The Divine Heart Chakra Meditation

The Divine Heart Chakra Meditation

This meditation will bring a great feeling of love and expansiveness into your chestand into your Life.  You will notice an amazing and profound shift in the amountof love in your life, lighter consciousness, and feelings of being deeply and permanently connected with a Infinite Source of good.  It is guranteed to increase your vibration and enlighten your consciousness…enjoy! Step #1  For 5-7 minutes, let your mind dwell on the energy of a divine, sacred or holy being.  Perhaps this is Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary, a Saint, Avatar, enlightened Guru, or someone you truly admire and look up to spiritually.  Visualize them standing right in front of you.  If you are not familiar or feel close to any divine being, you can imagine your higher self.  However summoning an image of them will be helpful in subconsciously accessing the expansive feelings and high vibrations you will need.  Step #2  Focus on their heart, imagine how it must feel to be in their body and mind.  It may take several minutes of focusing on them before you will feel their heart.  Yet let something soft, opening, and relaxing grow inside you.  Let yourself stretch and FEEL what it is like!  Do not give up.  Stick with this for as many days as it takes.  Randomly through your day, let your mind return to this joyful image of them (feeling their expansive heart) whenever and wherever you can. Step #3   Imagine a cord of golden light between your heart and theirs.  See it as a channel of energy as their heart is entering yours, merging with your heart so that your hearts are ONE energy.   Let this exchange of heart energy soften you and relax you. Step #4  Do this meditation every night before you go to sleep. For optimum results continue nightly for the 3 months in a row…enjoy!  Sending many blessings to you,

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