’s not a rejection of the fear habit that you had, yet more of an unlearning. 

You are feeling open-minded, willing to let go of your controlling ego so that you can welcome the experience of anything that arises from inside. There is no finish line to your spiritual existence, and as long as you can keep an eye on your ego, you’ll get a sense of what life is like to be free from fear.

The key here to relax your focus on your heart. Move away from thinking from the head and move more into feeling the love inside your heart. Breathe each breath from the source of pure consciousness inside your heart. 

Many people do not know that they’re living mainly in the thinking mind until something happens that wakes them up. Usually, it’s a terminal illness that destroys the power, pride, and belief system they thought were real, and then the ego will kneel down in vulnerability to ask God for help. 

Don’t wait until its too late. Practice using your breath and awareness to deepen your relationship with Divinity (God, love, or higher consciousness). It’s like a free fall into infinity, letting go, letting ego, letting the ego go…until you actually can be vulnerable with feeling your entire life including your fear. 


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Who or what is looking through your eyes? Who is the seer that sees you in the mirror? When you look into a mirror you will see the appearance of your face and eyes, and yet not the seer who is doing the seeing. Can your eyes see the seer? What if you used your 3rd or 4th eye?

The ego is the false identity that we have mistaken for our real Self. The real self is the everlasting eternal soul, our spiritual nature that does not die. Know the difference here and you will be able to see when you are acting from ego and when you are free.

You can always keep an eye on your ego if you perpetually look for the ego. Just look. Where is it? Keep asking the question who am I and then keep looking. Do not get attached to finding anything. Look without being attached to ever getting the right answer.

How to find the ego? Intellectually speaking, the ego is everything that you identify with after you say the words “I am”. So the ego plays a big part in our lives, its everything we think we are. Somehow this I-dentity often leaves us feeling disconnected from feeling and knowing our spiritual essence. You might say your ego is the center of who you are, yet really the ego is the center of who you think you are. 

It’s can be very very tricky to see one’s ego, yet once you get a glimpse each moment afterward it becomes harder for it to sneakily slip away. The ego is the one who is very controlling of everything in your life. It has this powerful protective strategy to automatically guard us against any perceived threat to get whatever it wants, no matter the cost or even if the threat is real or not. 

The ego plays this control game through our whole lives until we seek it out. It will create judgments that cause you to live more in separation and fear. It’s the sneakiest genius you will ever discover at judging others, the world, and unfortunately judging ourselves. 

These judgments from the ego/mind were given by society to keep us safe from harm and free from pain. This is good and that is bad. These ideas are supposed to separate This younger you from a potentially harmful experience. Yet, walking the spiritual path ultimately these judgments are the only thing keeping you separate from Divinity and from experiencing real freedom. 

Its easier to see the ego when you know its amazing tactics. It is super smart and slippery! It has this built-in instinctive ability to instantly resist, ignore, or rise above anything fearful which makes it feel that life is out of its control. It has to be in charge of life, if the ego isn’t in charge then it has to be ‘wrong’ about its entire existence and surrender to Divinity.

You can keep an eye on the ego because it also tends to grasp tightly onto positive thoughts and feelings, fearing that it could be a while before you find a good one again. All of these ego reactions are fear-based and misguided because we have forgotten our Divine eternal nature.

Your ego only acts from fear because it still believes it’s disconnected from Divinity. It doesn’t understand (yet) that the God Source is inside everything…including itself. If you can stop your mind you will be able to instantly see your ego, otherwise, it’s just running on the wheel, chasing the next bit of cheese with you trailing behind.

The ego is the shadow that is blocking you from the light. Its the one thing that will not allow you to relax into the resistance you have to feel your fear. It will redirect you with all of its cunning distractions and avoidance strategies so that it remains in control.  

Your ego will not naturally befriend fear. It will avoid vulnerability, and keep you living in a life of ignorance of your Divine power inside. So if you can, make it your daily devotion to keep one eye on your ego and watch it closely all day long. If you can watch your ego for even 2 minutes without flickering momentarily away from seeing it, you’ll have one of the most powerful healing freeing experiences of your life.

“The mind is a beggar because the concept of want makes you a beggar. Be only “I AM” and try to lift the begging bowl. Throw away the begging bowl of ego for the throne.” ~Papaji

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Right now, I want to invite you to imagine what would it feel like to reprogram your mind-body to always know that you will be safe no matter what happens in life, and in this safe place you are free from suffering forever. What does that feel like? Can you imagine it?

Just mentally telling yourself that you’re safe to feel fear because you’re an eternal being who cannot die, isn’t necessarily going to root itself in you and remove all fear karmas from your life instantly. Nothing is impossible, yet the idea that you can instantly drop your story and befriend your fear can sound trite or super challenging when you’re all alone at night and the big boogieman is knocking violently at your door. 

Repeating high spiritual thoughts (or healing mantras) can often lead to the momentary feeling that your spiritual essence is real and you’re safe from all harm. Yet, to fully embody the Divine Reality, and actually remain in a stable moment to moment connection all life long is another game. It’s the biggest game of them all, especially if your mind is used to living in doubt and fear. 

So what’s your adult self supposed to do to remain vulnerable so as to reconnect with God and be permanently in a safe loving sweet connection? How can innocent younger you deeply relax and truly feel safe enough to hang out with any apparent ‘demon’ when it doesn’t know how to feel safe in its own skin? 

