The Enlightened State of Being

The Enlightened State of Being     
By Jafree Ozwald 

The enlightened state of being is something everyone must experience in this lifetime.  It is an indescribable state of peace, bliss and love that permeates your body and penetrates everyone around you.  When you do enough meditating, spend a substantial amount of time alone with nature, or receive a transmission from an enlightened being, you can instantly drop into this enlightened state.  Your consciousness fills with pure awareness and your normal relationship with your mind and its typical agenda has completely gone.  What’s left in its place is a deep recognition that you are at the very center of a highly intelligent infinite Universe, surrounded by zillions of amazing life forms that you are intimately connected to in more ways than you can understand. 

If you’re not sure you’ve reached the enlightened state, you may wonder how will you know when you’ve arrived? It is so powerful, profound and deeply shifting that it is impossible not to know. When you are in an enlightened state of being it is like seeing the rising of the morning Sun for the very first time.  Shining its first rays upon you, everyone and everything in this world, it cares not who receives it’s Light.  It simply shares its warmth, and brings life to everything in its path, never holding back love from any stranger, or even if there are clouds you never stop shining your Light into the world.  You are simply an unstoppable source and force of love and Lightness.  You know that there is no thing that can stop you or dim this amazing brilliance that is radiating from an infinite source within you. 

Everything you look at, give attention to, or touch ignites with life when living from the enlightened state of being.  Everyone you meet begins to smile on the inside or outside, and this is without any extra effort on your part at all.  You are simply being your Self, expressing this infinite spiritual source of energy that is exploding inside you.  You may find yourself sharing what cannot be shared, seeing the things people normally do not see, and understanding life in a way that is almost beyond the understanding of words.  It is the most captivating, enriching, awesome experience of life that takes your breath away.  

When someone is living in the enlightened state you can recognize it from very far away.  There is a deep peaceful feeling on their face, and it feels as if their energy is radiating from their body in every direction, yet they are extremely present, single focused and centered.  You may notice that the eyes of an enlightened being sparkle and glisten when you get close enough to look into them.  You will sense that they have tapped into something beyond this world, which is creating a river of tremendous joy from inside. 

The greatest understanding to remember is that ultimately you don’t find the enlightened state; the enlightened state will find you.  When you have had enough suffering and are curious enough about your spiritual nature, you may find yourself (momentarily) giving up all your desires and making this spiritual journey a priority over everything. This is what it takes to find the deepest stillness inside, and the instant you experience it the enlightened state will sneak into you when you least expect it. 

There really isn’t anything you can do with the mind to experience complete enlightenment or immediately create a more enlightened state of being.  Enlightenment is not about the mind, it’s about a state beyond where there is no mind.  Where there is total serenity and the glory of your true divine Self is shining through.  The question to consider is how to coax your mind to rest in the very center of your being.  Only at the eye of the hurricane of thoughts will you find stillness. 

It’s good to know how to recognize someone in the enlightened state, yet it’s even more important to know what you can do to step into it for yourself.  If you look deep inside, your inner guidance will show you the way if you sincerely ask.  If you don’t have a clue how to connect with your guidance, you can begin to open the doors to your enlightened state by simply stop doing everything you are doing.  If you really are curious what this is all about, you will want to make time to do absolutely nothing.  Stop all movement, efforting, actions, all motivation, and just be perfectly still at the center of your being. As if you were completely solid and still like a mountain, doing nothing at all, what could be easier than that? 

 To find your enlightened state it will require you to go deeper than just a physical stillness.  You will need to remain curious about what life is like having complete freedom from your mind, your thoughts and your life’s agenda.  This will help you find total stillness of the mind.  Total stillness of the body is essential for finding a truly quiet, still and effortlessness mind, yet you’ll need to use the mind to by pass the mind. You can try to stop the mind for a few minutes and see if you can “do” it.  You may find yourself wondering if you’ll ever arrive and if it’s possible to control this unruly machine. 

If your life feels like you’re in a tornado of thoughts, take a good long look at everything you’re attached to or avoiding for this is exactly what’s creating your greatest spin cycle.  Notice what could happen if you let these things go?  You might feel naked and afraid at first, yet if you keep diving deeper inside, you’ll find your spiritual essence and soon be absolutely at peace with whatever is happening. There is only one way to know this is true, and that is to test it out and see for yourself.

