The Enlightened Path Home to Your Self

The Enlightened Path Home to Your Self 

Written by Jafree Ozwald

Drop the idea of becoming someone. You are already a masterpiece.You cannot be improved. You have only to come to know it and realize it. God has created you. You cannot be improved.”  ~Osho

There is a Divine Intelligence behind everything and inside everyone. This energy is constantly around us, abiding within every plant, tree, building and the atoms in the air that we breathe. It is the sacred substance in which all things of this world come from to be created and destroyed.  

When we take the time to relax and let go of everything our mind is gnawing on, this sacred Intelligence fills us up with it’s energy. We then may discover that there is much more to life than running after every fleeting desire, and if we find out that the cessation of thinking about desires leads us to bliss, to experience real inner peace within ourselves, we naturally and effortlessly fall in love with the desire to come home to our true self. 

It’s a fact that a higher Divine Intelligence lives within us. The reason we don’t always believe this or feel this sacred energy is operating or pulsating from inside, lies in the places inside our hearts where we aren’t 100% completely relaxed within ourselves. Where we are living in a form of tension, listening to the demands of our perpetually unsatisfied ego.  

 The demanding ego is always wanting something, and is never ever truly satisfied with whatever it has. It is our false self that is devoted to strategizing and manipulating life to get what it wants. The ego is perpetually caught in the habit of seeking, searching and desiring for more. It doesn’t know how to sit back, be appreciative, relax and feel at home in our sacred body. It has forgotten how to trust this intimate connection with Divinity, that which is creating everything behind the show.   

 The Divine Intelligence is always in charge of everything that manifests. It is doing everything to push you inside to discover the creator of itself, yourself, so that when you dive deeper into what’s behind the thinking mechanism, you discover that spiritual element that is infinitely alive within your being.  

Life is doing everything that it can so that spirit transcends ego, this is the play. The divine drama on the greatest stage of them all where you discover the infinite aspect of your being. Whatever physical, emotional, or mental problems that you’re facing, they are all transcended through following this spiritual path. Your spiritual path is a springboard into your enlightenment. Where each challenge you’re facing contains the right amount of fuel to propel you into the core of your being where you discover the most sacred source of existence.

Our most empowered state of being is the one that is centered, at rest and completely content with life as it is.  This brings about a natural state of perpetual joy and appreciation for life. Deep inside each of us is this spacious place where we can feel that time does not exist anymore, and there is nothing we need to do to make our lives better than they already are. This state is simply a feeling of deep conscious relaxation into the heart and allowing it to be our home throughout the day.

The trusting open heart is our resting ground.  It is the only place where the world has no power to sway us in any direction. We are truly protected there, deeply rooted in a sweet sacred connection with the Divine. When we deeply relax into our heart center, we are letting go of all the cares, attachments and worries of this world.  We realize that the most important relationship is with ourselves, and we choose to use our time here on Earth to discover this awesome experience of coming home to the divine being we truly are.

Inside the heart, we are no longer split.  We are able to easily make decisions and know our life’s highest direction.  It is only living from the head that we live in fear, are worried about everything and cannot find our way through the darkness. It is only from abiding in our heart space can we revel in the greatest spiritual exploration we are here to do.  This is playing in the feeling and understanding that we are connecting with the God Source each and every moment of our lives.

“The mind is a beggar because the concept of want makes you a beggar! Be only “I AM” and try to lift the begging bowl. Throw away the begging bowl of ego for the throne.” – Papaji

When we let go of all our efforting to change ourselves, to try and improve ourselves so we achieve a better experience of life, we discover this sweet space of surrender to the Divine.  In this surrender we find each moment feels like an eternal river of lightness in the heart.  We stop battling life, swimming upstream and discover a sense of Oneness with everyone and everything. We let go of our fight with reality and begin merging with it. It is through this surrender that all our inner conflicts become instantly resolved, which in turn manifests as having no more outer conflicts.

It’s good to know that the inner turmoil inside of us is just the ego believing we are not 100% perfect just the way we are. The ego cannot see our perfection.  It only sees through a serious lens about what needs to be fixed and what is wrong, or what can could be improved. The ego is relentless about it’s path of being right about being right. It thinks that everyone else needs to change in order so that it can be happy. Where is it’s sense of humor?

I find the greatest truth is the one that opens up and liberates your heart from suffering the most. This means that happiness is always available no matter what is occurring in our outer world. We always have the choice to stop, rest and come home to our true Self. The warm cozy nest found inside our heart. This sacred place is found through total surrender to existence. When we are finished with our tendency to control everything and micromanage our lives, we stop suffering and the divine is instantly experienced.

As long as we are following your thoughts, believing that they are real, we cannot discover the most expansive state of being.  When we are lost in the thinking machine of the mind, the ego is running the show, and the door to the divine remains closed. There is always a crack open, and we can find it when we put 100% of our energy into trusting it is there. When we know the Universe never makes mistakes, and that everything is exactly as it should be, we relax and discover that, “home is where the heart is”.  Perhaps we should rephrase it to bring out more truth by saying, “the heart is where the home is”.

For the next week of your life, I invite you to do a little experiment with yourself. Whenever you’re not busy, whether you’re waiting in line at the store, or perhaps in stuck in traffic, let your attention rest on your heart center. Say to yourself, “This heart is my home” and relax into it. Don’t try to relax, just let go of everything in your head and let yourself be taken in by the heart. Feel as if it is welcoming you with open arms, fully ready to receive all of you. Even those parts you don’t approve of about yourself, these are also welcome.

Spend as much time as you can each day this week relaxing deeper and deeper into your heart. Don’t make it into a big project or anything stressful.  Just set the intention to explore it on the deepest levels.  Relax into it whenever your mind is busy, or anytime you can remember to. The secret here is being open to explore a completely new experience of your Self.  One that is gentle, loving and filled with profound peace in the most intimate ways.

After a week of relaxing into your heart you will discover the most amazing thing. The light is already always turned on within the core of your being. There is no place to hide from it, nor any greater refuge to be found. You’ll truly discover that Heaven is on Earth, and is quite effortless to experience. Living for 7 days from this heart space, you’ll understand that there is nothing you cannot accomplish or manifest in your life. 

There is no task too big for you to handle, and you’re unstoppable, successful and happy in everything that you do.  You discover a source of unfathomable bliss within you that cannot be taken away by any situation or circumstances. You end up falling in love with your Self, this world and everybody in it. This is what it’s like to come home to yourself, and the best news is that you can do this whenever and wherever you are.

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move on to higher levels.” ~Albert Einstein

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Enjoy coming home to your heart tonight!
Jafree Ozwald

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