This is the divine mystery my friend and the only way I’ve found any answers is by diving deeper within. Spending hours upon hours diving inside your heart, feeling into the stillness and silence that exists at the core is the fastest way I’ve found to access the divine feeling of permanent safety. 

Spend months upon months of you want to access infinite security, and remain deeply connected with that all-knowing peaceful space that knows without a doubt that we are eternal spiritual beings who will never ever die. 

Only through long devoted months of deep stillness and silence will the greatest source in the Universe bless you completely. Only through direct experience will you know that you have stopped identifying with all of the stories and feelings that say YOU are not God. 

 “Simply be still and know that I am God. Soon stillness will prevail and there will be no agitation of the mind. Agitation of the mind is the cause of desire, the sense of doership, of personality, and the personal sense of “I.” If that is stopped, there is bliss.”  ~ Ramana Maharshi.

The floodgates to heaven open up as soon as every aspect of our being drops fully into pure silence and stillness. When the mind fully stops, we can then let go of whatever ideas that say we are not holy or less than Divine. We see the fear is God in disguise. In every moment from then on, we can enter a bigger heaven or fall back into a deeper illusion of suffering. It’s always going to be your choice. Your experience is always up to you.

Ironically, finding divinity in stillness also means we have to face all of our fears. When we are going nowhere for many days but in, then you have to face your darkness and find a deeper connection with Divinity. Fear is so powerful and its purpose is Divine.

In 2019, I was guided to spend 6 days exploring a darkroom experience, where no light at all could enter and everything was completely pitch black. I was faced with my deepest fears and had to learn how to be with them. It’s the most interesting thing to realize that facing your fear and conquering it requires pure surrender. When you win you receive an instant taste of bliss.

 When we can welcome fear with a heart filled with trust and love, we always win. The smallest light always pushes out the largest shadow, and trust becomes a stronger force in our lives. You can write yourself a dozen post-it notes on your wall that say you are divine, yet you will forget that you are The Divinity again and again… until you experience it directly through the deepest silence and stillness inside you. 

You can access Divinity anytime. Your soul already knows how to experience this, you simply have to give up the thoughts that say you are not divine. Trust yourself in the deepest way. Learn the joy of surrender into the spiritual awakening process. 

You will without a doubt be okay no matter what happens in your life. You don’t have to worry anymore. You will let go of every limiting belief that causing you pain, in this lifetime or the next. It will happen at some point so there is no rush. 

Now you know the secret is to surrender to the source of stillness. You can enjoy giving up your ego’s clinging to every thought about your past and future and live totally in the here and now. Remain fully in the now and the ego is nowhere to be found!

Every moment of your life has the infinite potential to discover 5D Consciousness and step through the doorway to Divinity. Don’t look anywhere else for it, you will not find it. Freedom, enlightenment, joy, bliss, salvation, it is all only found in the here and now. 

“There is nobody who is in any way different from you.  In that very understanding, fear disappears because there is nobody to be afraid of.  Nervousness disappears; what is there to be nervous about?  We are all in the same boat.”  ~ Osho 

You know what you need to do to create a deeper connection with Divinity. You know you need to let go of fear, to make space for the most loving, caring strongest feeling of deep safety you can imagine. 

You can take baby steps if you’re not ready for a week in the darkroom. You can breathe into your fears, and imagine a space of pure love is expanding all-around and inside your heart for the next few hours and see what happens. 

Does it really matter if you feel more relaxed because you found a real connection with Divinity or that it was all in your imagination? Maybe your entire life is all in your imagination, then what? 

We just do what we can with what we’ve got. When we make our daily life a divine let go of perpetually being in control (ego), we open up naturally and God moves through us no matter where we are. We realize that we cannot be separate from the God source itself. 

In this very moment you can let go and surrender to a more spiritual life, where you feel more connected with something much bigger than your fearful mind. You can let Divinity move through you, and have a real-life experience of God living through your body. Just welcome into your heart all those fearful thoughts and doubts that try to dominate you. Feel your feelings, follow your breath, and watch how the thunderstorms come and go and you can enjoy the whole process. 

There is only one thing you need if you want to meet God today. Surrender. Let go of control and fall into the deepest most authentic state of surrender to Existence, as if today was truly your last day of life. 

With surrender you will master your fears, you’ll master your mind, and you’ll master your ego. Surrender all your fears to a higher power and feel the force of unconditional love move through you.

You are on your way to becoming fearless. These 6 sacred steps are a good start. So before you fall asleep tonight, take some time to meet with one of your fears face to face. Feel the God source is behind you supporting your back, and start with thanking this fear for being such an amazing teacher. Give appreciation to your fear for the last few minutes before you drift off into dreamland and see what happens after that! 

“Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky.” ~ Hafiz

Retrain your Brain to Shift Out of the Fear Frequency and Each Day will Become a Joyful Reality!!

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Let go of fear-based consciousness forever! You deserve to have to enjoy the dream life that you desire!


Sending many blessings to you…

Jafree Ozwald

“Your actual self is not a separate and lonely part of the world. We are all tits on the same sow and rays from the same Sun.” ~Alan Watts 

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