The Blue Room Meditation for Manifesting

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The Blue Room Meditation for Manifesting 

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~Albert Einstein

Most people don’t understand how powerful they are.  Often they think that everything in their world happens “to them” and not “for them”.  They don’t realize how the things in their life simply “show up” from their own creative thinking.  Some people believe that when something miraculous or unexplainable occurs, that they had no apparent say in the manifestation of it at all. The bigger truth is far from it, and now science is backing it up.  We are constantly having an impact on our world and the situations and things we manifest through the ideas we choose to visualize and hold our attention upon.  We are perpetual participants in the co-creation of our everyday realities.  Every thought you are thinking is like a magnet, pulling towards you that which you want or what you don’t want to occur.

Over the past 500 years, science and spirituality have been seen as separate fields of study and just recently they are finally merging to reveal the greatest secret in history. The quantum scientists of today have come to prove through a new lineage of quantum physics that our thoughts are actual powerful “things” that physically effect the world around us.  They have proven that we are natural manifesting beings who are always impacting the world around us.  Two of the most important facts that these modern day geniuses have derived are:

1. Every subatomic particle in the Universe is connected to all the particles in a holographic matrix and energetic field.

2. You physically change the existence, behavior and direction of subatomic particles depending on where you’re focusing your attention.

This means that wherever you are focusing your consciousness is where you’re creating your world.  When you visualize and feel something happening on your inner world, you are actually directly impacting the energetic particles on some level in your outer world!  Everything is energetically connected and you cannot stop impacting the quantum particles around you with your mind.  The real questions to ask yourself now are, “What thoughts are you choosing to think?  Are you focusing on what you want or want you don’t want?”

I’ve come to discover a way to manifest desires in a much easier way that will be of great interest to you.  By entering an etheric room found within the deepest levels of your inner world, you can have a much more clear, concise and directed energetic impact on the matrix of the world.  This manifesting playground shows up as a brilliant cobalt blue room filled with shimmering healing blue light.  In this highly magical space I’ve found that souls can easily come here to meet and effortlessly step into into an aligned state to create new agreements, situations and outrageous manifestations on Earth.

When people say that something just manifested for them “out of the blue”, this is exactly where it is being manifested from! Perhaps you want to establish a more empowering relationship with someone you already know, attract a new person into your life to be part of a business deal, or get your boss to agree to promote you at work. You can manifest whatever experience or thing you desire in your life, especially if it seems far-fetched! Yes, through aligning with your higher mind, anything is possible!

“Imagination creates reality… Man is all imagination!” ~Neville

The blue room is truly magical, and is full of some of the highest vibrations in the Universe.  It allows you to access tremendous feelings of abundance, healing, joy, and feeling empowered!  When you instantly step into the blue room you’ll automatically feel lighter, more relaxed, deeply abundant and tremendously free! This experience improves your overall attitude about your life, making current situations much easier to deal with.  The empowering freeing feelings that you’ll find in your blue room are the secret to manifesting new agreements with people you currently know or even new people you’ve never met yet.  The connections you’ll make with these souls on the inner world will start attracting new people into your life to complete business or personal transactions, such as finding a new job or even selling your home. I met one person who marketed his entire business from meeting his clients in the blue room, then later watching them call him and start doing business with him.  It truly is the most effective place for creating manifestations in the physical world that you’ll ever find.

How does the Blue Room work? Every time that you visit the Blue Room and deeply feel that an agreement has been made with another person, you start to actually allow it to manifest into the physical world. This is from the power of your mind, which is always interconnected to all the quantum particles in the world.  In fact, when you make a new agreement in inner world of the Blue Room, you are energetically shifting the subatomic particles around you AND this other person. These quantum particles send out a NEW energetic blueprint into the Universe which “educates” all the other quantum particles to formulate this positive new agreement for you!

“In truth, you are spirit. “The body has been projected by the mind, which itself originates from Spirit.” ~Ramana Maharshi 

The key to creating outrageous outcomes in your life depends on the vibrational state at which your body-mind is vibrating at. The positive energy and vibrations available in the blue room are FAR beyond that which you’ll find on Earth. The light etheric blue energy that emanates from this truly magical place is very healing, inspiring and powerful. The blue light instantly heightens the current of energy flowing through your body/mind, which in turn opens up any situations that may be stuck in your life.

The reason you may need to learn how to visit your own personal blue room is because you most likely have been subconsciously programmed as a child to believe that we are separate beings who have little influence or connection with people who aren’t in the physical vicinity near us.  We did not grow up knowing that we are naturally psychic all-powerful manifesting beings whose thoughts and feelings are always influencing what and who we attract into our lives.  Yes, you have the power to shape-shift your life and touch other people’s lives who you’ve never even met.  You can attract influential people to you if you need help and assist you with problems you cannot solve on your own.  Now doesn’t this one idea make your life more exhilarating to live?

Through my years as a personal manifesting coach, I’ve found one biggest challenge people find in manifesting the outcomes they desire is training the mind to focus the mind in one consistent direction for any length of time.  So what I’ve done is created a special manifesting meditation to assist you in finding and entering the Blue Room. This 24 minute guided audio journey will take you into your inner world and discover the manifesting power you truly have within your own Blue Room!  Here you can create anything you desire, from new business agreements, to meeting new clients, to perhaps even finding the love of your life!  The greatest thing about this manifesting meditation is that it works quickly and you will soon manifest results into the physical world. By experiencing this powerful manifesting technology even on time, you can effortlessly attract a specific amount of money, a new relationship, or the physical situation that you desire into your life!  Anything is possible…check out what Laura from California manifested using her Blue Room Manifesting Meditation…enjoy!!

“The night before the big meeting I did Jafree’s ”Blue Room Meditation” and asked them to agree to choosing us, doing the deal now and buying the software for the entire organization. I had written down everything that I wanted them to agree to before I did the meditation. It was the first time I have tried the “Blue Room Meditation” and it was a very powerful experience.  When we arrived at the meeting we could not believe what we were hearing because they said we have chosen you, we want to buy everything and we want to do the contracts right now. I have been selling for 25 years and have never experienced this kind of major shift in a prospect before! What a miracle to be able to manifest this kind of outcome!  I am forever grateful for your powerful, practical program and your ability to share this message. Bottom line… the deal was worth a $50,000 commission check! What a gift of wisdom and knowledge that you have given all of us.” ~Love and blessings, Laura. W. Dana Point, CA (August 31st, 2006)

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Sending you loads of success, abundance and freedom,
Jafree Ozwald

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