The Enlightened Path to Inner Liberation

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The Enlightened Path to Inner Liberation

By Jafree Ozwald

“Your essence, your essential joy, is so huge that it flows in every direction.” ~ Nirmala

Sometimes we forget that the most important place we can turn for answers is inside ourselves. The outer world tends to captivate us, tantalize us, and coerce us to lose our inner direction with it’s materialistic importance and superficial psychodramas.  We can become emotionally captured by these experiences and feel completely disconnected from the safe soothing resource of our inner world. The mind can become so involved in the external, that we fall blind to the truth of the radiant sacred beings we actually truly are.

 The most enlightening path to liberation is the one that is the most sustainable and always available from within. This approach has stopped the search in the outer world for real fulfillment, and knows there is no greater source of true satisfaction than the one that exists within. I believe that it’s the incessant searching of the mind which causes us not to see. We are not seeing the divine sacred beings we truly are because we are following the mind’s perpetual wanting, yearning and desiring habit. The more time we give for appreciating what is in our lives, accepting and loving the people who share our lives with us, the wanting program that had caused internal blindness slowly starts to fade out of our lives.

As long as the mind is directed outwards, our energy continues to flow away from our center, away from deep inner peace and the stillness where all real sustainable answers to life are found. The truly liberated being is the one who has chosen to give up the perpetual search for happiness “out there”, and lives only at the source of their pure spiritual essence which is always available within. When we turn our attention to the real source itself, the energetic blackboard behind our inner world, the essential roots of love, thought and creativity become the real gold. When we discover the possibility of stopping the mind from it’s addiction to needing something outside itself to be satisfied, we discover the greatest world of freedom and empowerment has always been inside.

Where there is awareness there is the potential for healing and spiritual freedom. In each moment, we can become aware where we are focusing our attention. Is it now on my inner world, or my outer world? Eventually with enough awareness, we see they are the same and there is only one world. However, the mind is very conditioned and accustomed to perceiving a separation, focusing on the outer world for the causes of manifestation and fulfillment. It doesn’t want to take 100% responsibility for the uncomfortable feelings that can be hiding in its basement.

When we bring more awareness to where the source of the mind is coming from, where our outer world is truly manifesting from inside ourselves, we slowly start to see we have total responsibility over the manifestations in our life. By not judging but simply accepting what we find on the journey towards the source of all thought, we eventually discover how to relax into this divine responsibility, and bathe in the Light of our being. The source of our spiritual essence begins to take precedence over the mind, and we relax into a deeper life experience, that is full of unlimited potentiality and freedom.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about the Universe is that it is perpetually benevolent. It always gives us exactly what we need, especially when we don’t realize what it is we truly need. If we are only directing our attention towards the outer world, we burnout and the Universe leads us to retreat back into our inner world to reboot. The body and mind are programmed to find balance, peace and healing.  At some point, the pendulum of life will swing us back to stillness on its own accord. The stillness is the doorway to our ultimate creativity and God given manifestation responsibility. This is the moment our real spiritual journey begins, and the unfulfilling never-ending path to satisfying the ego comes to an end.

“Be always feeling and reflecting on the real Being. Be That and cling close to It. Let your quest be constant and sustained until you catch the Self and thereby find eternal happiness.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

One of the greatest truths I’ve found thus far on the path to inner liberation is this; the soul or spiritual being (who you actually are) is soooooo huge, all consuming and deeply enlightening, that ultimately it doesn’t matter if you get whatever your ego wants or doesn’t want. Your mind/ego will always be trying to want something that it thinks will finally bring it to being completely fulfilled and satisfied. The problem is that it only knows how to want, it doesn’t know how to relax and rest in having or pure being. However, the rabbit hole goes even deeper here for just recognizing the incessant desiring mind habit is not the final answer to freedom here. The real freedom comes from knowing that when we DO get whatever we want, we will also get what we don’t want.  Whenever we manifest any desire, we always get both.