Below are 4 simple steps you can do to kindle the flame inside you, so that one day the enlightened state will ignite like a wild fire throughout your life.

1. Commit to the Present Moment.  Everything that is illusory is happening inside your head.  Keep bringing your head out of the past or future, and move back into this present moment.  Practice this all the time, not because you should, but because the here and now is the only place you’ll find happiness.  It is where the spark of your divine consciousness is located.  The mind is a master at getting lost in thoughts, so you must make every intention to bring it out of dwelling on yesterday and tomorrow.  Sure, go ahead and make your appointments, try to plan for future events, yet do this all inside the container of the living present moment.

 When you’re really here now, you’ll notice you are committed to being here in the present moment, no matter if the future works out the way you believed it should.  You also are not attached to the past, as you see how you cannot force the mind to surrender its random escapades into yesteryear.  The main practice here it to allow you to bathe in the divine essence of your being which is only found in the here and now.

 2. Focus on your heart center.   If you are not feeling loved, you’re not letting love in, or connecting with your heart in any way.  This is a sure fire way to remain unenlightened. The ego abides in the head, and can try to ruin your entire life from this high and mighty control tower command center.  It would do it and think everything is working perfectly yet wouldn’t know how to feel love.  Without the heart, life feels like you’ve become an eternally hungry chicken who is addicted to running around searching for another speckle of dry grain.  Whatever thoughts reoccurring inside your head instantly fade into the background when you have dropped into your heart and core of your being.

 The path of the heart is the easiest route to enlightenment. The heart is your real home where the head has to surrender its ideas, desires and agendas.  The head simply cannot win over the deep and magical power of love that can only be found in the heart.  It’s just like when you hear a song on the radio that moves you deeply, you cannot help yet be touched by your heart as your entire being opens up and is captivated by the music.  Just tune inside and listen to the inner music your heart is playing. By focusing on your heart center throughout your day, it will open the greatest door you’ll ever enter to love, and deliver you instantly to the field of the enlightened state.

3. Feel whatever you’re feeling. By simply feelings the feelings you’re having, you instantly drop out of your head and go beyond thought. Coming from a place of surrendering to your feelings is about being honest with yourself as to what is really going on inside at the core. Even if it is only for a few seconds, you’ve given the head a vacation and your ego a chance to realize that it is not in control of everything.  Not being in control is a good thing when you’ve been trapped in trying to be the manager of everything and everyone in your world for lifetimes.  Fully feeling your feelings you experience a state of zero control where you have to slow down, trust the process of life, drop out of the rat race and be with what is really going on inside you.  Feeling those feelings which you are avoiding is the most courageous step you can take towards enlightenment.  You simply cannot feel this sweet, light expansive enlightened state if you’re not willing to feel your most unenlightened feelings inside.

4. Let go of attachment to your life. By letting go of how life should unfold, you soon drop into the state of no-mind, where there are no desires for the mind to be juggling around anymore. The only choice you have is to surrender to divine stillness and absolute ecstasy!!  This may be terrifying for the ego, for it will have nothing “important” to accomplish in life or fill its time with anymore. Yet, what is more important than experiencing a total state of bliss endowed with divine consciousness and omniscient intelligence? Whenever your ego is in charge of your life, there is no time for consciousness, and bliss has no priority.  When you are attached to your life turning out a certain way you are living as “the ego” and not understanding yourself as the infinite Spirit you truly are.  The ego thinks the most important things are getting all its needs met on the inner and outer world.  This is where the infinite source of life is easily missed.

Ask yourself sometime, “What will it take to completely let go of all attachment to how my life unfolds?  One day you will have to let go of all of your things, all your money, all your debts, all your friends, family, and yes even your body!  Death is the peak experience of life and it’s unavoidable unless you choose the path of ascension, living 24-7 in the enlightened state.  Most people don’t even see this as an option, because they are too attached to everything in their life.  Yet, if you want to experience absolute bliss, first start with letting go of attachment to all your thoughts, and one day you’ll find Bliss. 

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Enjoy all your perceptions of today!
Jafree Ozwald

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