The Enlightening Truth About Yourself

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The Enlightening Truth About Yourself 

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“You can’t change the truth, but the truth can change you.” ~Unknown

There are as many great truths in our Universe as there are stars in the sky, and yet just like the billions of trillions of stars that exist, not all truths are created equal. The Universe is not just made of black and white colors, look closer on a clear night and you’ll see an entire rainbow of flavors. There is a vast multi-dimensional cosmic playground out there, and inside you as well.

We live in a highly diverse intelligent system which contains various degrees of truth, and so not every truth will impact us the exact same way. The bigger a truth is, the more it will expand our reality, and the smaller a truth is the more it will shrink and contract our experience of life. The good news is that you don’t have to decided what is a big truth and what is a small truth. Your physical body will let you know, for your heart is the best guide for seeing how expansive or contracted a truth actually is.

Whenever we discover a larger more profound truth in life, a little miracle happens. Everything that once felt hard, heavy and stuck inside us suddenly becomes exalted and liberated.  We feel lighter than air, and are filled with a natural spontaneous joy inside which flows as freely as the wind. The mind stops thinking and we experience our own source of consciousness. From here we see life from a much more expanded perspective, and it can happen within milliseconds.

One of the biggest truths I’ve ever uncovered along my path was the first lesson in the Course of Miracles. It simply states, “That which is real cannot be threatened, and that which is unreal does not exist.” It took me many months to spiritually digest this enormous truth into my mind and root it throughout my life. The more I sat with it, the deeper it transformed my entire way of viewing myself, others and the world.

That which is real cannot be threatened. Think about this. What is it that feels threatened inside you? What is this personality, self, ego, or that the thing you call “you” which defends itself when feeling attacked or provoked? What is this little “you” who has a need to be on guard and protect itself, trying to assert itself, and attempting to achieve something important or worthwhile with their life? And then, who is this overly strong confident all-important you who compensates for the the super small unimportant you. It’s the one who has been attempting to make your life secure by feeling self-important, accomplished, met in deep embrace by their beloved, and all the while is feeling a deep and constant separation from God.

The good news in all this is that who we truly are has nothing to do with who and what we think we are. Whatever we may think of and conceive of about ourselves with the mind can only be a thought, and this little thought is too small to be who or what we are. Who and what we really are is beyond any spiritual understanding of the mind. In this moment, and only this moment, we can find what is actually real, and this real thing is the only thing that liberates us and binds us at the same time. That which is real (the real you) does not change, and this essence is what remains the same for all eternity.

Perhaps the most pivotal enlightening truth I’ve discovered this week is understanding how all identification with the ego is based in some form of fear. If we are not experiencing a state of oneness, unity, love, connection, relaxation and bliss, we are hanging out in some quality or version of fear. The ego is clinging to some thought, or a process of thoughts which believes deep down that it is not one with the Divine. It thinks it is not loved, accepted, embraced or enlightened.

“The more creative you become, the more godly you become. When your creativity comes to a climax, when each moment of your life is filled with creativity, you live in God.” – Osho

Enlightenment is simply realizing again and again how to remain non-identified with ones ego. The enlightened state is a pure seeing, understanding how the ego is the greatest illusion of them all. To intimately know and become identified with the real Self (that which cannot be threatened) is the only true path to total freedom there is. All other paths lead to some form of suffering. It requires no basic standard of ethics, codes of spirituality or religious background needed to arrive. You simply experience yourself as the essence of consciousness that you naturally are.

The ego (who we think we are) has some truth to it, yet it’s just not a very big truth. It’s a smaller truth which only castrates our ability to expand into love, trust and a feeling of oneness. Ego is a fear based program that is based in the opposite experience of trust. Whenever we are living in trust 24 hours a day, we start accessing all the wisdom and knowledge known to all the saints, masters and enlightened beings in history. We step into the greatest experience of our lives. We find our real true Selves, and know that we are the real masters of our destiny.

When we know our real nature we can allow life to play it’s ego personality role through us, and somehow not get in the way. We can sit back, go with the flow and enjoy the ride. We can remain fascinated by life, learning how we are here to serve others, take care of our body, and simply let the all intelligent life force move through us. This state of perpetual enjoyment of life is real mastery. When we remain free from all forms of ego-identification, we cannot help but to enjoy all aspects of life. We allow a greater love to always guide our course, and help us live with ease and grace in every way.

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Jafree Ozwald

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