The Divine Meditation Experience

Here are the instructions given by Swami Muktananda

on how to enter a Divine Meditation (state of inner bliss)…enjoy!

Sit up straight, with your spine erect, but not stiff.

Turn your attention to your breathing,

and watch it as it comes in and goes out.

Make no effort to control it.


Just watch, as an independent, impartial observer.



Once relaxed, begin silently repeating the mantra

(HUM-SAH) in synchronization with your breathing.

HUM is on the in-breath, SAH is on the out-breath.

Make no effort to control this process.



And let your being become very still, and deeply focused.

When the mind becomes still, and you feel yourself

moving into the realm of pure stillness, gradually

let go of the mantra, and experience the bliss of the Self.



If your mind begins to wander,

gently bring it back to the focus of the Mantra.

Explore this exercise for 30 minutes daily.

  Many Blessings to you,
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