There is no single payoff from achieving any desire in this world that does not also have a cost to it. For example, we finally meet our dream partner or soul mate, only later we find out that they have this deeply annoying habit that we cannot stand.  Or when we get to buy our dream car, we realize it also comes with an insanely high monthly insurance rate and costly maintenance fees. The weekend drinker who loves to party, always forgets about the horrible hangover experience that will painfully consume his/her life the next morning. If we discipline ourselves with daily exercise and get super strong and fit, we may only later discover we are becoming super stiff and tight from not integrating deep stretching exercises as well. Even if we think we’ve found our perfect dream life, there’s always going to be a need for a feeling of the gratitude about it all, to keep the mind happy, peaceful and at a higher vibration so we can evolve and manifest a even more amazing experience of life next year. 

This understanding may initially make life feel hopeless, yet I assure you it is the doorway to absolute freedom beyond it all.  Always getting both, what we want and what we don’t want is one of the most enlightening and deeply liberating spiritual paths to explore. When we realize that this life is always going to be a break even win-lose experience with every desire we go after, we start to relax about the whole game and drop into something deeper inside.  In the beginning, this dropping in can feel like apathy, thinking what’s the point of it all if we always get what we want AND what we don’t want, and never only just the goodies.  Yet, this feeling will soon fall away when we see that the nature of desire (not having) is pure suffering, and that inner peace with desire actually manifests our desires much more easily, then the great ride of life becomes enjoyable along the way.

When we understand that every single time we manifest any desire we get both what we want AND don’t want, we stop becoming soooo attached to making our desires manifest.  We stop trying to manipulate and control life so as to get it to flow our way.  We stop being so greedy, needy, and full of selfish egoic agendas. Then, there arises this feeling of sweet surrender to the grand totality of life, the majesty of our being. In the simple awareness of this profound truth, we gently begin to relax into our spiritual nature, and thus become a more powerful manifesting magnet for everything our heart desires.

“Life’s problems may be complicated, yet the answers are always very simple.” ~Unknown

The Universe is full of mystery and paradox. When we give up on wanting something, we become a stronger magnet for receiving it. It seems backwards, yet it happens every time. When we relinquish attachment to something, that something just wants to fall into our lap. I find the most enlightened approach to dealing with attachment to a desire is knowing that once the desire is manifested, we must be emotionally prepared to receive the opposing negative by-product as well. This doesn’t mean we cannot or should not celebrate the attainment of our goal in an outrageous way. In fact, it’s best that we give it our all, do a total let go and fall deep into appreciation because this increases our joy vibration and ability to growing stronger as a powerful manifesting magnet. As we let go into total full self expression, we can rise even higher into ecstatic bliss because we know that very soon the annoying negative flip side to things will arise and bring everything back to an even neutral balance.

My teacher once told me life is like a gambling casino where you always win whatever you bet. If you bet $5, you get $5 back each time. There is always an even outcome, a perfect balance to life which makes everything fair in the end. Karmicaly, we always get whatever we put into our lives. Some say life is unfair, yet life actually is completely fair. Everything balances itself out in the end, we simply have to look for the rainbow when we’re drowning in the rainstorm. There is always a brilliant wave of light underneath every dark undertow of fear. The Universe was set up this way so we could remain neutral, relaxed in the awareness that is at the center of our being, which subsequently is also the center of the entire Universe.

The trick to life is to be continually alert to the new because nothing is ever as it seems. We can think a person is a certain rigid way our whole lives only at the end to realize that they had a hidden flexible part that we could never see. It is how we see things that makes them what they are.  Our perception of people colors and taints them, yet does not come close to the truth of their grand totality.  Everyone is a permanent grand mystery to be experienced and explored. When we hold this understanding as sacred, our relationships and communications with others unfold in a much more enlightening way. Once we become conscious about this perpetual balanced nature of duality, the incessant desiring game will completely subside. Then, we are eased into a nesting area of true relaxation within our hearts and lives. Here we can experience the grace and joy of our divinity, the healing quality of our being. We can discover real freedom, our true essence, and our essential nature.

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Jafree Ozwald

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