The Essential Secrets to Attracting Your Soul Mate

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The Essential Secrets to Attracting Your Soul Mate 
By Jafree Ozwald 

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.”  ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Have you been longing to connect with that special someone in a deep, personal and loving way? Do you want to feel your heart spilling over with joy because you are in a love again?  Sometimes we can get wrapped up in our busy lives and forget how amazing it is to be in love and connect with someone on a very deep intimate and spiritual level.  We may spend our time wishing we had an amazing love in our lives, instead of taking action to find, create and attract the love we deserve.  If you’ve found your life doesn’t have all the love you want in it, and have almost forgot what its like to be madly, deeply in love, it may be time to turn your heart upside down and take a big risk to get the most out of your life.

The first secret to attracting a profound lover or soul mate into your life is to fully embrace, love and accept yourself just as you are.  Loving you, with all of your flaws, frailties and insecurities turns you into a powerful manifesting magnet.  By diving deep into self acceptance you’ll find that its much easier for everyone else to feel at peace when hanging out with you.  When you’re ok with all your parts its easy to open the door to intimacy with anyone.  It doesn’t even matter if its a romantic love relationship, you’ll find yourself connecting on a deeper level with everybody! We all deserve to feel the freedom and joy of what its like to let our guard down fully so we can truly let in love.  There is no other way than true vulnerability to find this divine intimate connection.  It is the gateway to knowing what its like to be fully alive.

Imagine the first thing you do each morning is bathe in a pool of self-love.  Instead of checking your email or getting that cup of coffee, take that time to practice accepting, appreciating and approving of all the parts you’ve disliked and judged about yourself.  Don’t get out of bed until you really feel ok about all your parts!!  You can even make a list of what you’ve judged about yourself in the past, and practice letting those parts go.  Just imagine a “love valve” is in the middle of your chest, connected to your heart and it slowly opens up giving a warm sweet love to all those parts.  Remain in a continuous state of acceptance of everything you find inside you, for as long as you possibly can.  Don’t lose touch with this self loving practice for your entire day!!  How much you’re able to love your mate is proportionate to how much you can unconditionally love yourself. You’ll see that its much easier to meet and manifest a juicy soul mate when you become deeply juicy with you!!

“The degree to which you love yourself will determine your ability to love the other person, who will be reflecting back to you many of your own personality traits and qualities.” ~ Sanya Roman

The next secret is to practice eye contact with people.  When you are brave enough to let down your guard and allow yourself to remain in constant eye contact with someone, letting them look into your eyes and soul, you’ll have allowed yourself to be open and vulnerable again.  This is where the juiciest life on earth begins!  The trick is to find ways to remove your armor.  Each time you do this you’re basically saying to the Universe that “I trust you and know you’ll take care of me.”  Long deep “soul gazing” into the eyes of another being is one of the most powerful and courageous acts a human can do and will lift your vibration and transform your life! 

Another way to enhance your love vibration is to get in touch with that spiritual warrior inside you.  There is a wild untamed and ravenously free part of you that is just waiting to be discovered.  If you want to find this part, start sharing those parts of you that cannot be shared.  When you open up and share that which cannot be shared with someone, all those old shields from your past all fall down.  This life is a very short and wild ride anyway.  You might as well enjoy it!  You may not even have the chance to love someone tomorrow, so the best thing you can do is talk about what you cannot talk about and remove your social armor right now!

All these different techniques for taking down your walls opens an energetic pathway for your soul mate to come into your life.  True intimacy means you are not hiding anything anymore.  You are an open book, allowing anyone to read, poke and probe into you.  This may be terrifying to be totally open and real with people, yet you’ll find that its actually quite refreshing.  You give others the permission to be open about their lives, which they may have been waiting for years for someone like you to let their guard down.  The secret is having no fear about the future or any outcome that may result.  Use your intuition if you’re afrais and simply share yourself freely and fully.  This will allow you to take back the reigns on your heart and ride down the trails of a new adventurous love life!

Its important to love others so freely and fully that you can abandon all fear.  Imagine what it is like to love someone as if you’ve never been hurt before.  This is what real love is about and is what will attract many soul mates into your path.  It can be very challenging at first to break away from old patterns of protecting, hiding, and avoiding the opportunity for more intimacy.  The secret is to be real with yourself and look deeply within.  Be responsible for what you find and take the time to sit with any fear based walls of protection you have.  As soon as you notice where the source of your fear is coming from, then you can transcend it.  It’s becomes very easy to let things go when you realize how they are blocking you from feeling the amazing feeling of being fully alive and deeply in love.

“Intimacy means that there is no privacy. You don’t carry anything private now, at least with the person you are intimate with, you drop your privacy. You are nude and naked–good, bad, whatsoever you are, you open your heart. And whatever the cost you pay for it; whatever the trouble you go through with it. That brings growth.” ~ Osho

The next step towards manifesting your soul mate is visualizing that they are heading your way!  If you’d like some personal guidance in this process I’ve created a Guided Meditation to Meeting your Soul Mate on MP3 Audio.  This meditation also has the technology to transform your relationship with a current partner so you can live in a higher state of love and consciousness together.  Just listening to this meditation a few times you can attract the most enlightened loving relationship into your life!  It’s truly amazing what can happen when you use this powerful manifesting technology to enhance your life!  Enjoy!

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Enjoy this divine blessed journey,
Jafree Ozwald

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