The Biggest Truth about Judgment

The Biggest Truth about JudgmentBy Jafree Ozwald & Margot

Let’s take a moment to get really curious about judgment.  What is it?  What exactly are we doing when we judge someone or something?  We are narrowing our mind, tightening our emotions, and becoming contracted in our body when we form a judgment.  We stop feeling and experiencing the vastness of this Universe when we focus only on a TINY negative unacceptable thought about someone. 

There’s the old Indian saying that we all know, "Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins."  You can never really know someone until you have lived their life.  You barely know yourself, how can you truly "know" the other?  The truth is that we have forgotten that behind this "undesired" behavior is a human being with a divine soul and essence.  Whatever it was that they said or did may not seem so terrible if you knew their whole life story.  One action cannot truly reflect the entire dimension of someone’s being.    Their behavior does not define who someone is or truly encompass the vastness of their multidimensional soul.

Now here is the biggest truth.  Whatever it is that you cannot accept about them is EXACTLY what you are challenged in accepting about yourself.  It may be in a totally different context, yet the reflection is there.  When you accept everything about yourself, you will never judge another person again in your life.  Whenever you judge someone, it does not say much about them, yet it says A LOT about you.

Next time your inclination to judge flairs up…STOP.  Breathe and look inside.  What are you not O.K. with inside you that is showing up in them?  Remind yourself that you are judging the action or behavior and not the person.  Make the distinction.  Your enlightenment depends on it!  Then, look for the divine in this person.  Remember that everyone is divine and then gently send them compassion and even a blessing.  You will be amazed at what happens to your life energy when you practice this conscious judgment dissolving exercise.  Every time you acknowledge the Divine in others, you automatically can see and feel the Divine within YOU much much easier. 

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