The Bliss of Pure Being

The Bliss of Pure Being
Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Banish the ego and develop the spirit of surrender. You will then experience Bliss.”  ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

There is nothing you need to do, and there is nowhere you need to go to find out who you are and what is inside your soul. The mind is always busy seeking, searching and yearning to find the “answer” that will satisfy its thirst. Yet, when you simply stop searching and remain very quiet, really relaxing inward with infinite patience and stillness, you will eventually discover a feeling of bliss that is beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

This bliss is the core truth of who and what you are.  It is always here, it abides as you at the core of your being. It feels like a deep vast presence of eternal peace and extreme joy combined. 
It has always been here waiting for you to relax into it.  You simply have to remove your energy and attention from the outer world to find it is inside you.

The greatest enlightened masters all say to live in this world, yet not of this world. Meaning, do your life yet don’t get hooked into it.  Do not be attached to dramas and traumas of this short time you are here. You have come here for much more amazing things. You are here to discover the Divine within you! This glorious state of bliss can only find you when you’re Being is pure, not attached to anything out there.  
Life and love is soooooo simple. It is actually effortless. Yet, you easily run around your entire life seeking everywhere in the outer world and always miss it.  There is real freedom available to you in this very moment.  You can access it by surrendering your mind to something bigger than you, for even just a few minutes in total stillness and silence.

 Today is the day to call of the search for happiness out there, and relax into the truth of who you are.  Stop searching for fulfillment outside of yourself in the physical world. It’s all a trap! All the money, success, relationships, possessions, accomplishments, social likes, and desirous experiences will satisfy you temporarily, yet never fully satisfy you.  Their joy is impermanent and will come and disappear like the clouds in the sky.  You will experience fleeting moments of happiness, and yet only minutes later the mind starts seeking for something else which it believes will make you “happy” again.

“If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Be careful of this desiring demanding needy ego. It is deeply addicted to entertainment, thoughts and desires. It is not your real identity. It is like your shadow, a false figure that shows up from you blocking the light. The ego is always following the mind like a lost sheep. It’s not listening to your heart. Your heart knows the way to true happiness.

Real happiness is found when you stop this ego/mind and drop deeper inside. When you completely stop the outer search and FEEL into your soul.  Experience that which is real, that which doesn’t come or go. What is permanent? Continuously redirect your attention towards what this is. That which is eternal will be filled with the Divine light of awareness!

Every time you were unhappy, it was because you were over identified with a belief, thought or desire. You lost your center of awareness, and became this grasping, needy, demanding, illusionary mind.  Whenever you feel unhappy, the desiring mind is simply not getting what it “thinks” will make it happy from the outer world.  The mind is an addict, do not trust it.  Trust your heart instead, it knows the way home.

The mind cannot instantly open the door to the Divine, yet the heart can. The door to the heart is always open, and ready for you to step through. Just open up to this great love inside you, that loves all people (including yourself)
unconditionally. Discover this love inside your heart is the one love where everything good in your life radiates from. This love is the center of it all.

On this great journey, the mind is your main distraction to finding bliss. It will entrap you in all sorts of crazy emotions like anger, frustration, sadness, doubt and fear. Yet, even when these challenging moments occur, don’t give them too much energy. Relax into your heart. Feel into your soul. Your ego is a drama queen and a professional at making you unhappy.

You can step back from it all and relax into that source of love that is there at your innermost being.  This is the door to bliss. It is the source of who you truly are. It cannot be destroyed, changed, diluted or tainted by the unhappiness of the ego mind.  The bliss of your being is always available.

“The bliss of the Creator forever permeates all of creation, and it is only in the forgetting that misery exists.” ~Doreen Virtue

Aren’t you tired yet of this perpetual search for being satisfied?  The ego has been conducting this massive search for lifetimes, by now you must be ready for a break!!  The good news is that you can pull over and stop the suffering right now.   You never have to do anything again to experience the bliss of your being.  Your simple state of “Beingness” is your blissful nature.  All you need to do is allow yourself to surrender to who and what you truly are beneath all these thoughts and experiences.  If you want a technique to do this, below are two ways you can tap into the bliss of your being everyday.

The good news is that you can pull over and stop the suffering right now. You never have to do anything again to experience the bliss of your being. Your simple state of “Beingness” is your blissful nature. All you need to do is allow yourself to surrender to who and what you truly are beneath all these thoughts and experiences. You must be tired by now of this perpetual search for being satisfied? The ego has been conducting this massive search for lifetimes, by now you must be ready for a break!! If you want a technique to do this, below are 3 easy tricks you can “do” to tap into the bliss of pure being everyday…enjoy!


1. Practice Meditation Meditating is simply the fine art of watching your thoughts without getting caught up in any emotions or stories. No matter how many times your mind wanders back to the thoughts, continue to practice being
the watcher of your thoughts. Do this with devotion and after 21 days something truly amazing will happen. You start to see how silly these thoughts and stories truly are. Your mind becomes quieter and quieter. These thoughts
slow down and begin to lose their power. As peace descends upon you, a new feeling emerges, a simple blissfulness that has no rhythm or reason, it simply
exists. This is the bliss of your being, the bliss of consciousness itself.

2. Consciously Choose to Be in the Now When you consciously choose to stay away from dwelling in the past or future, you are left with only living in the now. Here you naturally experience this pure bliss of being. In the “Now”, the ego falls away and is replaced by the beauty of this moment. Look closely into this precious moment, and notice that this is the only place you can relax and be yourself. You can dive deeper into the present moment by
focusing on what your senses are experiencing. Bring awareness to what you are seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, and touching. After attuning to your senses, refocus your attention on how DIVINE it is to have a body with amazing senses. Be fully present to each activity you engage in, and a certain alertness will grow in you. This awareness naturally melts all thoughts away,
leaving you with this state of blissful being.

3. Surrender to The Source Ask yourself the question, “Where is the source of my experience of reality coming from?” At the very core of reality we always can find the light of awareness. When we surrender to this light, we
find profound peace. Surrender is the easiest action in the Universe because it requires no action at all. It is a deep letting go of efforting. In surrender we simply relax, and in this relaxation the ego releases its tight grip on life. Surrender is all about devotion to a higher path, meaning and purpose in life. It is a way of living life that is humble, open, loving and true to each moment. Surrender is being deeply devoted to the egolessness of our real nature, which is always there resting just behind our humility.

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Jafree Ozwald

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