The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life

By Jafree Ozwald . 

An excerpt from "How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration!"

“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart.  Sing anyway.”  ~ Emory Austin

The breath is your life force.  It is one of the most powerful, yet overlooked avenues for increasing our manifesting vibration.   Any breathing meditation floods your body with oxygen and life energy, and taps you into an abundance of energy waiting at the core of your being.  It is normally automatic and effortless to breathe, yet a conscious connection with your breath allows you to channel more energy and be more focused.  Following the breath with your awareness creates a non-inhibited state of energy throughout your body.  This is like discovering an eternal inner fountain of abundant energy and bliss inside!   

Start right now by letting your attention gently follow your breath as you read.  See how close you can watch your breath.  Let your breathing happen naturally, in an easy, relaxed way.  You will find that you naturally breathe in the lower area of your body, filling your belly like a balloon.  Don’t manipulate or control your breath!  Follow the natural rise and fall inside you.  Doing this sends loads of energy up your spine.  Notice how your body expands and releases the breath naturally, on it is own.  It automatically lets air in and out of your body.   Watch your breath without trying to change it in any way.

Do not resist any thoughts that arise, but rather GENTLY return your awareness to your breath. You may need to bring the mind back 10-20 times (or more) before it gives in and relaxes into the silence within.  When you notice your mind wandering off to create images and feelings, look down around the belly. Pull your attention downward to get yourself out of your head! 

We recommend using a 1:4:2: breath ratio for flooding your body full of manifesting fuel.  For instance, you would breathe in for five counts, hold your breath for 20 counts, and exhale for 10 counts. You can choose any numbers that fit with the above ratio (4:16:8).  This focused breath meditation will strengthen your mind, increase your energy, and awaken your manifesting vibration.

 “Life is like a great big grinding wheel.  Whether it wears you down or polishes you up depends on what you are made of."   ~Unknown

You can download this meditation and MANY more in the e-book, "How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration!"  online at: 

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