The Absolute Joy of Being Unguarded

The Absolute Joy of Being Unguarded Written by Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher

When we were children, many of us created certain emotional and psychic "shields" in order to survive the challenges we then faced. At that time, these energetic walls were indeed needed to protect us and keep us safe. Yet, now as adults these barriers have become detrimental to our well-being, blocking us from feeling love, compassion, and intimacy with others. These walls also stop us from manifesting true financial freedom, abundance, and even profound health into our lives. If you feel stuck in your relationships with others, money, or yourself in any way, it’s because your brilliant light is still hiding behind one of these old unneeded shields.

"There are places in your life where you have built walls around the truth of who you are. You’ve built these walls with judgment and cemented them with fear." ~ James Blanchard Cisneros

Now you may ask, aren’t there some situations where it’s good to protect myself? Absolutely! Yet,it will be blatantly obvious when it’s necessary to be strong as a mountain. Almost 99.999% of the time in life, you are not surrounded by hungry tigers, and this defense mechanism is just an old unconscious habit. So for the next 7 days, we invite you to do something radical with your life. Be unguarded. Don’t try to defend your point of view or protect yourself from other people’s opinions or verbal "attacks". "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." ~ Mary Baker Eddy

The need to defend yourself is actually making your ego more real. It’s like protecting a shadow from getting touched by the sunlight. If you are to become a truly alive conscious spiritual being, stop protecting your ego. Any type of defending that you do is just coming from a place of fear, insecurity, and weakness. Give this habit up for one week, and take on the risk of being a more powerful and unlimited source of love. Allow everyone to have their own unique experience without judgment. “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” ~Oscar Wilde

If you happen to get upset or triggered by others, become like a flute that is hollow and light, allowing the breath to flow through you. Who knows, their words may start to sound like music to your new ears! Even if you are in a long-term relationship and have been hearing sour notes for years, simply allow that song to play on through. Breathe into it, and through it. Let your body feel it and release it.

We invite you to not try to protect or defend your ego. The more you feel you need to defend, the greater your suffering becomes. It’s easier to see the deeper lessons that life is teaching you once you become an unobstructed channel of awareness. The more you can let down your defenses, the more receptive you can become to the abundance and divine power all around you and inside you.

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Many free flowing and defense-less moments to you,
Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher

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