The Courage to Allow Abundance into Your Life

The Courage to Allow Abundance into Your LifeWritten by Jafree Ozwald

Did you know that right now, in this very moment, all of the financial security, divine prosperity and abundance of the Universe wants to flow into your life?  All you need to do is open up, relax and learn how to allow it in!  You may ask "how do I do that", and not be aware of that subtle part of you that trying, efforting and scheming to get abundance to enter your life.  An interesting aspect of this Universe is that the more you push or force something to happen in your life, the more it actually gets pushed away from you.  In fact, pushing for something to happen never achieves what you truly desire in life.  We all want the effortless flow of abundance where we are allowing it to manifest for us graciously. 

One sacred secret to manifesting abundance is having the courage to allow things to come to you.  This means giving up impatience, pushing, striving and getting out of the way so that the Divine omnipresent flow can enter.  The blessed news is it’s truly effortless to receive all forms of abundance which the Universe is always channeling your way.  Just look out into the billions of stars at night, this is a truly abundant Universe naturally!  A small part of you may be afraid to let go of striving and simply allow abundance in.  This is where true courage comes in.  It’s not hard to relax, in fact it’s incredibly easy.  It simply takes the courage found in the heart of that childlike energy inside you who can surrender, laugh, play and stop trying so hard to get somewhere "better" than here now. 

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage."   ~Anais Nin

The word courage is derived from the Latin word "cor", meaning heart and from the old French word "corage" which was used to describe passions of the heart.  The heart is where courage is always found.  Courage is a strong, firm energy that actually radiates from the heart when called upon.  When the heart relaxes, it opens, and there is a deep natural strength that emanates from within.  This courage is not an aggressive sort of energy, but one where you can completely trust and open yourself up to receive what ever comes your way.  It takes deep courage to stop the efforting game that’s continually pushing for some greater experience to manifest into your life, and truly surrender.  It takes courage to stand up naked in the crowd and trust in the Divine without relying on strategies of defending, or protecting what the ego wants.  To truly manifest abundance, you don’t have to suffer at all.  You can simply surrender to the Universe that is abundant and just beyond your normal field of vision.  Look, wait and relax…it’s there ready to be invited in.

"The creative process is a process of surrender, not control."  ~Julia Cameron

What would it be like for you to say YES to being courageous today and open up to feeling the abundance all around you, appreciating everything you see? Hang out in this vibration for 90 days and all the financial prosperity, true love, joy, passionate career, and dream relationship will miraculously show up.  Who would you be if you just relaxed deeper into this feeling for 48 hours?  The secret to allowing abundance into your life is to devote each day to opening to this feeling and letting yourself relax deeper into the courage that you will receive what you truly desire. 

Think about one thing right now that you really want.  Choose something that you want more than anything!  Perhaps it’s a large sum of money, a hot new relationship, a Samadhi experience, a new electric car….etc.  Now, consciously open up your heart and feel the courage inside that will allow it to enter your life.  Don’t force it or try to make it happen, this needs to come from a relaxed space of trust.  Just imagine your heart is already expanded, full of outrageous unstoppable energy, and easily welcoming this new manifestation in. 

“All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~Walt Disney

What would it be like if you knew 3 mysterious super wealthy divinely spiritual self-realized guests from a foreign land were coming to visit you at home tonight?  Imagine they are standing at your front door holding the greatest gifts you could imagine, knocking and waiting for you to let them in.  What would you do?  How would you mentally and emotionally prepare for this encounter?  Remember, you don’t have to force them come in, they WANT to come in!  Just walk over to the door with an open heart and let them in!  What would your most profound and self-revealing conversation sound like with them?  What questions would you need massive courage to ask them?   It’s good to know it is so natural, so easy, and so effortless to invite and allow this new form of abundance in.

You don’t need any reason to deserve abundance, you are enough.  You are the Divine, isn’t that enough?  Many of us have been trapped in egoic games of not deserving, or pretending we need to be, do, or have something special to deserve great abundance.  These are just games which make it difficult to receive.  Letting in abundance is as easy as knowing these rich friends are always at your door knocking, and they see your innermost Being as rich and luscious as a warm homemade chocolate cake!  When you step into the energy of courage, you will inhale the yummy smell of this desert, and see that it is already everywhere in your life.

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Many abundant blessings to you,

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