The 8 Secrets to a Rich and Fulfilling Life

The 8 Secrets to a Rich and Fulfilling Life

Life is not a dress rehearsal. You have this one opportunity to live an extraordinary life that you love.  You have this one body, this one mind, and this one soul. Each moment of life is extremely precious because this exact life will never be repeated and it could be our last.  We never really know how long we will be a part of this planet.

When you live your life fully without holding back or holding on, you automatically manifest more prosperity because you are open and ready to receive new opportunities.  You can easily move forward and take inspired actions everyday instead of procrastinating because you’re so excited you just can’t help it!  When you jump on to the playing field of your life you become very attractive (like a magnet) because you’re not just watching life from the sidelines.  You are consciously participating in life!  Everyone is attracted to this type of energy because deep down they too want to be engaged, inspired, and actively participating in their life.  Making this choice to participate energizes you, sending out a strong manifesting vibration to the Universe.   Here are 8 secrets that will reconnect with the fullness and richness of life you deserve! 1.  Do something this week that you have always wanted to do, yet havepreviously feared or resisted doing.  For instance, you could take a pottery class,learn to belly dance, go skiing, fly a kite, write a poem, meet someone new, start learning a foreign language, etc..    2. Create time everyday to connect with people, nature, and yourself. As a society we are either working or entertaining ourselves.  We rarely take time out from our busy lives to connect deeply with ourselves, and have a NEW experience of this world we live in.  When was the last time you walked outside in nature, and connected with the trees, the sky, the flowers, etc.?  When was the last time you spent quality time just hanging out sharing inspiring stories, having fun and laughing with your spouse or children?  Quality time means we are truly ALIVE and happens only when we are engaging in a meaningful and real dialogue without the distractions of the TV, newspaper, or the cell phone.   3. Call a friend or family member and tell them how much you love them, and how they have enriched your life. 4. Forgive somebody who has wronged you in the past.  Grudges only drain and harm you, while forgiveness brings you peace and joy.5. Clear out some space in your busy calendar so that you can enjoy life today, instead of waiting for a better tomorrow to arrive.    6. Just say "no" to activities and tasks that no longer inspire you!  Delegate or eliminate energy drains from your life so that you can take time to relax and smell the roses.  7.  Take time out to admire the sunset each day.  This helps you reconnect with the awe and beauty of the world we live in. 8. Begin manifesting your dreams, instead of dreaming about your dreams.  Write downyour dreams and work with a coach, mentor, or trusted friend to make those dreams come true.  It often takes supportive partnership to help you overcome the obstacles blocking you from manifesting your dreams and desires. And always remember this famous   "For yesterday is but a dream,And tomorrow is only a vision,But today — well-lived,Makes every yesterday a dream of happinessAnd every tomorrow a vision of hope.Look well, therefore, to this day! Such is the salutation of the dawn!" ~By Kalidasa, Indian poet 1200 B.C.

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